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  1. Part of me sort of enjoys it. I used intimidate to get her stuff and at one point she was like, "Oh captain, not this again." I loved giving her a shock of, "welcome to reality, it isn't pretty." Her reactions to it were funny. I enjoyed pre-quest Vicar the most. Nyoka's interactions were fun at certain times too. Don't know much about Felix or Ellie. SAM unit is best as his only life's goal is to make sure everything is sanitized!
  2. I'm going to take a guess and say that at some point, when loading Parvati in or something, it just did it wrong and killed her essentially. I had her phasing through the Unreliable at one point, half her body was inside the floor. She was alive, but couldn't move anywhere obviously. It's probably a bug encounter if anything, reloading may have just fixed it all up. May be hard to recreate but let everyone know!!
  3. Honestly, I thought there were more than enough evil options in the game - and I didn't even choose to be evil or cruel most of the time. Maybe a bit sassy and sarcastic, but not too much evil. Without going too much into detail, if you are looking to be evil just 'for evil sake' - meaning being evil for absolutely no reason - just kill everybody then. Nothing is stopping you really, just your ability to kill everyone.
  4. Load a save prior to the fight. You'll have to fight him again, but that should restart the segment for you. Only other thing to try, but could mess up where you are last saved, is to quicksave and quickload (or save and reload) and hope the body respawns. I would recommend making sure they are a new save so you still have a backup to fall on.
  5. Phineas gave you a hint by calling the Board SWINE. He even said it twice to emphasize how much of a SWINE they really were. Just as Andreas said, look around the lab, near the terminal. You'll find the swine he compares them to.
  6. The cow thing is most likely some sort of movie or show reference I bet. Lilya was nervous about intelligent alien life more than anything else and what it would mean for Halcyon. Not for the people, but about her business for the most part and how she conducts about the galaxy. After all, a lot of what she wanted was complete Sublight control over Halcyon and make the Board obsolete. If there was a third player - one working with the Board - from which she knew nothing about, it was too much for her to deal with. All in all, she was most likely afraid of how little control and understanding she had on the stuff she was stealing. She wasn't able to grasp a bigger picture of any sort and ran into a 'simpler' solution. Got an ending where she went 'silent' thank to this paranoia of hers. That Parvati ship encounter is only reinforcing her passive nature, the person who is innocent. That's why everyone adores her, because she is that sweet innocent girl who has yet to be corrupted by life. The encounter hardly makes sense all things considered. I also ran into a ship encounter with Nyoka, long before I ever set foot on the Grounbreaker if I recall. It was, interesting. Made no sense until I got to Monarch then recruited her. I didn't mind too much. Well those are my two cents.
  7. I believe it's just a movie reference. Maybe T.V. show reference. I wouldn't know, I only heard about it.
  8. No clue. I never touched Felix. I don't know at what point, but he randomly asked to talk while on the ship as I was progressing. I was finishing up Monarch at the time I believe? Not sure what the trigger is. If you haven't already, progress a little more forward to see if anything else bumps it. It may not trigger after a specific quest is finished. You said up to the Monarch quest, I'm not sure if that means "completed" it. If not, complete that quest and finish off Monarch completely, then continue traveling. Felix may trigger after that point.
  9. Tartarus would be the ending planet you go to. Unless there is a specific gameplay to which visiting that world is not required, then yeah you'd miss that one. The other 3, my guess is future content. If not that, then just filling the galaxy with lore of sorts.
  10. Honestly, the only thing I wish the devs did was add an autosave after the conversation you have with Rockwell (I killed Akanda due to not killing Edgewater) because I got more aggravated with doing the 3-lift run than anything, since the last autosave was the final new load-zone new-map door. I was on Supernova so I had to rely on that autosave every single time I died and tried. It took 5 RAM fights, then 2 deaths when running there since I hit Iconocasts on accident (rushing through, which I stopped doing) and my disguise failed when a guard didn't talk to me soon enough while I wasn't paying attention. I cheesed the RAM fight anyways, stayed inside the entry door. It worked best while doing a science build - no points in melee or guns whatsoever the entire run. I accidentally did a science run.
  11. Well, yeah. No RPG has a good economy in their games. It's basic barter system. Easiest way to get rich and manipulate. This isn't like Runescape where there is an economy within the game and pretty well-established over the years thanks to the millions of players. It's a matured economy. Still broken, but matured. Also depends which version you play, old school or new. I believe EVE online has some sort of economy as well, but again - that's a player-established thing more than anything else. We are in a single player game where you are literally the only trader. All of the money in the game's universe is yours - especially since the only limiting factor is the programming's data type before you accidentally crash the game.
  12. Hey, so you had every emoji reaction besides the cat. So I gave you a cat emoji reaction. Enjoy.
  13. Not bad, I'd like to think of it more along the lines of the fact the PC didn't give survivable supplies to the Iconocasts and out of sheer desperation, it's imminent war with a superior military force by comparison. They literally have nothing to lose because if they don't fight and take Stellar Bay, they're all going to die. The PC failed to give any supporting hand to them, so they're not going to survive. Knowing how the peace talks go, it's not like the peace-treaty would have actually solved anything to be honest. You need Dialog checks simply to establish the meeting, then further dialog checks to force either side, or both, into a mutual co-operation to the point where neither of them are happy about the deal anyways. You even find out that Stellar Bay wouldn't be able to support a huge influx of Iconocasts joining the populace. It's a literal lose-lose situation. Imagine, even if this was an option, you should have opted to work with Iconocasts because that ending would only mean the Iconocasts are within the gates already and can easily over-power and take over Stellar Bay from the inside. This would mean a bloodbath, where the results would be heavily one-sided. You'd enact a Trojan Horse essentially. Heck, even with the hesitated negotiations I made, I still believe I enacted a Trojan Horse and I expect Stellar Bay to fall to be perfectly honest.
  14. Well, it's not a single quest that really does that to be fair. You'd have to constantly get your influence down with a group to get to the point of always being attacked. So it wasn't suffering the consequences for a questionable choice, it's suffering the consequences for repeatedly going against the faction's interest. If it's not the reputation that is causing it and just an accidental attack, I think sleeping for 3 days should fix it? If not, maybe 4? Else, you most likely just annoyed them way too much. Kill them all. No thing left alive. Execute order...
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