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  1. It is available for download as far as I can see. Are you not able to download it from here? That is correct. I go click the download button and nothing happens. I even go one step above that to the 'download all DLC' and it doesn't try to do anything with it. That page comes up but it doesn't let me actually download the DLC pack. For that matter when I load the game, everything's locked up, and I can't access any characters. Edit: The DLC finally decided to work. I guess the 20th time's the charm? Edit Edit: So Steam says I have the DLC but all those cards are showing up as "?" cards in my collection. And the dice didn't unlock either.
  2. I can't seem to access the download button on Steam to get to the free cards. Is it not actually enabled yet?
  3. Another issue I ran into on this subject: Actually beating a Hound of Lamashtu triggers the stealth event to summon another Hound of Lamashtu, beating that one triggers another event and another Hound of Lamashtu. I downed four Hounds before I couldn't wrangle enough of a die roll for the fifth, and then it was the fact that I had no outside cards to make the dice show up as per the first bug listed above that made me have to break out of it through forfeit. I don't know if they're supposed to combo multiple times and it seems to mainly happen with running into the actual Hound of Lamashtu henchman hiding in the decks. One more: Having a skirmish card (Skeleton Horde in this case) show up also triggers the stealth checks for Hounds of Lamashtu, but only on the first hero who fights. That dog is literally everywhere.
  4. When triggering the extra Hound of Lamashtu for failing a sneak roll after a monster encounter, I can fail the roll for stealth, fail the roll for wisdom, and no further rolls appear. There are no dice, and no arrow or option to continue. The ol' Vault-and-back trick doesn't fix this one, though I am able to get dice to appear if I use a blessing or spell from someone else. If I don't have any outside sources of aid, I get stuck and have to forfeit. This may be in the same vein as the disappearing dice bug?
  5. I can say...nope. I am still very much having fun poking my 4 person parties through things up to and beyond 5.4. For that matter I am happy to see the difficulty go up like this. Things up to deck 4 were pretty easy. Deck 5 was the first time my parties struggled to beat scenarios in less than 5 tries. Its a matter of prep, planning, and manipulation. Like the greed room. Don't like the condition? Plan for it. Use someone who has expendable or very few items and don't let them carry things you will miss. That sort of thing will help the enjoyment of the game.
  6. I seem to recall on another post somewhere that the treasure boxes have some correlation to your progress too. I don't know if this means your highest story box or just the one you played most recent, but treasure cards have a little bias where if you're supposedly chugging along in AD5, treasure boxes you open should contain a higher percentage of Deck 5 loot. I don't remember if that was actually implemented or just how the devs said they wanted it to work though.
  7. Charm Person is a great spell until you can get a couple Haste spells instead. Between two Haste and his skill to get extra turns on Magic acquisitions, I hardly miss the fact that he lacks any blessings for extra turns.
  8. I will offer the following thoughts. While these are very valid perceptions on the game, there are a few reasons for what makes it fun. For me, at least. 1. Most board games are competitive, and thus more players make them harder by virtue of having other players be the difficulty. Co-op board games are fewer in number and have to have a better way of making the NPC 'threat' still manage to be a threat no matter how many folks are brought to the table. Some games, like Sentinels of the Multiverse, do this by directly buffing the power of the enemy in relation to the number of PCs. Pathfinder Adventures balances this by giving more cards to deal with in relation to the number of PCs. If you look at it from a pure base numbers game, then yes. The game does, in fact, get crazy hard with six folks vs. three or even one. But this game is all about the cooperative nature of using skills and cards to beat the odds. The chances are that if you have more than two players, one of them is likely a healer, and you're probably using those blessing/ally cards to great benefit to equalize the timer. For that matter, very few bosses actually do increase in difficulty based on the number of players at hand. They've got their target numbers to hit, and those numbers are often much harder to hit when you've got one or two heroes vs. four or more. You also need to keep in mind the temp-closing mechanic. You don't actually have to sift through every pile, you just have to close two down to get to where you can kill the villain when they pop up, and that applies whether you've got one hero or the full six. In fact with more characters, you have more ability to throw favorable location-closing combos where they're needed, and less worry about keeping every character's trump cards handy so they can bust those locations. It's even perfectly valid to, say, focus-fire a couple locations down as a party, and then spread out to handle temp locations until someone finds the villain. I've been working with a 4-person party myself, I very rarely actually run out of time on any but the strictest and craziest Legendary maps. The third thing to keep in mind: Failure isn't bad in this game. The only time failure is bad is if you're going hardcore and get someone killed. That's bad. Otherwise? If you don't succeed at a map, chances are you might have picked up at least one upgrade for somebody that will help the next run out. The fun is in building the deck and finding the tactics that get you through the encounters. By the time you're in Deck 3 or 4, you have enough skill-ups, card-ups, new cards, and powers, that it gets a lot harder for the game to properly phase your party. 