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  1. thearmourofGod is entitled to his opinion that opinions can be true or false and to think otherwise is to be illogical. Though stating "to think that ones opinions cant be incorrect is a basic lack of logic" leaves no room for debate and reflects badly on thearmourofGod's willingness to try and comprehend the reasoning behind opposing views even if he could be correct. I don't blame him since this never started out as a respectful debate but rather just trying to "1up" each other on who is "correct". Ommamar is entitled to his opinion that thearmourofGod is being egotistical through stating h
  2. It wasn't an opinion in the first place, it was O's interpretation of how T came across of which was to be condescending. Though I didn't feel the same way about T's post, I understand that it isn't that outrageous to assume that some hardcore gamer on a message board has a superiority complex but I would advise O that rushing to negative conclusions about peoples' "tone" just starts arguments over literally nothing as is happening currently. If O were to continue with assuming that his interpretation was correct then that would become an opinion. An opinion is based on beliefs and can't be p
  3. I ended up maxing out my science to get the best value out of tinkering but before that i only tinkered as long as the cost was below a thousand, it was more efficient to just wait until the next tier of gear to show up and it's not like i really needed the extra damage at that point due to the op perks and such. I didn't use any companions after the engineer companion died so i didn't spend any bits on companion gear. companions seemed way to fragile on supernova and I liked not micromanaging my companions' health pool to make sure they don't die rather than actually shooting the enemy. May
  4. I've accumulated 80,000+ bits throughout my playthrough and there's nothing to spend it on. No end game weapon of mass destruction, No golden hat of +10 to all personality attributes, No Purchasable Ship decor or Paint, No horse armor... needless to say, I'm a bit disappointed that I wasted all that time compulsively selling and scrapping everything I find just in case. I could've just ignored collecting a majority of the loot in this game and would have been just as well off. Maybe in the dlc there'll be something...
  5. In order from most to least severe: - Are the Factions that the player has assisted throughout the game supposed to infiltrate Tartarus on the final mission even while you are disguised? Unsure if this is intended or not but i found it strange that the triggers for the factions (Groundbreaker , MSI, and the Iconoclasts in my case) to come and shoot up the place activate even while I was disguised and hadn't started any combat. So there i was, walking around the resulting fight that was taking place. My immersion was somewhat broken at this event so I assume that this was an oversight o
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