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  1. That would be a nice addition. Like the brahmin caravan merchants from FNV.
  2. I've never quite understood what savegame limitation has to do with difficulty. It's just a stupid nuisance when you can't save wherever you want. The whole limited savegame mechanic is a leftover from arcade games and consoles with limited memory. It's about time we stopped limiting them as a means to "increase" difficulty.
  3. I generally like the available armor sets. But like I said, there wasn't a truly unique high level set.
  4. Even if they don't add a playable third person mode, it would still be nice if we can pull the camera back when we want to. Not just if you don't use the mouse for a minute. It's a shame we can't see our character's armor in game
  5. Yeah me too, never got the chance to use it Personally I would love it if TTD was even more like VATS or pausing combat in KotOR. That would give you the chance to select which attack moves your companions would use.
  6. Hopefully we won't have to wait for the sequel, they can add this in an expansion pack too
  7. Indeed, higher difficulty doesn't just mean more enemy hitpoints. It also means better ai.
  8. I'm talking about some truly distinct looking armor like the BoS power armor from the Fallout games or the Daedric armor from TES games. I know there are plenty of high level armors in TOW but they're not exactly uncommon to find. In the early Fallout games and Morrowind for example, there were only a few of these armors available in game. They weren't usually available untill late in the game and were often tied to a specific quest. You saw these armors being worn early or mid game, and you really wanted them. When you finally got your hands on it you felt really good. Whe
  9. I hope so, it's what keeps a game alive. Would be nice to have a t51b and enclave power armor mod for this game. Would fit right in with the TOW design. Not to mention some new locations.
  10. I know about supernova difficulty But that doesn't mean that normal difficulty should be a walk in the park. Nor am I asking for Dark Souls level difficulty. Normal difficulty should be the baseline from which easy and hard are derived. So it should add enough challenge without being overbearing. Right now it's just too easy. Also, I don't much care for the savegame limitations on supernova. I fail to see what restricting me in saving my game has to do with difficulty. It's a convenient feature so I don't have to start all over if I suddenly need to quit playing. It's
  11. I really love TOW on normal difficulty, which is the difficulty I always play a game on my first playthrough. I consider it the standard difficulty that the game is supposed to be developed for and played on by most people. But I have to admit that the game has become a walk in the park quite early on. Especially if you bring two companions with you and have some decent armor/weapons. In fact, during my entire playthrough so far I haven't used my companions' special ability.. once! Seriously, they kill any group of enemies so quickly I don't even have the time to use it. No
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