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  1. I emailed Epic and got the following response. Hello there dear player, Thank you for contacting us. My name is Sierra and I will be assisting with your situation today. I would love to help out and answer your question, however, at the current time we do not have official information on the Outer Worlds DLS and we cannot answer your question at the given time. If you want to stay updated on all the new things that make it into our Epic store you can follow our official social media here: Twitter: https://twitter.com/EpicGames Youtube: https://w
  2. Where can I see the version number for my installation of OW? thanks
  3. I can't find a second generation plasma rifle, where is the best guns shop withe best selection?
  4. Will there be mods for this game beyond the UI mods I have seen?
  5. So I got tired of Tobson and tubed Edgewater by cutting off their power, then I shot him in the back, then I had to kill everyone else in town. Maybe this was not the best plan. Now I am kill on sight with Spacers Choice. Is there any way to make amends and get back in their good graces?
  6. This would be nice, I play in first person but I like being able to see my character in the environment for taking pics.
  7. I have not seen any bug reporting forum at all, there is only community tech self help forum, which in this case is utterly useless for this problem. " This forum is for players to assist each other with technical questions "
  8. I have set my game to Windowed mode and expand it to fill the screen but leave my task bar exposed. Whenever there is a change of view, such as going into Settings to adjust something or going into a converasation, my game window drops back to non-expanded mode. Can we get a fix for this?
  9. You forget what forum you are on if you think 'egotistical' is a bad thing. And you are unfamiliar with forums if you think this one is the only one with that problem. I have been away from forums for a long time, I had forgotten about the behaviour of silly children who think the world revolves around them.
  10. Honestly, I don't care about the opinion of little children who go /stampyfeet when they see an option they don't want to use.
  11. Having the option to turn off quest compass/waypoints is fine, but most games i have played lately do not give you enough information to complete the quest without that sort of guidance.
  12. Just because someone doesn't like Pillars does not mean the game devs have anything to atone for, sorry, it's a bit egotistical to think so.
  13. Cooperative gameplay is kind of a neglected niche in rpgs these days (I am not counting slaughter fest games in the mold of Diablo in this).
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