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Great Ending - But Did I Miss a Bunch of Content?

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Got to the end of the game, though it came sooner than I thought. I think you always say that though when you enjoyed something a lot, you never want it to end.

Loved that they copied Band of Brothers finale' style to close the game and  all story/character loops in that fashion. From what I can tell I chose the best path, or at least what I hoping for as I made choices throughout the play-through.



However, I'm done the game and there 4 planets that I never got to go to. I think this is the 4, but may have 1 mixed up:

  1. Olympus
  2. Tartarus
  3. Eridanos
  4. Typhon

I'm wondering, if somehow closed access via quests somehow to these planets. I know chose to go straight to the Hope after sending a scrambled signal from Phineas's lab instead of going to talk to the Lady from Byzantium who wanted me to plant the bug. Did going to the hope close quests to these planets or has nobody gone to them, and they are either map filllage or left for possible DLC? Just wondering.


Still really enjoyed the whole experience, though very dissapointed in how poorly the developers treated the Ultra-Wide community. It's nice to see some devs, who probably play on Ultra-Wides themselves, ensure their game is fully ultra-wide supported throughout. I think those of us who game UW, take notice of those who do.  I usually don't care, as dialog scenes are normally a small percentage of games so it's not a big deal, but a developer who knows dialog is a major percentage of the experience they are creating should have ensured that was set properly for all aspect ratios, as it does take you out of the game/experience a bit suddenly having large parts of just black on your screen.  As I move on to other games though, it's something I regret wasn't properly implemented during the time I played the game. Still walk away happy though, great experience.

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My first play-through took about 21 hours. I just did it to learn the ropes.
On my later play-throughs I discover a lot of material and quests I missed (currently on 4th). Also there are a lot of options and consequences for siding with factions.

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Yes there IS a LOT of side quests that may or might not be related to secondary and MQ objectives. You literally need to explore every nook and cranny of the settlements and especially wilderness areas like Monarch. Or you'll miss quite a few!


The bad news is a couple of the side quests appear to be either glitched or broken. Most specifically, the one where you obtain Chastity's keycard from Huxley, that MSI contractor you freed.  After finding her healing up in Amber Heights, there was no dialogue that allowed her to give the keycard to your PC. I only received payment for helping her out of her predicament. 

The good news is obtaining the keycard isn't mandatory to unlock a terminal in Errors Unseen. Which is one of the main side quests  you need to do for Sanjar. And there is an alternative but longer way to bypass that locked gate you encounter at a later point.  While not game breaking, this glitch sure is extremely annoying from a completionist perspective


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