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  1. No reason to be sorry if the setting and game elements aren't working for you that is a matter of taste so move on to something you like better life is to short to force yourself to do something for entertainment you don't like. Maybe if you come back later at some point it will click for you. I don't rate TOW as a bad game but it is definitely not a game I will play every few years, I might start a new play though for a DLC but more likely I will use one that is already developed.
  2. I agree on the loading screen issue that Obsidian seems to be expanding on the use of instead of shrinking, for all it flaws one thing I thought Fallout 76 did do was make the world have less loading screens. There was still interiors of buildings to enter but you could run across the world from end to end without having a loading screen occur, just can't seem to do that with the newer Obsidian games. A way around having to enter your ship was already introduced on Monarch when you could move the ship through a terminal between ports, so it would make sense to have a wrist intercom that
  3. A sniper type build works well with a strong leadership build particularly if you use a kite mechanic , you won't be as good as a dedicated long gun build but can get some good first strikes with your buffed companions to fall back on. It does take a little micromanaging of your companions though as if you don't pay attention to them they will have a tendency to blow your ambush, you can also wait until they have engaged a group to get a good first strike on the biggest mob in the group. Really all about the range as the further out you can fight from the easier it will be to maintain steal
  4. Well said and I guess maybe why I always felt this game was made on the cheap. I am not saying that individually the developers didn't do a ton of work but I have always gotten the feeling that they where given parameters of what could be developed without any chance for a hey this would be cool idea development. Basically it seems they where given a time frame which was then used to decide what could be developed and the lengths that it could be developed then it was decide that it was good enough so they where told move on. Maybe we all have just been spoiled in the past ten to fiftee
  5. I think the foundation for that is already in the game but not sure they will develop it for a DLC. That has been a common comment though so maybe if they keep the series alive we will have that option in the next full iteration of the game world.
  6. This has been asked for a lot since the game released unfortunately I haven't seen any positive feedback from Obsidian about doing this so it probably isn't going to happen. The only hope is they include it with the DLC or the second game in the series, if we get one, will have a buffet style of game play where you can tailor it to preference.
  7. I always did like New Reno from Fallout 2 that was a pretty large zone to work through. In the contexts of TOW it fits because one of the ways to control people is to distract them from their misery so a corporation that had a ship or a planet dedicated to gambling and debauchery would fit in to the scheme. There is the one town that is suppose to be the guilty getaway place for people but it would be great to see it expanded on.
  8. I am hoping that the content the one developer said he worked on for 6 moths could be included in the DLC. I agree they don't really need to add any new areas just flesh out the one they have that where really not developed. Some of the story I would like moved forward is more about the potential intelligent aliens hinted at, maybe have events in the first year of the hope colonists reintegrating back into the world, expansion of skills or new ones such as hand to hand abilities which is hinted at in some of the dialogue, and an expansion on what had happened on earth to make them cut of
  9. A simple question for those who have finished the game, I am going to wait to see the responses before I give my opinions.
  10. It is not insulting because it is true on this very forum there is an interesting video with the two people most responsible for TOW's development. They talk quite a bit about the cutbacks in both scope and content they had to make. This was due a lot to team size which ties into the minimal amount of effort, it is obvious that they spent a good amount of time deciding how to do that. Since they only had 75 people throughout the development (it sounds like a lot but that is probably a third of the size of the usual current development team) that points to the least amount of effort. This o
  11. Using these facts what I deduced is that Obsidian could of built and released a editor in some form with the game. The fact that they didn't tells me they have no interest in going down that path. While there is likely to be renewed interest when they release the DLC I am not sure if there will be enough interest in TOW after the majority have completed the content to support a modding community. Maybe if they make a TOW 2 it will have some modding tools but I think unfortunately the time for a modding tool to be released for TOW has passed.
  12. "I have heards Ancestors, wasn't good."-Wormerine The problem with that game is it takes a ton of time to see it develop, in a way it is similar to an RTS as you need to develop all assets of your tribe. What this means is you have to develop each individual through play so they pass their abilities on generationally, it takes some time to figure that out so it kills a lot of people motivation when they have a really strong individual but it doesn't do them any good later on in the game. Or they realize it then switch to build up another individual of the opposite sex is best and find the n
  13. One other factor was Fallout 1 was developed in peoples off time and wasn't authorized as a developing project until it was in basically a releasable state. Even then Obsidian management didn't think it had much potential so wasn't given the time it needed to develop fully. It was still a ground breaking game that did well enough to make a well developed sequel possible.
  14. I actually think the comparison to the first two fallout games gave people an unrealistic expectation. TOW is a good game but it is obvious that it was made with the minimal amount of effort in the shortest time possible. To me it definitely has a point where you can see development shifted to an we have to get this finished and shipped before this merger occurs mentality as there is one zone that was hugely developed while the rest where more of a satellite zone to add a little bit of flavor. How the last zones and battle where designed left me feeling let down the first time I played thro
  15. This is a well discussed issue so no your not the only one. So far no really indication that it will be fixed any time soon or at all.
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