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  1. This is a well discussed issue so no your not the only one. So far no really indication that it will be fixed any time soon or at all.
  2. Well it isn't like it is hard to get drops. You can also easily get around this by keeping one helm to put on a companion which will place the current helm in your inventory that will allow you to place it on the second companion. So not a "set" but just a meh helmet you aren't going to use for your build or any of your companions. I wouldn't of chosen to do the way it is designed but I also don't see it as an issue.
  3. Well if it is a visual issue as you yourself said there is an option to not see companions helmets but you still get the buffs the piece of equipment provides. If I had to guess on the why of the decision it would be a time crunch issue as it would be easier to remove the ability to see the graphic then to put in a method to adjust the stats back down to base. It would be interesting to have heard a developers thoughts at the time of the decision but I doubt anyone in the development could explain the reasoning after release. Really it is a none issue though as the benefit of not being able to remove the helmet just results in a companion with a stat boost it doesn't lessen the effectiveness of the companion in anyway.
  4. I am not understanding. So you can no put a helmet on a companion so this wouldn't become a problem. Same solution for choosing who has a helmet and who doesn't just put them on someone you want to have one then don't on someone who you don't want to have one.
  5. I think it is an interest thing which I thought might happen, there is also the fact that those who bought on Microsoft store can't access the executable as it seems to be more of a "rent" type situation where you have access to play the game but manipulation of files is more difficult. At least that is what I have been told I bought through Gamestop which is tied into the Epic store. As to the sale I expect the price has dropped (haven't really checked as I already have a copy) as it will traditionally do with games after release. I would say it would even be possible to search around to find it at $20-$25 as there always seems to be those who bought copies they didn't use that they will sell cheap after a game has been out awhile.
  6. I understand where you are coming from and this issue for consoles should of definitely been caught in Q&A or at least handled in the first patch. The interesting thing is this issue only really effect console players who view things on a display several feet away. On PC I never had an issue in fact I didn't even realize there was an issue until I saw the complaints on the forums. There have been so many games I have played on PC that where modified to fit a console crowd that are so restrictive for PC so it is interesting to see it reversed so people on console complain about design decisions that work better on the PC.
  7. I think there are things like companions controls and ethical decisions to take from Mass effect but I wouldn't want them to try and make it the next Mass Effect. That is always available to play if you want to so no reason to try and mirror that universe. I could see room for sentient alien life in the Outer World universe but humanity could also supply enough content to carry the story along. If they introduce alien life on a wider scale that made sense in the logic of this universe I wouldn't have a problem with it but if it is added just because the story would be happening in space on other planets I would be less pleased with that direction.
  8. Are you using the epic store? If so then the game is default set to automatic update so you would have the most up to date build. I do not believe there is a way to show multiple objectives I generally cycle through the quests then look at the map to see what is closest. It sounds like you can't select a quest which I have not heard as a complaint before. If that is the case it would be a bug and you need to post it on support forum then email private division with explanation and pertinent data. The UI takes a little bit but once I got use to it worked fine for me, of course more data to differentiate things is always a bonus.
  9. I am not sure but the feel I had was that Private Division had something to do with how the IP would be developed. I could see Microsoft paying PD if they felt there was enough interest in seeing the universe expanded. That is true about the design (or at least that is what I get from watching videos about game developments) but it seems what often happen is that what is developed first is often not polished as the content in later stages. This could explain why endings in a lot of games seem to be done poorly as they where initially developed but the designers ran out of time to make things equally polished. It could be false but it would also explain some of the poor endings I have seen while gaming.
  10. Your ship has a work bench they are also found scattered across the universe. Groundbreaker is a good place to shop.
  11. Well I have seen them run into my line of fire and on occasion they have decided they liked the cover I had found so they come and shove me out of it.
  12. You can get different epilogues based of what you had done in the game and who you had sided with. As to them running out of money I believe they did as well as ran out of time projected that wolud let them polish the ending as much as they had the rest of the game. It is also common for games in general to have a poor ending that is a let down.
  13. My credits had always been on Ellie! Maybe it will be revealed or expanded on in DLCs.
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