2. The checks themselves can be annoying, running into the wrong check with the wrong character and all, but that's how they reflect how it would happen in the tabletop game, and is another party-difficulty slider that's all about resources. With only one or two players, you probably can't afford to throw too many extra blessings, and thus maybe it's a good idea to invest in an extra armor or two to keep around, just in case? With only two folks, you have the extra turns to spare, so having a card in your hand occupied by a 'just in case' armor isn't going to kill you too much. In a bigger party? Folks probably focused more on having the extra blessings/spells to sift through decks and eat bosses, so there's usually somebody with an extra blessing or two to help you out so your character and his piddly d4 doesn't get his hand wiped out by that random pit trap. This is, again, where the co-op in the game really shines, in figuring out how to spend as few of the party's resources as possible to win. 3. I'll agree that I don't understand why adding in pathing is what makes something 'Legendary' instead of 'Heroic'. I would have much preferred something like the jump from Normal to Heroic, some further modification of the scenario's ruleset to add more difficulty. Pathing doesn't actually add difficulty to the well-prepared group, if anything it just helps you assign who goes where out of necessity of keeping loss of turns to movement to a minimum. The only map where movement was a big issue was Here Comes the Flood, and trying to outrace that stupid sea monster. As for the wildcards... To those of you who just reset for a better pick just to avoid 'annoying' wildcards, do you do the same thing in playing the real game and the first thing you run into is a bad barrier and a botched roll? They're just like any other game rule, if you're going to play the game, you should just play with what you're given, and if you lose...then try again! They shouldn't have to police whether people reset games based on the wildcards picked, they're there to add a difficulty to play through. If you're just gold-farming anyway, I doubt half of the wildcards that can pop up actually put too much of a dent in any given run.
  9. Lets add in the fact that, currently, the only Arcane items are either Wands, which get outclassed pretty quick (not counting the fabulous Loot wand), and Flasks, which a successful 'recharge' still lands the item into the discard pile and also require the user to be in the same room as the threat being fought. So Seoni's auto-item recharge ability ends up not that great when she still requires some kind of healing to back her up with an inventory of her most useful 'support' item, the flask. With that said, Seoni's ability does mean that her three (or six at max spell slots) spells can all be utility. If she's loaded on utility spells and Flasks, maybe with a Staff of Minor Healing or two, and her blessings, then yeah. She can play a pretty mean support, with the ability to whip off an Arcane Blast any time she damn well feels like it. Give her Poog and Father Z to help her heal discards and you've got a pretty decent support-wizard. If you want someone to load up on magical Orbs instead, Lini is probably the best choice. The Orbs all count as divine and with her animal helper she's bound to (almost) never miss a recharge. Plus you get the benefit of loading her up with Heal/Aid/Swipe spells for the rest of your party's needs. I actually have a party with Lini and Seoni doing this schtick. Seoni wanders off, blows a lot of monsters up with spells and flasks, comes back for a heal or two, and Lini supports by throwing balls around + Aid spells. Very entertaining.
  10. So here's my thoughts on Virtuoso vs. Charlatan. Virtuoso: You probably picked Lem to be a spellcaster/buffer. You probably buffed Charisma, took heals, attack spells, or some combination of the two, and took the self-buff ability so Lem could potentially go solo things. All around a good fellow to have in a party. But... Charlatan: This version of Lem has a pretty specific purpose. He's a hunter of henchmen and a vanquisher of villains! Okay, well maybe not so much by himself... With the skillset Charlatan provides, this Lem does load up on Sleep, Paralyze, and Sanctuary spells, maybe an Augury or two, grabs a handful of allies and blessings, and then essentially does Merisel's job of looking for that Boss-type so he can Paralyze/Sanctuary them, let a buddy show up, and sing a song to help squash the big bad guy. This version of Lem doesn't need Charisma as much, and so you can consider upping Dex instead, give him a halfway-decent weapon, or even a couple suits of armor to augment the skills Virtuoso's self-buff would have otherwise handled. The 8-hand size allows you to keep blessings and allies flowing through his hand and still have room for the Sleep/Paralyze you may need to put off the big battle. Those powers of +2 to Ally/Hench/Villain are there specifically so you don't have to bump up his charisma to get a boost to grabbing allies, and to make his Dex attack that satisfying +4 base. Is Virtuoso still the better path? For general utility and 'bard'ness, yes. It's hard to get around how useful Lem is at max Charisma, throwing heals and bolts and buffing his own worth. But I could see a party that already has a healer and/or a wizard taking Lem along to throw him at a location and just dig like a bandit in a fresh grave to find the Henchman/Villain, and then either decide to use the shiny dagger he has to off it, or Paralyze him for some bigger party beef to come along and do it instead. A different flavor of Merisel that can actually hold a heal spell. Though that weakness vs. undead can be an issue.
