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  1. Thank you Ethics Gradient. I wasn't sure I was going to get an answer. It's not really what I wanted to hear, but I'm glad to have clarification nonetheless. Thank you.
  2. Can someone please explain how this works? I've started playing again after a lengthy absence. In my collection, I own 50+ of some cards. I would like to trim those so that they don't affect the "box" and dilute the location decks, but as I've found out, I can no longer salvage those cards. How do I trigger the auto culling feature? Will card duplicates of excessive numbers skew the location decks? Is opening up treasure boxes a bad idea? Are all cards available to find through play, or do you require treasure chests to unlock certain cards? I'm hoping for specifics, like soft caps, location deck building mechanics, and auto culling details. I'm a little put off not knowing how this works anymore. At least before, albeit tedious, I know exactly that if I trimmed/salvaged some excess cards from my collection, they would appear less in play, and if I found more through treasure chests, they'd appear more often. I'm slowing growing a big pile of Smith's as I play and sell them.out of my stash, and I'm worried that just means I'll keep finding more and more of them as the pile in my collection grows. Please please help explain this and help me trim my collection. Thanks.
  3. Since I posted this, and since the latest update, I have gotten some of these cards as well. The only cards I am still missing are Bounty of Desna (Gold) Silent Enforcer (Gold) Death Initiative (Gold) Dragon Smiter (Gold) Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Gold) I believe the Samisen (Purple) Skinsaw Mask (Purple) Black Arrow Longbow (Purple) Are all quest rewards. Has anyone gotten the Death Initiative (Gold) Dragon Smiter (Gold) Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Gold) ?
  4. When I look through my gallery, filter by "Treasure" and go through each deck (B, 1, 2, 3, ...) and go through all card types (Weapons, Spells, Armor, ...) these are the only ones that appear that are blank. I'm assuming you're referring to the much longer list of cards that used to appear that the devs said they would fix. If you're talking about that, I agree with you, I had no idea they fixed it and any information about the fix is very hard to find. I took a shot on a whim to open more chests and unlocked a few I was missing, but I am still missing these 15. At least I know now because of you that the Squire and the Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 are able to be had through chests, and the Samisen and Black Arrow Longbow are campaign rewards, not chest rewards. If the community can chime in about the other cards, I'd appreciate knowing before opening up other chests. Also if anyone has a link to the official news of fixing all those originally bugged chest cards, I'd love to read the official statement/patch/release notes.
  5. HI all, please forgive my ignorance of the latest patches and fixes. I have conducted a search on the forums for some of these cards and have not found much to clarify my concerns. I have opened over 800 chests so far. The number may actually be closer to 1000, but at this point, I have lost count. There are still cards I am missing. Not many, but still some. And I would like the community's perspective on if this is normal, a bug and if you have obtained these cards through playing the game or through a chest and if it's even possible to get these cards through a chest. Winged Shield of Storms (Gold) Death Initiative (Gold) Dragon Smiter (Gold) Pathfinder Venture-Captain (Gold) Black Arrow Longbow (Purple) Legion Armor (Gold) Bounty of Desna (Gold) Bounty of Torag (Gold) Squire (Bronze) Engineer's Work Gloves (Gold) Challenging Shield (Gold) Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 (Gold) Silent Enforcer (Gold) Healing Poultice (Gold) Samisen (Purple) How do I obtain these cards? Have you gotten them? Seems like my luck is either extremely low after a ridiculous amount of chests or they may be bugged. I have also heard that the random is keyed by date, so if you open a lot of chests on the same date you will likely not get cards outside of certain ones and it's better to open a few each day? Is that legit? That kind of seems like a terrible implementation if that is the case. Please help/advise.
  6. Sorry to rez this thread somewhat, but which update were the fixes for this included in? Have they been released yet?
  7. Agreed. There are cards missing that were included in the following list http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/87611-chest-drop-issue-has-anyone-unlock-these-cards-in-gallery/page-3?do=findComment&comment=1821405 . Also when is the update scheduled for? And finally someone above asked "What is the long term plan for new cards being added?" That's an important question to ask that will help decide how to open the chests we buy. Thanks for your help and clarification. Sorry for my clumsy cellphone typing and lack of URL formatting (not sure how to do from cellphone). Awesome game, would live answers to these questions though.
  8. Just to add some info in case it helps. I opened 512 chests so far and below are the cards I'm still missing. I'm not sure if they have anything in common with each other or maybe they are from the same sets/blocks, or their IDs are all sequential and somehow the randomizer skips those numbers, idk. But hopefully whatever it is that is causing them to be impossible to unlock gets resolved. I get afraid of the thought of how much money needs to be spent to unlock them if they are legitimately this hard to unlock. Has anyone else unlocked these? Bone Spikes Healer's Kit Holy Symbol Holy Text Portable Arm Potion of Resinous Skin Shovel Spell Component Pouch Veterinarian's Kit Wayfinder Silent Enforcer Favor of Calistria Favor of Gozreh Favor of Sarenrae Favor of Shelyn Favor of Torag Flaming Returning Throwing Axe +1 Agile Chain Challenging Shield Shadow Chain Engineer's Work Gloves Heavyload Belt Wand of Flame Wand of Lightning Bolt Squire Bounty of Desna Bounty of Norgorber Bounty of Torag Doctrine of Abadar Hunter's Chain Legion Armor Potion of Perseverance Wand of Ice Favor of Lamashtu Favor of the Gods Black Arrow Longbow Staff of Healing Staff of Improved Healing Staff of True Healing Favor of Abadar Nine Lives Stealer Warhammer +3 Greater Sage's Journal Soul Soap Favor of Norgorber Metal Spikes Spell Ward Shield Winged Shield of Storms Flask of Force Missile Flask of Ice Well of Many Shields Belkzen Warchief Death Initiate Dragon Smiter Pathfinder Venture-Captain Aid of Shelyn Doctrine of Calistria Song of Hawkmoon Favor of Nethys
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