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  1. Once you know the game well, it will be easy enough on Normal that you can't really mess up a character so badly that they can't win. Legendary takes more planning, but even there, a wrong stat point won't kill you. Having said that, RotR is a combat-heavy set, so it's almost always a mistake to choose any stat without maxing your main combat stat first. This means: Kyra, Valeros, Seelah, Amiri, Poog, Tontelizi get STR Merisiel, Harsk, Sajan, Ranzak get DEX Ezren gets INT Seoni, Lem, Tup get CHA Lini gets WIS Don't be fooled by Kyra, Seelah, or Poog. They are fighters. They get too
  2. Yes, I've had this problem, and no, I don't think it's an intended feature. At least, it shouldn't be. I'm sure I mentioned it as a bug some time ago, but things slip through the cracks...
  3. Yes, solo Meri needs weapon proficiency. I usually take it even before the first hand size upgrade. Then even a Returning Throwing Axe in her hand gets d12+4+d8+1+d6+2d6+1 (minimum) = 27.5 avg, just by recharging the axe and discarding to backstab. It's not overwhelming, but a very reasonable chance to knock out whichever villain's in that location. Although on further calculation, your dagger's not as bad as you think. Even unable to discard it, you should have a 24 avg. damage, more if you took more than two ranks in backstab. You're very close to a 50% chance, and that's given an only 1
  4. I didn’t think I’d win it, either. When I got the wildcard that reduced hand size by 3, I almost forfeited the scenario, but I figured I’d run it because maybe I’d find a good item so the time wasn’t wasted. And I was sure I’d fail along the way. I ran into Karzoug three times—and lost three times—before finally getting him down to the only one in the deck. (Curiously, the small hand size probably saved me. Though I kept losing battles, Iomedae's Favor allowed me to recharge my blessings, and my remaining hand was so small that getting hit for 10+ damage only lost me a card or two at a ti
  5. Interesting. I’ve soloed all the characters to the end, including the expansion characters, except for Ezren and Seoni. I found them all quite reasonable when taking the right feats. Seelah was the easiest by far—I even beat Karzoug with her on Legendary with a hand size of 4. I presume you had problems with her because you had no good way of stopping damage? If you can get it, the Steel Ibis Lamellar will make all her problems go away. Even so, I’d have thought her regular armours good enough to prevent enough damage to beat 6-5. I don’t recall having that much trouble with Valeros. His l
  6. I have been reading your posts over the last few days, scratching my head, trying to figure out their logic. The best I can come up with is: You are a member of a secret society of time-travelling assassins, sent back to change the future by boring us all to death. You are so emotionally invested in being right you have now resorted to lying to try to "prove" your point. You did not pay for "items", you paid for gold. The gold is not "absolutely worthless": You can buy seven cards, eleven runes, and seven charms with it, plus the chests, from which you might obtain dozens (hundreds?) of item
  7. Yes, it's the rolling the 1 that causes the problem. If a VRT doesn't allow you to progress, then restarting the game will.
  8. There's no Academy in 5-2, is there? Nonetheless, I've tried reproducing this and I can't. However, in 5-2 Legendary, using Favor of Nethys and placing Stone Head on top explores the Stone Head but doesn't offer the option to bury a spell--goes straight to combat.
  9. According to the card (at least IIRC), you can bury the Devouring Trident to reduce the difficulty check. Valeros just buried his to defeat the Kobold Chieftan in V-4, and upon victory, the Trident has disappeared from his inventory and he's a weapon down. Also, is there somewhere the Valeros DLC items are supposed to show up? I can't find any of them in my collection, and the tab that switches between RotR and Goblins doesn't go to the Valeros DLC., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.
  10. As the title says. Devouring Trident is supposed to use Strength/Melee +1d8+3, plus an additional 1d8 if discarded, but it always adds the second d8 even when only revealed., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.
  11. Or you could spend a few dollars to buy the game, and support the devs who worked long and hard to make this game you've become so fond of?
  12. Have you tried a VRT (Vault Return Trip)? Go into the Vault, then return to the game. Sometimes that clears up problems. If it doesn't, you'll probably have to forfeit.
  13. Yellow-Bellied has two issues: 1. Using it doesn't necessarily select a different character than Ranzak. If it doesn't, you can keep pressing the button until it does work. 2. When using the power, it completely avoids all BYA effects., iPad Air 2, iOS 10.3.3.
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