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  1. I'm glad I am not alone. I have tried this quest three times and gotten this stupid bug every time. I did have another bug that turned my wand on healing into a second wand of enervation. At least that was a beneficial bug!
  2. I finished the campaign and unlocked the Samisen. It's in my vault along with tons of other nice things I have collected. How do I get them into my decks? There are nice weapon and armors that I could also use but I can't figure out how to get them out of the vault and into my deck. Can I only get them while playing?
  3. I can't fill the exclamations because there are no cards that show up for me to choose. The lower area where available cards would be found is completely empty.
  4. I played the second quest where you face Pillbug Podiker. I defeated him and the quest ended. I am at the deck rebuilding step just before you move on the the next quest and I can't rebuild. At the end of the Pillbug encounter I had to banish a card and I chose to banish an armor. Now I am at the rebuild screen and I am short one armor but there are no armors to select to add to my deck. I am stuck with 1 of 2 armors and can't move on. I am guessing this is a bug since in previous missions I had cards to select from. Anyone have any clue how to proceed?
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