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  1. Part of me sort of enjoys it. I used intimidate to get her stuff and at one point she was like, "Oh captain, not this again." I loved giving her a shock of, "welcome to reality, it isn't pretty." Her reactions to it were funny. I enjoyed pre-quest Vicar the most. Nyoka's interactions were fun at certain times too. Don't know much about Felix or Ellie. SAM unit is best as his only life's goal is to make sure everything is sanitized!
  2. I'm going to take a guess and say that at some point, when loading Parvati in or something, it just did it wrong and killed her essentially. I had her phasing through the Unreliable at one point, half her body was inside the floor. She was alive, but couldn't move anywhere obviously. It's probably a bug encounter if anything, reloading may have just fixed it all up. May be hard to recreate but let everyone know!!
  3. Honestly, I thought there were more than enough evil options in the game - and I didn't even choose to be evil or cruel most of the time. Maybe a bit sassy and sarcastic, but not too much evil. Without going too much into detail, if you are looking to be evil just 'for evil sake' - meaning being evil for absolutely no reason - just kill everybody then. Nothing is stopping you really, just your ability to kill everyone.
  4. Load a save prior to the fight. You'll have to fight him again, but that should restart the segment for you. Only other thing to try, but could mess up where you are last saved, is to quicksave and quickload (or save and reload) and hope the body respawns. I would recommend making sure they are a new save so you still have a backup to fall on.
  5. Phineas gave you a hint by calling the Board SWINE. He even said it twice to emphasize how much of a SWINE they really were. Just as Andreas said, look around the lab, near the terminal. You'll find the swine he compares them to.
  6. The cow thing is most likely some sort of movie or show reference I bet. Lilya was nervous about intelligent alien life more than anything else and what it would mean for Halcyon. Not for the people, but about her business for the most part and how she conducts about the galaxy. After all, a lot of what she wanted was complete Sublight control over Halcyon and make the Board obsolete. If there was a third player - one working with the Board - from which she knew nothing about, it was too much for her to deal with. All in all, she was most likely afraid of how little control and understanding she had on the stuff she was stealing. She wasn't able to grasp a bigger picture of any sort and ran into a 'simpler' solution. Got an ending where she went 'silent' thank to this paranoia of hers. That Parvati ship encounter is only reinforcing her passive nature, the person who is innocent. That's why everyone adores her, because she is that sweet innocent girl who has yet to be corrupted by life. The encounter hardly makes sense all things considered. I also ran into a ship encounter with Nyoka, long before I ever set foot on the Grounbreaker if I recall. It was, interesting. Made no sense until I got to Monarch then recruited her. I didn't mind too much. Well those are my two cents.
  7. I believe it's just a movie reference. Maybe T.V. show reference. I wouldn't know, I only heard about it.
  8. No clue. I never touched Felix. I don't know at what point, but he randomly asked to talk while on the ship as I was progressing. I was finishing up Monarch at the time I believe? Not sure what the trigger is. If you haven't already, progress a little more forward to see if anything else bumps it. It may not trigger after a specific quest is finished. You said up to the Monarch quest, I'm not sure if that means "completed" it. If not, complete that quest and finish off Monarch completely, then continue traveling. Felix may trigger after that point.
  9. Tartarus would be the ending planet you go to. Unless there is a specific gameplay to which visiting that world is not required, then yeah you'd miss that one. The other 3, my guess is future content. If not that, then just filling the galaxy with lore of sorts.
  10. Honestly, the only thing I wish the devs did was add an autosave after the conversation you have with Rockwell (I killed Akanda due to not killing Edgewater) because I got more aggravated with doing the 3-lift run than anything, since the last autosave was the final new load-zone new-map door. I was on Supernova so I had to rely on that autosave every single time I died and tried. It took 5 RAM fights, then 2 deaths when running there since I hit Iconocasts on accident (rushing through, which I stopped doing) and my disguise failed when a guard didn't talk to me soon enough while I wasn't paying attention. I cheesed the RAM fight anyways, stayed inside the entry door. It worked best while doing a science build - no points in melee or guns whatsoever the entire run. I accidentally did a science run.
