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  1. as other gamers for years have proven, mass effect 2 takes the rpg mechanics of the first game and flushes them yes, exactly...a shooter with combat upgrades and dialogue choices that dont matter (boring companions and “romance” to boot)
  2. drinking doesnt change idiots who think lugi mansiin is ok in 2019 nor skyrim canilla: it tells me gamers r a bunch of **** fools
  3. good grief to compare disco to TOW is **** gay faggotry is sheele Regressive next its as ****,as cryung about third
  4. same idiot, lies over and over its why we have mass effect 2, oblivion, and ecery other piece of **** “rpg” mass effect and kotor arent rpgs dimwit its as ****,as saying dark souks is,a,rpg
  5. its as idiotic as negative Elex reviews: one of the great rpgs created (console): they foolishly downgrade what i consider a strength: typical modern gamer trash NO handholding NO dumbing down
  6. in-game mechanics, for me again. i LIKE disco but, i have to fib the lines to compare it to other rpg classics i d love to c the greatness of disco integrated into NV, for example but, i will not agree with disco needing vegas: two different genres
  7. again, i like disco but, it isn't even close to rpg or game of the year like ive said: like all the awards to tlou: one of the most mediocre games ive ever played this is simple politics *lol, lets c where the idiot “transgender” dontnod game goes, lol.....
  8. neatly fit? mass effect compared to any of,thise rpgs; fallout to fallout 3 lol my point is that disco is an offshoot. anybody who compares it to nv is a fool. disco is good; any rpg with rpg mechanics is best, for me disco is a writing slog fest: like being forced to read jrr tolkiens idiot “poetry”
  9. lol when i say, dont care about other **** im referring to: modern gaming: graphics, “accessibility” and the like. lol, not gameplay as ive made clear
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