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  1. Lots of good replies; let me respond to a suggestion about why someone might start on the hardest difficulty. I like to be efficient. If I can get everything done in one run, I will do that. I'm not even necessarily concerned with doing everything in one play through; since you couldn't possible roleplay good, evil , or somewhere in between during the same run; but I really like efficiency. My point in coming the forums isn't to "complain" as some describe: it's that I believe this is a valid issue and this is the correct place for discussions. The OP isn't a request to make the game easier, not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I don't find Supernova all that difficult; When one of my companions die, I finish my combat and then reload and do it again searching for the Rails that supposedly represent the "right" way to approach that particular fight. When that fight is complete, I have to fast travel back to the ship and save, then run back and do the next fight so that if a companion dies, I don't have to redo the fight, looting, conversations that happened in between. It's a needless grind that doesn't add any "difficulty" and it only applies to companions, their content, their banter, and the idea of building a Firefly like crew and Freelancing around the galaxy. I love this game. I want to be challenged, I want to make hard decisions, and I'm fine with making mistakes; just ask the pile of corpses in Roseway after I accidentally stole an item in front of an armed guard before having any rep... RIP Auntie Cleo storylines; I'll check those out on my next run. Permadeath isn't difficult, it's not interesting, and it doesn't add anything to the story. I don't define grinding through the same combat for an extra ten hours as "great gameplay". So, in my view, adjusting the AI, or adding a cooldown and travel requirement to getting a member back seems to fit just fine into making the game more difficult, while leaving all the stats untouched. Maybe a companion isn't available for a few quests while they "heal" up. There are a ton of interesting choices that don't eliminate content or ask me to ignore it unless playing with training wheels.
  2. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I agree with a lot of the Combat assessment; and if we're being honest the companions do way too much damage. Even on Supernova diff the companion skills are 1-shotting everything except non-flying mechanical mobs. As far as the difficulty goes, I find the combat easy. My only deaths come from trying to stand in front of bullets to keep my low health companions from dying while spamming inhalers. (which was my OP). But I agree that the AI seems pretty basic; but I've seen snipers take cover. I don't think an AI adjustment is out of the realm of possibility. The point I'm making isn't about combat difficulty, combat is a cakewalk. I don't want to miss out on the companion content on Supernova difficulty; which is the point a lot of people are missing; I think the biggest difference between me seeing issues, and those who aren't is the fact that the ranged combat feels more fleshed out. The guns are varied and the mods feel good; but the melee focus is making combat take longer, which means even at max range+ranged weapons my companions are just drawing more aggro and taking a lot of damage. (The bonus range on weapons at 60 points doesn't change the basic problem that enemies are just rushing at my sniping companions and forcing me to run across the battlefield to save them because the AI is slow and it acts more like a Duplicant ((Oxygen not Included)) starving to death at the top of a lone piece of dirt they're stuck on, rather than just digging it out and dropping three spaces to the floor beneath) There is a skill reset machine on the ship, I'd hate to reset this guy just to play easy mode with ranged weapons, but I'd rather have a discussion about improving Companion AI so that Supernova diff feels fleshed out. In my original post I mentioned another solution that I feel would work just as well. Leave the AI the way it is, but instead of killing the companions, send them back to the ship so you have to decide whether to clear the area you're in without them, or go back and heal them and bring them back.
  3. I think this is the best solution, having the AI take cover at medium - low health to give the inhalers time to heal.
  4. Crimson, I'm sorry you took my post so personally. Congratulations on all of your success in The Outer Worlds in regards to companions fortitude. With the amount of insults you throw out in each and every post, I'm truly hopeful that you will /ignore me and find solace in the fact that I will be /ignoring you. I wish you good luck in missing points all over the forums of any game you play!