  11. Well, yeah. No RPG has a good economy in their games. It's basic barter system. Easiest way to get rich and manipulate. This isn't like Runescape where there is an economy within the game and pretty well-established over the years thanks to the millions of players. It's a matured economy. Still broken, but matured. Also depends which version you play, old school or new. I believe EVE online has some sort of economy as well, but again - that's a player-established thing more than anything else. We are in a single player game where you are literally the only trader. All of the money in the game's universe is yours - especially since the only limiting factor is the programming's data type before you accidentally crash the game.
  12. Hey, so you had every emoji reaction besides the cat. So I gave you a cat emoji reaction. Enjoy.
  13. Not bad, I'd like to think of it more along the lines of the fact the PC didn't give survivable supplies to the Iconocasts and out of sheer desperation, it's imminent war with a superior military force by comparison. They literally have nothing to lose because if they don't fight and take Stellar Bay, they're all going to die. The PC failed to give any supporting hand to them, so they're not going to survive. Knowing how the peace talks go, it's not like the peace-treaty would have actually solved anything to be honest. You need Dialog checks simply to establish the meeting, then further dialog checks to force either side, or both, into a mutual co-operation to the point where neither of them are happy about the deal anyways. You even find out that Stellar Bay wouldn't be able to support a huge influx of Iconocasts joining the populace. It's a literal lose-lose situation. Imagine, even if this was an option, you should have opted to work with Iconocasts because that ending would only mean the Iconocasts are within the gates already and can easily over-power and take over Stellar Bay from the inside. This would mean a bloodbath, where the results would be heavily one-sided. You'd enact a Trojan Horse essentially. Heck, even with the hesitated negotiations I made, I still believe I enacted a Trojan Horse and I expect Stellar Bay to fall to be perfectly honest.
  14. Well, it's not a single quest that really does that to be fair. You'd have to constantly get your influence down with a group to get to the point of always being attacked. So it wasn't suffering the consequences for a questionable choice, it's suffering the consequences for repeatedly going against the faction's interest. If it's not the reputation that is causing it and just an accidental attack, I think sleeping for 3 days should fix it? If not, maybe 4? Else, you most likely just annoyed them way too much. Kill them all. No thing left alive. Execute order...
  15. Specified Quote of the above. I believe it was FudgeMuppet on YouTube that made a video about science weapons. It isn't too long, but when you sit around with science weapons and play with them, they become the most ludicrous OP weapons in the game. I didn't know this at the time of writing my post, but I started to see this as I played, then saw his video. Prismatic Hammer power attack is quite possibly the strongest one-hit everything weapon in the game. I don't think anything can out-damage it. Considering how many times you can power attack, it may even have the highest DPS at that point too... Spec your character just right and I'm sure any science weapon is the strongest weapon in the game, it's crazy. Well, the shock stick weapon vs. prismatic hammer, the hammer is more powerful. The shock stick science weapon is fun to use and freeze your enemies!
  16. Little help: https://theouterworlds.wiki.fextralife.com/Items With the drug addiction perk, I got used to checking these out. xD Although, a curious thing is I don't think Nico-Pad (Nicotine High) is considered a drug by game mechanics. I took it once but my character still had drug withdrawel. So I had to take Pep Pills, Ambidextrine (pretty sure), Dervish Mist (Pretty sure), Lubrinesine Spray (Pretty sure), Aderno, Adrena-Time, or Immunosol. I think these would be considered, game mechanics-wise, drugs. Again, with the drug addiction perk, it's what I've noticed. But it's been a while and ever since I found out Aderno is a drug that feeds the habit, I stopped caring about literally any other possible drug.
  17. As many said, and as we learn more, gotta make a quick update: Since we are getting used to tinkering and science weapons, it turns out that the science hammer is ludicrously hilariously powerful. Just about any one of them are insanely powerful. I only learned about power attack with the hammer through the science weapons youtube video explaining how they work. So, they're really more useful than you'd initially give any thought to, it's when you sit down and play with them do you really start figuring it out.
  18. As some others said, science weapons are actually quite powerful. Ever since I got the shrink ray, I've been slowly having my character focus on science weapons. Much like how I used my Fallout 4 character to focus on radiation weapons. Except here, it's a deadlier build - ironically. Do your science build! You'll be surprised what comes from it.
