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  1. Let's have some more quests based on the existing game - until a sequel is made.
  2. I hope 'The Outer Worlds' gets an award or more. The game deserves it. It's the best games this year for me. It completely took me by surprise. And while we're at it: Please let's have more! A DLC or anything, it doesn't matter as long as we get more! [EDIT] And make sure Parvati is in it
  3. Oh, so there isn't a third person view option in the game? I just thought there were and I couldn't find it. Thank you, Lord Grievous!
  4. I was wondering if there is an option to have the third person view in this game? I am rather confused about it since there is a character creation screen in the beginning of the game, but all you ever see of your character is when you visit the inventory? Is there a way to use a third person view? I must have missed it if so? I can't find it under 'Settings'. Thanks in advance,
  5. I just use an assault rifle with the 'Super-duper-scoope' (what its name?).
  6. If you guys have nothing to spend your bits on just send them my way. I could use more for my weapons tinkering
  7. I chose by personality: 1. Parvati 2. Nyoka 3. Ellie 5. Vicar 6. Felix 4. SAM I simply love Parvati's shy performance. She's such a strong character!
  8. If Bethesda got it all wrong how come I've played Fallout 4 in 3.729 hours by now?
  9. I have the same feeling. The game is too short. My first play-through in rush mode took about 21 hours. After reaching the end I felt something was missing. Was that it? I don't know how big the Obsidian developers team is? So, I won't judge them in any way. Perhaps we as consumers are also being spoiled in the last couple of years? I was thinking about Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and AC Odyssey? Huge and long games. I really like 'The Outer World'. It's just a game to my liking. And I hope more is coming in the shape of DLC or expansion.
  10. I have experienced the same on PC. The game crashes to desktop as soon as you enter the TV room on Tartarus. On my first play-through this didn't happen. But if I can figure out what I did differently? I read somewhere (Reddit?) that you can get around this bug by using the upper entrance as km_iguana wrote. Another option is to release your companions. I haven't tested this yet as I started a new game instead yesterday.
  11. I for one absolutely enjoy this crazy humor filled adventure. I use to play different RPGs (Especially Fallout 4). I have to say this game is very entertaining and different from many other games. I like the crazed out world created with part early 19th century and sci-fi. The characters are also lovely. The best part is the humor in almost everything. I was pretty amazed about all the dialogues and their options. It must have been a huge task? But thank you very much for this! I only have one thing I want to criticize: The game is too small! I want more! Much more!
  12. I also hope there will be an expansion or DLC. This game is absolutely great! I was looking at the space map and saw there are still planets you can't access yet. I wondered if they were perhaps planned DLCs?
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