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  1. I just went to panel, hacked it shut RAM down. No fight. That was a final boss?? LOL! Can't be.
  2. Got to the end of the game, though it came sooner than I thought. I think you always say that though when you enjoyed something a lot, you never want it to end. Loved that they copied Band of Brothers finale' style to close the game and all story/character loops in that fashion. From what I can tell I chose the best path, or at least what I hoping for as I made choices throughout the play-through. Still really enjoyed the whole experience, though very dissapointed in how poorly the developers treated the Ultra-Wide community. It's nice to see some devs, who probably play on Ul
  3. We ever gunna find who is bringing these on board and why?
  4. Check Greenman gaming. Good chance you’ll get the best price there. You get a key you claim within the Epic Launcher.
  5. One thing I've been thinking of, even in seeing previews is what that this games wants to be. I'm having a blast in this game so there is no issue with fun factor or quality of work than has gone into game, dialog etc. But when I play I see a sky that's beautiful like in mass effect or some something, I look straight ahead and I see a world that sometimes borders on the cartoony-ism of Bordlerands, then all the architecture seems a mash up of Fallout and Bioshock. Even the characters seem to have bit of different games in them, but I DO really love facially quality...really top notch. The
  6. I agree those that done feel it's too short. I'm also one that does all side quests, explores everything in maps to find hidden lot etc, so that adds to my time. I'm only about halfway through already and feels I've just about got my monies worth(except in terms of proper ultra-wide support). I guess it can be relative. Sure it's not as big as say Skyrim, Red Dead Redemption 2, etc, but those are games with unusual breadth with a major budget behind them, so that's not a fair comparison. Then you get these games as service cr@p games like Assassins Creed Odyssey. Great game(though si
  7. I would like more variety as well. It seems there a lot of the same armor, but with different paint on based on factions. I could see it maybe on the same planet, but would expect some differences going to other planets. What I thought about today while playing as a lot of the gear is same, just painted the same, I would be nice if they added some tools do create our own color scheme so that you could make them Unreliable brand armor. I'm only halfway through the game though, I think I saw a YouTube video where the title said something about unique armor you come across, maybe there will
  8. You should just come across it naturally .What I mean is think the game has a good pacing in that you will run into ever better weapons as your progress as you need them. You probably just need to get farther in the game. Best yet, you will probably get it off someone you killed, so it will be free.
  9. GaleWeaver: I got the notification as soon as I was done talking to Ellie. I didn't try and leave the ship to see if she still showed up, though that is great idea I should have tried. I think I was most worried about not being able to finish her quest line, then figured something must be really wrong that I can't even see her on the ship now anywhere. Had never had a crew member go missing before. algoroth: Ah...that is interesting. I did continue playing with both access byzantium missions going now and was able to finish Parvati's questline. But I think I have that save where I can go
  10. So this is spoiler forum, but I'll still warn that if you are only beginning the game this post may not ruin things for you(though I just understand what happened). I'm at the point where I've exhausted ever quest except going to Phineas for the main quest and to get a dress for Parvati, which you can't do till find a way onto Byzantium. I ruined the game a bit form myself in googling to find out where it is so I could complete Parvati's questline and found there are two paths. The one path where you gotta pretend to want to turn in Phineas didn't appeal to me at all as I don't know enou
  11. The whole romance in games seems a bit off for me. I guess if want a sex scene in a game, the only way to it is on a Unicorn like the the Witcher 3 lol. Really though what does it for me in games in the continually growing of relationships with good characters, being a friends or potential romance. I think that's where a game can shine, and most don't really do it well. To have you almost feel good or bad to what happens to game character.....which is just 1 and 0's. I think Outer Worlds is only 'ok' with this, with one exception. Parvoti. I think it's her innocent view of the world and gee sh
  12. I love the atmospheric moments that are enhanced by music. It’s not something I’d ever play outside game, but I love the elevator jingle and hate when elevator ride is too slow. Think I’ve heard It before so may not be original, but it’s fun.
  13. Works for me. Just press CTRL and you go into crouch and stay that way till you press it again. Though you didn't mention the platform you're playing so can't say for controllers.
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