  11. Two questions that have been bugging me lately that I would love to get some dev-type thoughts on, should such be available. 1. I read elsewhere that the vault for Quest Mode differs from the vault in Story Mode as you guys had more freedom to decide what items belong on what tier. I've only hit level 19 so I don't know if the Quest Mode vault is showing me the full picture, but I notice that Staves of Lesser Healing were nowhere to be found in the B, 1, or 2 levels of rewards. Are the Lesser Healing Staves actually available in Quest Mode? What do you guys even think of the Lesser Healing Staff item? I know at one point, when we had sneak peeks at loot cards that didn't really exist that there were hints at better than Lesser versions being considered, and while I know there won't be any confirmation one way or the other whether they are going to ever hit the game, I'm at least curious what you guys think of Healing Items as a whole. 2. Do you guys have any plans on upgrading Quest Mode to allow some of the Story Mode's Loot items in? Loot Items have some of the most interesting effects so far and have certainly helped make upper story decks be more entertaining to play around in. It would be nice to know that completing some random (or even not so random) Quest mode might end up with a Loot item drop. Thank you and keep up the good work! Looking forward to Decks 5 and 6, and all the tasty Quest Mode improvements!
  12. So the issue I have with this is that it's being marketed as a positive change instead of as a necessary evil. Taking away the gold option for chest bundles is not an improvement. And it's not a reaction to requests. I would be willing to bet there were literally no people saying 'gee I wish these didn't cost gold at all and only cost money so I could buy them in bulk'. Gold AND/OR Money? Sure. That option should exist. But making it more annoying to spend the free resource doesn't equal more money for you guys, and sure doesn't improve the game at all. You want to change it, fine. I'll accept that you don't want to hand out free chests to folks who already bought parts of your game and were using the gold they earned playing for bulk chest purchases. It feels like a very petty move on your part, but it beats not letting you buy any chests at all for gold, which I am sure came up in some meeting or another. Just don't tout it as some kind of thing you added on for our benefit. Nothing stinks worse than corporate spin.
  13. As long as we're talking salvage upgrades, when you do allow for quantities of salvagable cards, can you throw in a threshold feature? Like, say, if it's set for 3, then only salvage cards that have more than 3 copies within your vault all at the same time?
  14. I play this on my phone so I haven't had a problem getting game gold anywhere I go. I know it's not technically supported but I have a big-arse phone so it plays fine. These guys are smart. The whole entire purpose of Quest Mode is to make sure their players have things to do that aren't Adventure Deck linked for as long as they want to play the game. A mode that will only get better over time. If that's not enough for some players, that's just how it's going to be. Some folks want the world right now, or at least faster than they can have it. I'll admit I wish the updates came a little quicker, but I also understand how hard coding and bug-fixing actually is. Fix one thing, five more bugs pop up. Ripples of issues across a spider web of code. That's just how programming is, and the main source of delays to any update. I'm pretty sure they're not holding back, as that would earn them less money overall. I would also like to point out that the physical card game averaged two months between their Adventure Deck releases. You think waiting a monthish now is bad, imagine when you had to wait longer without the benefits of things like Quest Mode or treasure cards to keep things fresh. Just this game sitting on your shelf you wish you could play more of. Not to mention the physical game costs several times more. Keep in mind what you're getting when you play this digital version!
  15. Lini, Lem, Harsk, and Amiri happen to be the team I trounced Legendary difficulty with. I can totally vouch for the versatility and power they brought forth for handling even the extra screwballs Legendary puts forth. I kind of consider Amiri and Valeros very swappable as they'll both get the melee job done and done well. I just took Amiri for her extra Move actions vs. Legendary's adjacent-movement-only rule.
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