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  1. Nothing bad with spreading a positive message of equality and unity, but i feel like people are giving too much importance to gender and sexuality these days. It's something so private and personal and it shouldn't be questioned by anyone. We share the same dignity as human beings no matter what. We did a lot but the process of self consciousness will never stop. Never. And it's clear that on 7.594 billion people on earth there will always be some ignorant ****. In my opinion there isn't really a big problem, especially in fictional media. There's no safe space to preserve. What have always mattered is how coherent and compelling the characters, the gameplay and eventually the story is.
  2. I agree, it's so odd that you can do that for your character and not for the rest of your companions. It's clearly an oversight
  3. More than cats, i want a miniature giant space hamster to follow me around like a mascot or at least on my ship! Seriously though i hope MS will give them full support, Obsidian deserves it. Every new piece content will be highly appreciated. Such universe offers almost limitless opportunities in terms of stories to tell, worlds to explore and characters to meet.
  4. Hi everyone, i hope you're doing ok during this difficult time, please stay safe and follow the WHO instructions. With that said i wanna talk about something that will really improve the game imo and i hope it'll be addressed in the near future. I think the features of the supernova difficulty should be free to choose. Hunger, thirst and sleep should be available no matter the difficulty you chose to play. Supernova combat is more difficult only because it makes enemies more bullet sponge and i really dislike that, not just in this game but in any t/fps really. For me Supernova should be different, it should be a more "realistic" mode where the player and the ai both deal way more damage. This is just an idea, i'm fully aware that could cause problems with companions dying too easily. Still I think and hope that this will be changed in the future, i was looking forward to play on supernova after my first playthrough but i ended up reverting to normal mode wishing to have those features available.
  5. Most of all, I don't know if Microsoft will be interested in producing such a niche type of game. Isometric crpgs are not very popular and don't fit the console market. I didn't like Deadfire that much (as it gave me "Skyrim feelings" in the sense that the side/faction quest are completely detach from the main quest and the Watcher has no reason for doing them) but i'm invested in this series. I love the gameplay, the setting, the characters from the first game and i want to know how it ends the Watcher story.
  6. Of course i wanted to save Imoen and face Irenicus. She's been with me from the beginning of the first game and Irenicus also killed Khalid.
  7. I'm very peculiar i think, growing up i became way more interested in what videogames can do in terms of storytelling and writing in general. In the last decade one of my best experience was with the Telltale game The Walking Dead, even though the gameplay was very simple i really enjoyed it. I like to play other games like the occasional racing game, F1 in particular or strategy games like xCOM, but clearly my favourite games are rpgs. So i liked PoE 1 a lot more, in fact i consider that game to be one of the best i've played in my life. I think the companions, the dialogue, the lore, the scenario and the themes of the game are a lot better than Deadfire. I feel like PoE 1 it's truly a spiritual successor of games like Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale and Planescape: Torment while Deadfire winks more at modern rpgs. I didn't expect a swashbuckling adventure (for the most past) after themes like religion and faith, science and atheism, bitter truth or sweet lies featured in the first game. The reason why i didn't like Deadfire as much it's the same as a lot of other open world rpgs, there is a sense of false urgency given by the complete disconnection between the main and the side quests. After so many years probably Baldur's Gate 2 is the game that did the best job in making the player experience the side content in a mostly coherent way. Long story short, your character have very few good reasons to do the (really good btw) side content, exploring Deadfire while Eothas is on the run and his soul is on the line. That was a huge disappointment for me. Especially coming from Obsidian. PoE 1 for sure could be less polished in some aspects but overall it featured a more cohesive and coherent narrative, that's why i enjoyed it more.
