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  1. So, I am considering getting the steam version as well now (insert the Futurama picture of Fry and the "Shut up and take my money") I remember some sort of deal that if you had been an original purchaser of the phone game, you could get a discount or something or added DLC if you purchased the steam game. Is that still available (yes, I was an original purchaser of the phone app, and have purchased all of the available DLC for the phone)
  2. What do you mean, nuance to chew over? At least with Pathfinder Adventure, there isn't much new to try
  3. So, I recently started a new game with the following team (RotR game) (Sunwrought) Kyra Tup Poog Raznak Ezren (scholar) So, after playing for a few times (and losing because I had crap rolls) I noticed that there were extra of cards that shouldn't have doubles. So far I've seen extra for Returning Throwing Axe Shalelu Andosana Cure (more than there is suppose to be, although IMHO, never have too many cures) Wondered if anyone else is having this problem?
  4. so, it's random chance, and there is no check to get it? It's like a Blessing of the Gods?
  5. So, Don't know if this is a case of user error or something else - But where is the Skyrocket Firework? I've completed the legendary Goblin Cannibal scenarios, so it should be available. But it didn't appear in somebody's deck, and it's not in my stash or unclaimed group. Is it just in my collection, but I have to find it? What confuses me is that if that is the case, then do I just auto acquire it?
  6. I will say that I've found it's *ok* if I put it in Seelah. Since weapon isn't her favorite card type, and RotR doesn't have a lot of offensive divine spells, this is something that can help her fight. Second the Iomedae's Benediction flip makes it useful that way as well, allowing for a reacharge. It is not a great offensive spell, IMHO - I agree. It's more niche
  7. I enjoyed the Valeros one shot, but would really like to see some more content. Any rumors, or any developers able to give us some hints?
  8. So, I was playing Battle at the Dam, normal mode, with the following characters in the following order Kyra (sunwrought), Ezren (scholar), Tontelizi, Merisiel (shadow) Merissiel is at Guard Tower, Kyra was at Shimmerglens (which was closed) and Tontelizi and Ezren were at the Garrison. Ezren was looking a little thin healthwise, and so I had Kyra move to Garrison, and then use her heal power (she had a divine spell in hand). Used it, healed Ezren. Because I had nothing else in hand (and I didn't want Kyra at the Garrison), i had her attempt to use her Gale Armor at the end of her turn to move (to Treacherous Cave), and she did "move". However, at that point, I couldn't do anything - the armor showed it as being recharged, but there were no buttons to click or anything - no forward arrows or anything like that. So I quit the game (not a forfit, just game restart), and when I got back to the game, it showed the map, and I tried clicking the red X to cancel, but it did something simliiar. At that point, I just forfited and just restarted, and I am going to get rid of Gale armor
  9. I understand what you are saying, but that doesn't make sense - the bracers aren't being used on the check, they are being used on damage. It's 2 items on the dice roll itself (at least, that is how I've always understood the rules) rather than on both the roll and the after effects of a roll
  10. Was playing a round of rise of the goblins, and Goblin Sajan tried to punch a plague zombie and rolled like ***** (Sajan, getting really annoyed at you), and I had the Bracers of Improved Protection in hand, and yet there is a lock on it. Further details 1) Game was Bard in the Bag, at Legendary Level 2) Extra challenges were Blood in the Sand and Painful Memories 3) Team (in this order) - Sajan @ Deeper Dungeons, Raznak @ Deeper Dungeons, Seoni @ Prison, Poog @ Glassworks 4) Using a G4, Android V6
  11. So, my "default" is to split, but there are a lot of caveats to that, hence the quotes, for the same reason Ripe said. I'll give a few examples 1) Card hand off - I had a team that had Valeros, Seelah, and Kyra on it (and some others - for our purposes that doesn't matter). I almost always start them together. Simple reason - Seelah and Kyra don't always start with a weapon to fight, but Valeros does. Having them together means I can dump a weapon to one of them, more likely. I find I do this with a character who is carry a card they can't use (looking at non-magic users who have to carry magic card, RAZNAK) 2) Powers make a LOT of difference, as was discussed - Valeros and Lem usually go with someone, while Merisel and Harsk not so much. I am having a very interesting time learning how to play Raznak.. Anyway, the point - because at a very high level, you have to assume you'll have not enough time, and more locations, that you'll have to have the part split, it makes a LOT of sense to split the party. BUT, there are many times where the party split doesn't make sense
  12. Ok, stupid question - are we losing the ability to trash treasure cards when we have a bunch of the same?
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