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  1. Having played through to one ending it doesn't' seem designed to support a DLC. If they do make one the only option I could see would be to expand the current universe by adding more content to existing zones and opening access to the displayed planets no utilized on the map. Of course they could use the old Saturday morning cartoon trick where what you are shown as the ending is backed up and expanded on. To me a sequel set in the future with different characters exploring a few open ended questions would fit better then a DLC.
  2. My game is updating in Epic store so I am figuring that is the patch!
  3. I did a search but couldn't find anything about it so might be known or might not. If you pickpocket Captain Irion on Sylla then talk to him after dealing with the marauders you end up with two flintlock pistols. Not to big of a deal but I am pretty sure it is not the intent for it to happen that way.
  4. Yes that is the case. Patch reportedly coming on Monday the 18th of November.
  5. Bummer, maybe try after the patch on Monday. I haven't' heard of an issue with Felix until now but maybe the fixes will reset things and it will work for you.
  6. I know it is finicky on PC sometimes I have to hit E quite a few times to get the accept window to come up.
  7. But every thing we experience is alien so why would it be a reach if there was some other intelligent life that would or surpass the technology that humans had achieved? It just struck me as odd how it was presented. I spared the scientist trying to make hybrids so I don't know what the other threads led to as Lylia got upset and wouldn't talk to me anymore. It is one of the things I will explore in another play through, I know this is a spoiler free sub forum but would be cool if I was allowed to find out the alternative path on my own. The other odd thing was the whole we have to clear a Mantiqueen out of Nyoka's secret headquarters, it was presented like some big thing but I had already fought at least ten as maybe as many as a dozen. The one in that cave wasn't any harder then any of the others which was disappointing as there was a decent amount of build up to that fight.
  8. I am sure there are tons but here are some things that stuck me as odd. Nyoka giving Parvati pointers on how to use a weapon with Parvati acting as if she was afraid to shoot a gun, this was after I don't know how many combat engagements with Parvarti. The Sublight boss lady wanting us to hunt down aliens presenting it like we would find the concept to be some unbelievable thing that might occur even though we are light years away from Earth and have been experiencing strange carnivorous beasts and fauna. Receiving a small herd of woolly cows that we see no where else in the game , where the hell did they come from and why if they can obviously travel through space aren't they bred then harvested on Terra 2.
  9. I didn't use Felix much but he did approach me after I had advanced the Vicars quest on Monarch, I have no idea if that is the trigger but that is how it occurred for me.
  10. All fair statements. I also rate it as decent and for the moment filling my time but unless it is heavily modded I doubt I will return to play it again in if I run into a lull in games to play. This is how I really rate cRPG if in a few years after I initially played them I have a desire to boot them up and play through them again I will rate them high. I get the feeling from TOW that Obsidian made it to fulfill some contractual obligation. Which they did using as little time and assets as they could get away with, I am hoping there is a TOW 2 made by someone who really has a passion for the potential universe already began in TOW.
  11. The tethered enemies is kind of an odd touch and it does limit your tactics to sneak by (that gets you no experience) or just attack them where ever they are, you can implement a modified kite tactic where you draw them out then wait for them to start back to spawn point. I do recall seeing this in FO4 although I think the range they would chase you was longer.
  12. What they did with low intelligent builds in FO 1&2 is awesome and added to the re-playability of those games.
  13. Uhh ok how nice of you to let us no you decided not to play a game most here enjoy but will "bless" us with your presence on forums dedicated to it...
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