  8. Well, i didn't expect all this replies. Thank you everyone! I read all your posts and i'm happy to see that other people feel the same way as me and i also understood other points of view. After 20 hours i tought i had an idea of how the game was but now i have to correct myself. This post is like an update after i kept playing. Before i said the graphics overhaul and the design of some locations (compared with PoE1) didn't impressed me, maybe i was a bit harsh on the design part, however my other problem persists and is probably due to the bad textures resolution. I wonder if i am the only one who found himself constantly trying to zoom out further and further, i really wish i could also to be able to see more of the map. Done with the graphics, in the last few days i've found out there are some bugged relationships and this for sure is one the reasons why i had so many odd conversations so far in the game. But what really is breaking my immersion it's the random dialogue between the characters that seems to trigger without a logic or specific event (see the Eder/Xoti example) and the npcs greetings. How do everyone know who i am? And everywhere i go? It seems like i have a sign on my forehead or something. Of course the dreadful italian translation doesn't help and i'm probably going to switch to full english. The thing is i can forgive some typos, but here most often than not they've done a literal translation which means that some way of saying, as well as the meaning and emphasis of what the characters is trying to say are completely ruined. When i compared this game to Pirates i made a hyperbole, still i don't like the ship management part of the game. In PoE1 i didn't care too much about Caed Nua but i was able to improve it to the maximum easily, here i feel that improving the ship costs too much and i rather spend my money on something else. I really hope it isn't too pivotal to progress in the game as i feel there is already enough micromanagement to do in this game. Combat and class system. Honestly, thus far I think the combat is worse than PoE1. First of all I choose to play on hard difficulty but the game is too easy, i've yet to experience a really high stakes, difficult fight. I don't think level scaling will work since i'm destroyng high level enemies quite easily, maybe i'm going to switch to PoTD but in any case, i think there are some balance issues. I felt op right from the start. Let me say that I like the power sources for each class, as well as the noise and sneak system. The party ai is better and the multiclass option, even though i don't reccomend it, it's another potentially nice addition. On the other hand i didn't understand some changes, like the party limit of 5 characters instead of 6 and the changes made to the abilities, now you can spam the same ability a lot more. This two things plus the power level mechanic made the combat so easy for me. It was so cool when, for example in a dungeon like the Old Paths, you had to manage your abilities, stamina, injuries, ecc...to keep and don't waste your camp supplies. I know a lot of people don't but i miss that stuff. Oh and i almost forgot, I think the weapon proficiency changes and bonuses are redundant and could make characters op. My fighter Eder is nearly invulnerable with the shield proficiency and skills like rapid recovery, vigorous defense, defender, ecc... It's also way too easy to make money, just go to a dungeon, kill everything, take all the items, armor, weapons you can find and sell them to the first merchant you encounter. To end, i'm enjoying the history and lore of Deadfire, as well as all the factions in the game. But sadly while i'm enjoying it i have the same feeling i had at the beginning. It feels rushed, less polished and it didn't need to be open world in my opinion, i miss the aesthetically beautiful and detailed regions of the first one. Tell me what you think.
  9. Hi all i just subscribed, first of all i wanna say sorry if my english is not always 100% correct, i'm italian. I'm in my 20s, i grew up loving rpgs and until The Witcher 3 came out Baldur's Gate 2 used to be my favourite game of all time. Pillars of Eternity 1 is not far from this two, i loved it, it was one hell of an experience and i was so hyped and really looking forward for the sequel. So as you may have understood my expectations for Pillars of Eternity 2 were very high aand...unfortunately the beginning of the game (i'm 20 hours in and i've just reached the first major city, hey don't judge me i take my time playing this kind of games ...it took me 241 hours to finish PoE1) left me a bit worried. Let me say that i'm not here to criticize the hard work of other people, this is just my impression after some hours of gameplay. Compared to the first one, PoE2 feels more rushed. From the presentation, to the graphics, the performance, the loading times, the italian traslation and also some design choices/unrefined dialogue/character interactions, it feels not of the same (amazing) quality as the prequel. I'm worried there is a problem of quantity vs quality in this game. Talking about the graphics. My character and the companions looks very good and i was impressed at first, but on the other hand i found some of the locations to be, i don't wanna say bad but...in PoE1 every location looked good and some of them were just epic, it was a pleasure to watch while in this game i was surprised of how uninspired the locations looked. I've yet to find a really stunning well design location. Talking of performance my pc is way over the recommended requirements, i'm playing with max settings at 1920x1080 res and i had a huge fps drop when i reached the first big city, not to mention some absurdly long loading times. I'm not playing on a SSD but i have the game on the same HD where i have installed PoE1 and a lot of other less demanding/old games. Never had a problem. Another thing that i didn't like are the locations where you collect items as the time passes. I was like "yeah i can explore the map and go to this optional location/dungeon and uncover it's secrets, obtain some cool loot, ecc..." But then i only had to keep pressing the "1" key to collect some junk items. I also witnessed some questionable character interactions/dialogue that triggers at the wrong moment and breaks the immersion. Right after i met and recruit Xoti for example, i could ask if she had again those dreams...wait what? What dreams i just met her, at least wait till i got to a inn, or sleep somewhere. Then after a while Eder starts talking to me about her while she is right next to him...? This is just 2 examples but there are way more case like this. The italian traslation i have to say is not that good as it was in the prequel, there are quite some words and typo that needs to be fixed. To end i wanna say that up until this point the plot didn't hooked me like it did in PoE1. I wasn't expecting a game inspired by Sid Meier's Pirates in the first place. Don't get me wrong, a pirate rgp it's always been a dream game to me but maybe not in this universe. Even in Deadfire i was expecting something more in line with the first game, something less open world and more polished for sure. It comes down to the fact that in PoE i don't wanna be a pirate, i wanna know more about the lore, the gods, discover secrets, exploring dungeons, i could not care less about looting ships, collect bounties and keep my crew happy. I'm not sure if this 2 genres fit together very well, sometimes it really feels like i'm playing 2 different games at once. Probably if i keep playing i will forget about those things, there are also some good things that i noticed and didn't talk about here. So please don't think this is me saying the game is bad because it isn't and i'm only at the beginning. If you agree or disagree feel free to express yourselves, i really wanna know what you think. I assure you i'm not trolling or anything, if i didn't care so much about this franchise i wouldn't have posted this. Have fun in Deadfire!
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