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  1. @Bullwinkle, I did try every combination I could think of in terms of VRT and all results were the same. @MrBishop, That is what's interesting, as far as I know, I played the scenario like any normal way you play one and when it came down to the last possible turn, last possible dice roll, the game acted like it didn't count and simply would not proceed. In the end, this happened twice in a row but I believe I had about five more blessings I could have played but still had to forfeit and start over. Since then, I have completed all scenarios on legendary and now easily farm "A Fighters Tale: Valeros Retribution" on Legendary for a good sum for each run.
  2. I have taken a screenshot of my current scenario: A Fighters Tale: Valeros, An Eye for an Eye, and I'm doing my final combat check against the Kobold Heritic which I succeeded but the game isn't proceeding afterward and the card is just sitting there. I cannot select anything and can only go to menus which then makes me repeat my spell recharge check. So not really sure how to proceed and would rather not forfeit and re-attempt legendary again when I have literally won the scenario. Any thoughts?
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