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  1. And those are few and far between. The Deck as hand exploit is also awesome, probably the second most beneficial bug I know of.
  2. 2500 to 2800ish Up until the recent patch changing the chest costs, I was probably farming around 22-27 chests a day. I could make the bulk purchase every other day usually. This sped up as time went on and more and more cards were getting salvaged, then the dice came and the 125 gold salvage was huge, but then it slowed back down after the price change to the early stages of farming. I've had my farming method down for a bit over 3 months now, which is about 2300 chests, plus several humble bundle codes, and then the 30 or so days of gold accumulation prior to finding a strong farming method.
  3. After getting 5+ of all other legendaries, the Dragon Smiter finally decided to show up. My treasure collection is now currently complete. I feel quite accomplished, but now I'm not sure where I should continue with this game. I'd love to give more out to the community, so I was thinking of making video guides, but I'm not sure if people would like those. Does anyone have any thoughts on what they would like to see.
  4. On the bright side you can get farm gold with a properly built Lini, and potentially a few other Characters.
  5. The Club states its damage types are Magic and Bludgeoning, however it triggers the +3 difficulty for Ancient Skeletons (and presumably regular skeletons).
  6. I can do 6 party Local Heroes in an average of 15 minutes. Not sure what your average is, assuming 4.5 minutes, it would take you 15.5ish minutes to get the same scenario gold. But in addition, the 6 party local heroes gets 4 extra location closed, but less monster kills. Overall, I think that the 44 gold from closing would be more than the extra monsters killed in Brigandoom!. I can post my build if you want, but it isn't optimized for that scenario, its my "easy mode" story party.
  7. The flasks have always been discard or bury, previously it was bugged.
  8. There was only one Black Arrow Longbow in the party, Harsk drew it, but as soon as he used it it just disappeared. No banish animation or any indication. It was displayed then gone. But came back at the end of the scenario.
  9. Seoni Started at Scarnetti Manor as the first character in a party of 6 . The Manor triggered properly, then each character after would have the effect trigger on a seemingly random location Seoni at Scarnetti Manor triggered on Scarnetti Manor Lini at The Old Light triggered on Waterfront Meri at Courtyard Triggered on Town Square Ezren at City Gate > The Old Light Harsk at Wooden Bridge > Sandpoint Cathedral Seelah at Sandpoint Cathedral > Courtyard Seoni at Scarnetti Manor > Wooden Bridge Lini at TOL > Courtyard Meri at Courtyard > Waterfront Ezren at City
  10. Ezren defeated the Henchman and the game asked me to close the location I tapped over to Seoni (at Scarnetti Manor) and the Bandit popped up asking her to recharge the card. She then needed to encounter the Bandit, but Ezren could also use cards and transfered all bonuses to her. Seoni got the +3 STR that Ezren used, was able to cast a spell, Ezren was able to cast a spell and display the Evangleist for a +1 to Seoni's check.
  11. Merisiel at the Courtyard on AD4.1 encoutnered a Sneak. Did the Dex check then immediately went to combat bypassing the Wisdom Perception check. I'm extrapolating this applies to other BYA effects, i'll report if other come up as well.
  12. Bumping this because I really REALLY want a quantity option for salvaging. I was holding off the hour or so long salvage operation until this patch, but the multi-salvaging wasn't added.
  13. To fix this the check number in the middle to can be pulled down so you can choose what skill you want to use. So after you played the blessing you could revert back to the d8+d6+3+ extra dice by opening up the drop down menu.
  14. Not really adding to the bug report, but I love the Red Dragon. +5 to any combat check is awesome, I'd bring a whole fleet of dragons around if I could.
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