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  1. This may also not be what you want to hear, but there is another way I sometimes use to cull my location decks. While many of the treasure cards can be cool, I find them to be mostly just fluff. The basic game gives you exactly what you need for a good balance. I will often turn off the option of "Treasure Cards in Story Mode" in the settings when I play, especially when I get sick of drawing all those dratted orbs. It may not be exactly what you are looking for, but I appreciate that the developers allowed us to cull out all of the treasure cards and use only the original cards when we play.
  2. Thanks guys. I didn't realize it was explained on the Adventure Path card. I was looking for it in the rulebook. I haven't opened all my expansions yet. I should also clarify that I only have Runelords for now.
  3. I thought I would post in here since I assume many of you hardcore fans also play the physical card game. I was inspired to acquire the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game and now own the base game, character add-on deck, and all 6 adventure decks. I was hoping the rules would be more detailed on how to build the location decks throughout the adventure, but I have found them to be somewhat lacking. I have read from various apocryphal sources that you have the option of removing any card you encounter with the "basic" trait any time after reaching AD 3, and you can remove cards with the "elite" trai
  4. I'll weigh in on Jenceslav's side on this one. I'm not saying I don't like Kyra, or that I don't play with her, but her original form is somewhat lacking in melee prowess. You can keep her alive because she always seems to have a blessing to bolster her roll and can make ample use of healing. There are much better choices to use as a spearhead, such as Seelah with her favored card type of armor. I always prefer to play with Sunwrought Kyra since that has pretty much turned her into a martial character. 1d8+3 is a major improvement over her original 1d6+2.
  5. The nickname system seems to work like a filename. If that is the case, they won't be able to do away with it. Each filename must be unique, hence the need for a unique nickname for each character. The only way to do away with the nicknames is if you are only allowed to have one copy of a given character at a time. I don't think that is a good tradeoff.
  6. I hope you didn't misinterpret my post, Harcagnel. While I do consider myself a purist, I don't begrudge anyone playing how they want. I was hoping to present you with an alternate way to play that would allow you free access to the "common" cards such as thieves tools and such when you needed to banish a card during play. The idea of a stash has been a house rule implemented by several game groups; after all, when you have the box of cards sitting next to you, you can literally do anything you want. The only reason I play without one is to give myself an extra challenge and make sure that I h
  7. I agree that Jenceslav did a good job explaining. I think, Harcagnel, you might enjoy the game more if you keep the experience closer to the tabletop rules. In the physical card version, there is no stash and no unclaimed tab. Whenever you end a scenario with an illegal deck, you are allowed to draw basic cards from the box to replenish those you had to banish. As you advance through the adventure decks, you will have access to more and more powerful cards to replenish your deck with. The way I simulate that experience is by always keeping my stash and unclaimed tab empty. The electronic game
  8. Sounds good. If it is behaving the way it is supposed to in the tabletop version, that's good enough for me. Maybe they will get around to fixing the text eventually but that's probably a low priority. I would rather they expend their time fixing actual programming issues. Thanks.
  9. Ever since the latest expansion was released, I've gotten back to playing goblins. I was happy to see that Ranzak's "Bigger Ransack" ability was fixed. My question is about his favored card type. It says, "Choose Ally, Armor, Blessing, Item, Spell, Loot, or Weapon." I was expecting it to work like Lem's ability, but it never gives me the option to choose. I've never had reason to complain about my opening hand since it has always given me a weapon (which is what I would choose), but I was just wondering if Ranzak's favored card type was broken or if it was working as intended.
  10. Yeah, new content! I was hoping for a continuation of the goblin adventure. As soon as payday rolls around I'll be checking it out.
  11. Another difference that you should get by eliminating the treasure cards is that the location decks would be constructed with a narrower pool of cards. If there are certain core cards you would like to see more often, you should see them more often by turning off treasure cards. Sometimes I turn off treasure cards because I don't really like playing with orbs. There seems like a really big chance of pulling an orb whenever the card type in question is an item.
  12. Thanks everyone for your input. The best attributes of this card I've heard are the fact that it lacks the "Attack" trait and it is not banished if you don't have the Arcane or Divine skill. I don't think it is a good option for Merisel since she can evade anytime she wants. I am considering using it next time I play Ranzak though, since I sometimes get in over my head playing him. I'm just waiting until they fix the glitch with his "Bigger Ransack" ability before I make another party with him.
  13. Is the Pathfinder Duels card game associated with the same developers as this game? They say they they are a licensed Paizo product, but if that were the case I would have expected some marketing for it on this site.
  14. Yes. I was at AD6-5 in fact. Thanks for the link. I didn't see that anyone else posted about that problem. If I read that thread correctly, I should be fine if I borrow my wife's iPad since the bug is specific to the phone interface. Is that right?
  15. I have been having a consistent glitch when trying to use cards such as Scrying or Revelation Quill. My PFID-260875D0F90327. I am using a Samsung Android phone, and also getting the same issue on my iPod. I select the card and then it prompts me to select the location. At that point it freezes and won't proceed. I have noticed that Augury works fine, probably because it doesn't need to select a location.
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