  5. If missing the point were a skill, I dare say we'd have a few Masters of the Craft here. I'll keep a few of you in mind when I pick my next horseshoes tournament team. I especially love the assumptions, those are the most fun! The lack of empathy is no surprise, we all know if someone isn't having a problem, that problem must not exist? Right Hunger? Hunger's got my back. Permadeath is a dumb mechanic; I'm never going to let my companions die, so that "feature" will literally never affect my playthrough, it just forces me to reload and redo the content (either without a companion or forcing them to stand 50 yards away). It's not a challenge, it's a pointless time sink; and if you can't tell the difference or don't understand, please feel free to ignore my post! Thx! Love, Me
  6. I would be ok with them being removed from the rest of the encounter, maybe with a stat penalty until we've slept. Perma death just means I'm reloading constantly, and having to save after each fight in the Comm Satellite is going to take forever.
  7. I throw myself in front of every enemy and bullet to protect these retards, who rush headlong into bullets with 2% health. I try to heal them by spamming my Inhaler, to give them the paltry 35%, but healing isn't enough when they refuse to take cover. Is there any reason not to just take the Lone Wolf perk and ignore these bullet cushions? Why are they in the game, if they're going to die 5 minutes after I meet them? Maybe put a recovery timer on the Supernova difficulty so that I don't have to fast travel back to the ship and save after every fight, on the off chance Shi* for Brains decides it's time to die. Thanks for taking the time to read! Lifelong Obsidian fan. *EDITED FOR THE ASSUMING READER" 60 Leadership, Melee focused roll. Bonus HP, Armor perks on all companions Parvatti has 32 Armor battle suit, 32 Armor helm. Sam cannot have be equipped with more armor. Adjusted all behavior to max range, use ranged only weapons, defensive. Am I playing to your satisfaction yet? ffs.
  8. Cnealob, I have a ranger w 17 perception and I'm not seeing any hidden (purple) caches on the beach. I spoke to Rongi with updated options and he still won't confess, nor does he ever leave his hut. I'm not sure what else can be done, the completionist in me wants badly to finish this quest, but the realist says I'm better off moving on. Thanks!
  9. Thanks again Cnealob. I just leveled up to 10 and raised everybody's Insight, hopefully it will be enough to unlock the conversation dialogue and finish the quest. Rongi can't hide much longer!
  10. Thanks for replying Chelsea. I have been back and forth through that point of the beach several times in stealth and out, without finding any caches. I literally just finished another quest nearby dealing with the hatchlings, so I can easily check. ** hmm, lvl 9 ranger and her pet bird usually spot hidden caches from a mile away; no luck for me anywhere on this beach. I must have messed something up.
  11. Hey all! I am trying to complete the Plucked Fruit quest in Tikawara. I have advanced to the quest to the point where I need to confront Rongi on the beach at Midnight. I followed him one night and confronted him, but I clicked "leave him alone", and Rongi hasn't returned to the beach ever since. I've waited several nights, and he's just hanging out at home now. There was no quest update to my journal. Is there a way to reset his pathing so I can catch him at the beach again? Thanks for any tips!! **I noticed I do not meet Insight req's for a dialogue option while speaking to Rongi in his hut. Maybe I'll reroll for Insight and see if I can finish this quest.
  12. Reading this thread almost two years later is absolutely as entertaining as it was the first time; just like PoE!
  13. BTW, I had an old save and found the Master Stair. When I went back to the beginning I found that there is a Master Stair on each level. Thx for the heads up.
  14. A decent point; however, if my survivalist monk wasn't smart enough to cook over the coals (long after the chemicals have burned off) then he deserves the nausea that comes with the burnt troll meat. Besides, I was carrying more than enough food, I just didn't have....? I guess I'm not even sure what the camp is missing. It wouldn't be the last time in history someone had to to choose between surviving or destroying precious objects.
  15. ** Very minorly spoilerish** Thanks! OOPS! I chose to explore of the Endless Path because it seemed like the way down to level 3. 4 hours later, out of "camping" gear, sure that makes sense... I'm carrying 400 wooden shields and not 1 of them is f***ing flamable. Sorry, this game is super hard core realistic and you need firewood made from trees, not wood from other things. Welp, guess I console command cheat it, eliminating the achievement progress or quit. Wait... what? I can start over and redo all that content? Super! Can I roll all the same toons? So fun, this time I'll specialize in making camping equipment! Cant EDIT: just edited the title and put in spoiler tags just in case.
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