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More spaceship customization options or player base

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I'm really not sure. Mass Effect didn't need this. And it's still one of the best ever Sci fi RPGs made. 

The problem with doing this is it takes alot of Dev time and kinda kills the role playing aspect. 


Look at Fallout. Fallout 4 has moved away from role playing and has become a sort of shooter/base builder. As a result it lacks so much from RPG mechanics, it's essentially a dumbed down RPG game. Or a level based shooter if you like. 


I feel base building or ship building is a different genre. It fits more the survival genre. 


No game with base building or ship building have I ever considered to be a great game. Maybe it's just me. But I'm a huge RPG fan and never really liked those elements in games. It always feels like a really limited Sims game. In an RPG. 


Not for me. 

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