  19. I believe I made a post about this on your thread actually. Short story: I found them quite fun and enjoyable. They aren't meant to deal tons of damage, but provide unique combat experience. Overall, I found using the shrink ray on 1 tough enemy lets it be shredded by companions in seconds, saving deaths and reloads on supernova. Hammer is just fun to use, I have that one over 100DPS, so I'm not sure what level you hammer is at, but sounds pretty weak at this point. It's fun to use and kills enemies using different damage types, I am not able to see by how much damage I do each struck - but in general TTD 2 Hammer (plus being knockdown) makes it a useful tool. Though, 2-handed is focused on high damage rather than DPS. Goop gun is only good indoors for crowd control, hitting multiple enemies. Rearranger had saved me from time to time, stunning certain enemies rendering them useless which allows my team to melt other enemies off while I wale on the frozen enemy. Or focus fire to kill it quicker. Mind control (Didn't use it yet) seems useful when you first strike a stronger enemy (ranged preferred) to allow it to damage its allies. Focus fire on him to kill him since he isn't fighting you, then target the next, and so on. You don't want them fighting for you, just not against you. If melee enemies are running at you, have companions make swift work of them and mind control ranged dangerous units (especially flamethrower enemies, too deadly up close). It's target prioritization. I have 4/5 science weapons, respec to 100 science just for tinkering. Didn't realize how much help I'd get for the science weapons though, oops. If you are solo, then the rearranger may be the best of the science weapons to use, again for the freeze. The Hammer if you want high damage plus TTD knockdown (with certain perks, this can outdo the rearranger easy). Do not bother with any of the others if solo. They will only hinder you. When with companions, just have fun with it. Upgrade companion weapons to be highest level as possible, strongest tier weapon as possible, and let loose.
  20. Are you doing it solo or with companions? Also, what is the weapon load-out? I could have had the same problem, but I improvised with my heavy weapons plasma cannon, blew a 1,000 DMG dead in the center of the family, killing off the kids one-hit, I also think the wife maybe(?), while the father was quickly weakened by that hit allowing my companions to finish him off in 1 second. I did this in TTD while backing up to avoid as much damage as possible, since they get the jump on you. That was my second try, luckily, on Supernova. They are crazy strong, specifically the father though.
  21. I'll go one at a time here, though I think I only have 4 of 5. Still gotta grab the 5th. Shrink Ray: Okay so, this game did come quite useful for me. Playing on Supernova and wanting my companions to deal more ludicrous damage, I can focus fire on a strong enemy and have them melted in seconds, to which all the weaker foes around are quickly disposed of. I find this gun quite fun and enjoyable, but only under certain circumstances, not a daily use weapon. Prismatic Hammer: I'm a bit mixed by this one because I can not fully see the effects when fighting. I do enjoy the varying damage types it produces, but how combat works in this game, to be honest that makes this hammer quite horrible. Up until science 100 where you can constantly upgrade this without doubling the cost to ludicrous levels of bits (unless you exploit for unlimited bits). Though bits are not too difficulty to come by. I haven't found any differences to any weapons whatsoever. The only thing that matters is how much damage it does outright or the DPS. Nothing else matters, literally. I am saying this by having less than 20 offense skill abilities. For instance, skill 8 in long guns yet I can snipe a lot of enemies easily and do ludicrous amounts of damage flat. This hammer at least adds variety and is fun to use for two-handed. I really like it, but combat is worthless in the game. Mandibular Rearranger: Okay, so this one did help out on certain occasions because it has the odd "freeze enemy" ability. This is valuable as this means you can focus fire and melt any enemy that is frozen, or use TTD to focus fire another enemy as you wale on the frozen enemy until death. Imagine fighting the last boss and this effect happens. You literally reduced the final boss to be utterly useless until you finish it off while your companions can cover you and melt all the useless enemies around. Gloop Gun: I just got this one, but had a little play with it. I say, best used indoors and crowded groups. This gun has a chance to render multiple enemies hit by it to float (it's AoE), rendering less enemies dealing damage to you and companions, increasing your survivability as well as your companions. When playing on Supernova, this is quite nice not needing to spam heal to keep alive. In open areas, however, this