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  1. I used to do that, but after my super-duper dependency to Skyrim SE modding, I stared modding all games from scratch. For example, I started to see the "Kingdom Come: Deviance" and when I started modding it... oh boy, it was EVEN MORE FANTASTIC as it was before! So, why not enjoy it EVEN more (with mods)?
  2. How you finished the game so soon? Even if its quite smaller than FO4, you need serious time to explore the places. Unless, if you see the green map-mark and you sprinting towards that and you super-fast running here and there to continue further the quest. Sorry, but this is not a "RPG-like" gaming style, this is a... Fortnite style, to run like hell and kill the objective target. Personally, I'm super slowly exploring the place, I love the alien-extra terrestrial places' look and I want to see more, to explore all the place, etc. That's why it takes me MUCH LONGER to finish a que
  3. It will be easily to create DLCs for OW. They should in KoToR too, because you simply adding more (similar) environment (planets) and you need to generic quests. I won't be surprised if I will see a couple DLCs around Eastern Holidays or summer.
  4. Yeap, its helpful your post. I'll try this evening or during weekend. If I'll manage to open the .pak files... well, I will have a new game to start modding!!!! Hehehe.
  5. With the previous Nexus mod, I can save wherever and as much as any time I can.
  6. Hi, there. I LOVE this game. It "feels" like Fallout 4, but is "years of light" FAR BETTER. In FO4, even if I super-modded it, I was so bored and uninstalled it in a couple weeks! This here, I love it a lot. As texture artist modder (I've done many graphics/textures for Skyrim SE, I have my own site for it: lhmods.com), I want to start "playing" with the game's graphics. Is it possible to somehow open the game's files (like the BSA extractor for FO4 & SSE) and edit the textures? Regards to all and good gaming in OW!
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