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  1. Are the debuffs permanent or just when you encounter a enemy/take downs/use scope/etc.
  2. Activating Sam will make your ship clean and orderly. No more puddles by the bathroom for example
  3. More customization for the ship or take over a abandoned space station and refurnish it More slider options for character creator
  4. I love to see more spaceship customization options and/or player base like abandoned mining station or help construct a town.
  5. Anyway to not have kill off either side or bring them together?
  6. Will the interior of the ship be customizable or display trophies?
  7. Last question: Do you know if there going be player housing, apartment? Nothing like disaster FO4.
  8. Thank you for the information Since there going be little to no mod support I am going to pick the PS4 version
  9. Will there be mods support? Any planned DLC? Season Pass? What endgame going be like? Multiple Endings? Character creator? Any pre order benefits? Anything else I should know?
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