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  1. Once again I will reply to a topic similar to this. I definitely am missing my 3rd person view. And preferable also exactly like in Fallout 4 (no pun intended). I keep scrolling and scrolling with my middle mouse button but nothing happens? I really do miss the ability to watch my character during play. I hope this will be considered in the next game, Obsidian
  2. Upgrade the machine guns. Especially the 'Deadeye'. That's what I did. And they made me almost immortal. I also use the Deadeye as a sniper. A quick tap on the mouse button will only shoot one projectile.
  3. My first play-through took about 21 hours. I just did it to learn the ropes. On my later play-throughs I discover a lot of material and quests I missed (currently on 4th). Also there are a lot of options and consequences for siding with factions.
  4. I thought Nyoka was labeled 'essential' and not able to die?
  5. I've been thinking about why I felt this game was too short. I rushed through the game on easy mode in 21 hours just to learn the ropes. My impression was merely based on the main story. But there was also another element: Apart from other games Obisidian don't try to lengthen the game unnecessary. This gives you the option to advance in the game very fast. I played AC Odyssey for a long while and discovered Ubisoft use every available option to slow you down. Everything is calculated and arranged so that you will have to use at least 100 hours on a play-through. That's not the case with 'The Outer Worlds' - which is a relief actually. But you have to be aware of this freedom given. If you can't slow your self down you will miss a lot of the game. But playing games like Odyssey can be a mental trap, so to speak, when you decide to play other games.
  6. I agree. The cost for Tinkering is too high. Instead of tinkering I wait for a high level weapon to turn up somewhere. I guess this was not the idea with tinkering?
  7. I got the hint about this game from a friend. Bored as I was I trusted his instincts. I was not disappointed. I rushed through the game in 21 hours to get a feeling of it. Now I'm on my fourth play-through and still enjoying and discovering. This game is so different from many other games. Crazy and full of humor. I simply love it and can only recommend it to others.
  8. Let's have some more quests based on the existing game - until a sequel is made.
  9. I hope 'The Outer Worlds' gets an award or more. The game deserves it. It's the best games this year for me. It completely took me by surprise. And while we're at it: Please let's have more! A DLC or anything, it doesn't matter as long as we get more! [EDIT] And make sure Parvati is in it
  10. Oh, so there isn't a third person view option in the game? I just thought there were and I couldn't find it. Thank you, Lord Grievous!
  11. I was wondering if there is an option to have the third person view in this game? I am rather confused about it since there is a character creation screen in the beginning of the game, but all you ever see of your character is when you visit the inventory? Is there a way to use a third person view? I must have missed it if so? I can't find it under 'Settings'. Thanks in advance,
  12. I just use an assault rifle with the 'Super-duper-scoope' (what its name?).
  13. If you guys have nothing to spend your bits on just send them my way. I could use more for my weapons tinkering
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