is not a weapon of choice. EDIT: Mind Control Ray: I just got this gun yesterday, been a while since I last started up the game. I B-lined for this after finishing up almost all of Monarch. I didn't have time to test in an actual fight, so I slaughtered Fallbrook with it. It was amazing to be able to get anyone dangerous to stop shooting at me and fight his own allies. Since the town was actually weak, relative to me, the mind control ray actually killed them quicker to be useful. I could imagine using this on tankier enemies would be better. Too bad I killed off possibly all the most deadly enemies on Monarch, on accident mind you. If you wanted 'OP', then take this gun and have fun. Note: I have 100 Science, and 1 (of two) perks giving me 50% increased Science weapon damage. Turned level 21 and have 2 flaws, so perks were easier to obtain. Now I am a drug addicted captain afraid of heights... Wait, this sounds bad. In general, anything that will cause enemies to not hurt you is good. The majority of the science weapons do just that. It's a good way to quickly pick off enemies as your companions do all the DPS for you. If you solo though, best to leave these weapons alone. They won't meet up to the standard of a solo-sniper who can kill anything in one hit no matter the difficulty. With maybe anything with 3k health or higher being the exception.
  22. I also believe this depends where you purchased the game. From what I have been readin, if you bought it on Epic you can do some adjusting. If you bought this through Microsoft you have no abilities to adjust any folders. I could be wrong but I think that's the consensus?
  23. As Stiven said for Tartarus (I had to look this one up): as for the others,taken from subreddit: If you read the description of Eridanos, there are "distillation plants" there similar to Cloud City in The Empire Strike's Back, so that location is a likely place for a DLC location. Olympus is just there for Monarch most likely, as Monarch seems to actually be a Moon of that planet. Haphaestus and Typhon are also likely there for potential DLC. Google Translate: Wenn Sie die Beschreibung von Eridanos lesen, gibt es dort "Destillationsanlagen", die Cloud City in The Empire Strike's Back ähneln, sodass dieser Ort wahrscheinlich ein Ort für einen DLC-Standort ist. Olympus ist höchstwahrscheinlich nur für Monarch da, da Monarch tatsächlich ein Mond dieses Planeten zu sein scheint. Haphaestus und Typhon sind wahrscheinlich auch dort für potenzielle DLC. Note: This is speculation, but in other words some places you just can't visit.
  24. You as well. Brilliant way to say how combat works here. I tried the melee approach and while I can do it, it takes a lot of finesse. Without a tactical approach, may as well just suicide run in all the time. It is easier to use a ranged sniper weapon and stay back. My long guns skill of 8 loves to show off with a scoped upgraded hunting rifle able to 1 shot the weaker types of enemies and do greats amount of damage to others while companions use their abilities/high DPS or high DMG guns. Though using companion abilities means to reset their position because they start walking forwards after. Unless it's a melee ability to which it's just a suicide in. I'll be honest I was too tired to read all the posts, so thanks for recapping there. I like those ideas to change how death of companions is handled since it does provide a harsh consequence if not managing carefully, yet you won't have a dead companion by your side through sheer stupid AI movement and lack of cover used. Another one I read was a death tally where dying too many times will cause a permadeath situation. Not sure if that one was you as well though. Even giving a couple seconds to heal them and if not they end up dead probably sounds better since that could mean running out to them and trying with a possible chance of dying doing this. 10 seconds or 15 seconds I think is reasonable enough. Though I did see a late game skill perk that looks to do something like this, but I think it's instant which would only mean a moments grace before they die again. I haven't tried it since it looks to be at max level, making it quite a useless perk. I'm taking this direct quote and it's pretty up to pair here. There is a literal story mode difficulty so if content is what you are looking for, that's the difficulty to go for. I guess I just enjoy trying the game's most challenging mode while trying to do as much as possible. Due note, that's as much as possible because I know I can't get everything done, even on the easiest difficulty. Something about going down the deep end straight away causing loads of frustration and countless retries to figure out how you can do something sounds better. I think I have the mindset of when you do something which provides the greatest challenge, anything less is easier to handle since you've already done more.
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