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  1. The game does let you choose you companions. You can run with 2 at a time out of 5 available.
  2. The issue isn't with PC. I also play on PC and it is fine. The issue is with consoles.
  3. My wife and I have a bookshelf of guides going back to games like Daggerfall. We love having the guides to look at after we have played the game once or twice. Like looking through a scrapbook of our vacation.
  4. To each their own. I personally liked that they had these things in the game in a natural way. I can understand if you want a refund if it doesn't sit well with your conscience. Just not sure that they will give you a refund. Could always put it up on craigslist for like $5-10 less than retail. Someone will buy it
  5. My wife plays on the Xbox and that was one of the first things that she said as well.
  6. I have taken every flaw, except crippled because the movement penalty was just too severe for my tastes.
  7. This. As someone that codes and designs game spaces I would love this. It would be a blast to allow the players to create added areas, quests, etc to the game.
  8. I agree that they aren't mutually exclusive ideas. However, I understand the sentiment of the person you were quoting. Some people like to figure the game out before jumping into the harder settings. Some people, like you and I, don't mind the challenge and occasional frustration from learning things the hard way. To each their own.
  9. Supernova has lots of saving without mods. I do not have any mods running and the aforementioned saving works. It literally says in the description for Supernova that you can do 3 things only with your ship: fast travel to your ship, sleep in your ship and save in your ship. The rest of saves are when you transition zones.
  10. I had not, but I just googled it. I love the cyberpunk world. Still have my SNES and Genesis Shadowrun cartridges. Will definitely put it on my radar.
  11. I am not going to bash on Beth or FO3. As someone that played FO1 when it was released, hell I played Wasteland on my C64, when I first stepped out of the vault into the Wasteland in FO3 I was blown away. Sure by Obsidian or Black Isle standards the writing wasn't the best. It didn't matter to me. I was my own story in that world. I explored every rats ass in that world and loved every second. However, I have been playing for about 30ish hours on this play through of TOW and have yet to reach the end. The main story may be short, I am not timing it, but the world has so much to do and so
  12. You can refuse any flaw. They happen when something happens too often. like you eat too many times, you jump off a roof too many times and get hurt. My next play through I am going self inflicted iron man mode. No save other than auto, no refusing flaws and no scum saving/loading. Supernova again because, well, I grew up on games like Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord. Games now are easy mode if not pushed to the highest setting.
  13. If you are playing on PC the "X" is a command you can give your companions. It works especially well when they are set to defensive mode. It orders them to attack. If in passive mode they will only attack the one enemy that you told them to. In defensive mode they will attack that enemy and then continue to attack until the area is cleared. EDIT: If you are about to fight an area and want to (or even can) snipe the enemies. Say taking out 1, 2 or 3 before the others get "wise" to the attack. This command and defensive work wonders together. Set your companions to defensive an
  14. I would have to agree with you. I have a similar flaw and I have just gotten used to looking up at that bar and I know the icon to look for now. When I see it I react accordingly
  15. I haven't seen that option. However, the gas giants would be difficult to explain. Maybe an orbital station or something, but I don't think it would be plausible to try and terraform a gas giant to be habitable. There being a questionable amount of solid mass with which to work.
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