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  1. Oh, I didn't know about that! Thanks Ethics, this is perfect. I'll wait for the patch.
  2. I encountered a pretty bad bug after completing the first scenario of the Goblins DLC. It's preventing me from continuing the game. I'm playing on PC / Steam. After completing the scenario, I received a skill feat, then a card feat. Several of my characters chose to take an extra blessing. In the deck building screen, however, the collection doesn't have any blessings in it, so I can't continue. You can see everything here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=PGQWeS3XvAg Any workarounds or patches to resolve this would be most appreciated!
  3. I'm personally willing to accept that forces beyond Flounder's control were behind the change. Given that the character alts were $60 on mobile, I'm pretty happy that I got them for $17 through the Ambassador Program, alongside the ability to play on the platform I always wanted to play on in the first place. The free dice (and the ability to buy 6 sets of dice directly for gold instead of trying to get them piecemeal through chests) were a nice bonus.
  4. I purchased the game on Steam and, through the ambassador program, got all of the DLC installed on my computer and successfully linked my iOS account. I can now finish my existing game on PC. Beautiful! I noticed, however, that the legendary dice provided by the "all alts" DLC are not available to me. They don't show up in my collection. When I go to the store in-game, I am given an option to "buy" the set of dice. When I click it, the Steam overlay pops up and puts the "all alts" DLC into the shopping cart. Steam helpfully informs me that I already own this DLC. So, the game knows that I
  5. This is the first good response to my original post. Fluoride, you're absolutely right that I overlooked an important factor. As for the posts above Fluoride, they're a rehash of reasons why a player shouldn't ASSUME that a game on one platform must be available on other platforms. And I say again, as I did in the first post here, that there are several galaxies of difference between an ASSUMPTION and an EXPLICIT PROMISE BY DEVELOPERS. I guess my first post was a little long and some people couldn't be bothered to read it. So let me spell it out: A prospective buyer of the game com
  6. All right Ethics, I've gotta hand it to you. That is the first truly good argument I've seen in defense of charging for the PC version. My blood, which has been boiling with liquid rage for a few days now, is starting to simmer. Thank you.
  7. EDIT on 6/22/2017: I stand by the feelings that I had at the time I wrote this post, because given the information I had it was reasonable for me to feel the way I did. That being said, while I'm not going to alter the post that follows, I do wish to note that as a result of points brought up here and elsewhere, the developers of this game still have my support and trust. In the Ambassador Program thread, I asked why more people weren't angry about the fact that mobile users have to buy the same game twice to play it on PC. I was shocked when a slew of people answered my question very genu
  8. I dunno, Ethics, that seems a little rosy to me. The "only" reason? How about this other reason: there is a nonzero probability that it will take Obsidian literally months to implement this ambassador program. It's perfectly reasonable to wait for it to actually appear before committing $18 on a second copy of the same game. In my case, the only reason I'm buying the game on PC at all is that with the ambassador coupon it's actually cheaper to get the alts by re-buying the PC version than by paying the price on mobile. I'm planning to make a legendary play-through with six alts. Now, if O
  9. I like the idea of capping cards — it's certainly easier to have the game salvage cards for you than to manually go into your vault and delete some of those 11 Foxes or whatever. I also don't mind legendaries being capped at 1, though I sympathize with players who got used to having bunches of them and are now sad. The problem with this system is that 4 copies of a card is A LOT. Most uncommon cards are not that great, so with this capping system, there will be way, way more crappy cards diluting the pool than anyone who used salvaging would have ever had on mobile. The game should sti
  10. I like the new capping system, and in fact I wish there was a way to set caps on mobile. But my vote is still a "yes" because MrBishop's post does not address the following: 1) When something is "just salvaged on the back end," do you get gold for it? If not, then you just paid gold to get nothing. 2) A great deal of uncommon cards are junk, and 4 copies is a pretty damn big cap for a card that's junk. Without a way to change the caps yourself or salvage individual cards, your game will become significantly diluted by uncommon cards.
  11. If Obsidian expects us to pony up the cash for a second copy of the same game before the Ambassador "reward" is ready, then the only thing I'm going to have at the ready is my pitchfork.
  12. When I go to the site mentioned in the first post of this thread, I'm still not seeing anything in my account. The Steam sale ends June 22, so the devs have about 2 days to implement this ambassador program before the introductory sale ends.
  13. I'm confused why everyone is so excited about the Ambassador Program. The program just upgrades the base version of the Steam game to a "deluxe" version. You still have to pay $25 (minus discounts) to buy the game on Steam even if you already paid $25 to buy the game on mobile. I mean, am I going crazy here or isn't that ... completely terrible? I was under the impression from the beginning that if you bought the season pass on mobile you'd have it when the game came out for PC. When I went to the Steam page, I was utterly befuddled by the lack of a "download" button. I came to the for
  14. Let me preface this by saying that I absolutely adore Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian did an amazing job (among many other things) improving the player's quality of life, letting you focus on the fun of playing the game rather than fiddling with the inventory. So that being said, I simply do not understand the rationale for the camping supply limit. It would make sense as a measure to prevent rest-spamming if and only if camping supplies were an unlimited resource. But they are not. There is a finite number of them in the world, and there is no merchant that sells an unlimited number. A play
  15. Actually, if fighters in PoE are a problem, it's because they didn't follow their D&D legacy. PoE was clearly inspired by the 4th edition of D&D. The "encounter" concept, talents, and the idea of "engagement" all have clear analogues in that edition. Now in 4e, Fighters were an awesome class from day 1 and continued to be one of the funnest classes in the game even after many other classes had been added. Unfortunately, this coolness did not carry over to PoE. A 4e Fighter "marks" any enemy that he attacks, regardless if the attack hits or misses. Marked enemies have an accuracy pe
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