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  1. Disappointed is a good term. I don't come to the forums often. Normally after my Samsung Nook updates the app and I see it updated do I come here to find out what happened. I only recently discovered you can rate other forum members. I have 4 votes of absolute neutral. I knew the Quest mode was going away. I got to level 33 or 34. Never got a character to 40. Bummed I didn't reach 40. I could have. It seemed every time I hit level 20 I'd find a bug that would cause me to restart Quest. Then again, the game lost interest for me when I was in the teens for levels and the March dead
  2. I have two reasons I'm sad Quest is going away. 1) The game always seemed to break when I hit the low 20's for levels. I'd have to restart each character. I have never gotten any character to 40. It looks like I won't. 2) With the Daily Challenges, I play Quest mode to do them. If it happens to work with Story mode, great. Most of the time I skip the Story mode quests (Lem must beat X adventure alone). With the last break in the game I moved on to other things. It lost its fun and appeal because I had to restart a third time. I come back and play Quest from time to time (j
  3. With Quest mode stuck, I thought I finish my thief/cleric game. Struggled then beat 6.4. I have yet to beat 6.5. It is hard to hit a 30 and a 40 with no cards in hand. Whether I pass or not I take 2 damage. Any help from the other lowers the number of cards in hand. Failing has led to 4+ damage. Hand empty. In the words of Mortal Kom bat - Fight! Also, never rolled high enough when I did have cards. Nothing like 13+ damage EVERY time I have a chance. Who has beat it? I'm ready to quit the game altogether.
  4. I finally ran into a bug that stops my play. All previous bugs I could restart the app and continue. Playing the thief and cleric. The bug hit when I hit level 28. Since the 2nd to last patch whenever I finished an adventure I got a card reward. The last update/patch didn't change that. I played the daily quest to defeat 25 banes. I beat the adventure. Rewards come up - more card slots. I have no card slots available. I can't advance the screen to get to the characters. I either sit at the reward screen or go back to the main menu. No more questing for me until this is fixed.
  5. This isn't the first time this has happemed. I'm assuming it is a rule I don't know about. I'm on 5-5 with the thief and cleric. One location closed. We are facing Wrath. The thief does her check and uses Favor to add a die. Passes her check then card goes poof. It wasn't recharged, not in discard and not buried. Why?
  6. Happened again to me today in AD4. The Wizard played Flask of Fire to help the Druid in a battle. The Druid ended up with the Wizard's Haste spell.
  7. Based on this, I have a party of 6 and a party of 2 going through story mode. However, when I go to create a "new" party it shows 17 slots are filled out of the 24. Shouldn't that only be 8 slots? How do I determine which party members to delete and which to keep? The party of 2 finished all AD1-3 on all modes and AD4 on the first level. The party of 6 has AD1 on all levels, AD 2 on Heroic, AD3 on first and just started AD4.
  8. The one that makes me auto-quit is the 2d4 to defeat someone with a Goblin trait, difficult to defeat monsters was 2 and all difficulty checks were increased by 1. A Goblin Henchmen turned into a 20 for one roll.
  9. Two issues I discovered tonight. 1) I've completed AD2. It doesn't show on my achievement list. AD3 does. Can't have 3 without 2. 2) I have completed The Cult Exposed in AD2. Kyra received her reward on the heroic level. It doesn't show on her completion list. How do I mark it complete? PFID-DD3BFD0460DA7C4D
  10. The Wizard was at the Glassworks. The Druid was in the Jungle area. The Druid had combat. The Wizard plays Orb of Ice to support. I go back to the Druid and somehow the Wizard's Frost Ray spell ended up in the Druid's hand. I checked the Wizard's hand, sure enough it was gone. This is the only time it happened. If this is a new feature, I'm in favor of it as long as it transports useful cards.
  11. I wish I could remember all I had played. I played at lunch time 4 hours ago then got busy with work. The question is valid without the specifics though so my recollection may be off a little. I was in combat. I had a d8 & d6 for combat with a +3 trying to hit a 12. I played a card and suddenly my d8 & d6 combo changed to 2d4 & d6 without the +3. I cancelled and went back to the d8 & d6 with a +3. My question is, how can I determine if a card will help another character vs the new card "trumping" what has already been played and giving me different dices & bonu
  12. I played Attack on Sandpoint last night in Legendary mode. Party consisted of Monk, Fighter, Wizard, Thief, Druid & Cleric in that turn order. Fighter and Wizard were at the town square - 1 card left, the Goblin Raider henchman, Druid and Cleric were at the Rusty Dragon - 4 cards left. All other locations closed with the other members at one of them. The Druid discovered the Villain. I go to the "Close Locations Temporarily" screen. To close the Town Square one has to beat/acquire the next card. Since the next card was the Henchman the sight treated it as if I was permanently clo
  13. Not sure how to mark a post answered. I'm still getting used to the forum. Glad this helped you too.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I understand how the card distribution works. I got confused when I end up with 7 Pole cards from chests (exaggerated) and only one Samisen even though I finished on Legendary twice. Now I know, go through once on Legendary to get the cards. Go back if I want Gold.
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