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  1. English isn't my native language so this might be a bit difficult for me to explain properly but i'll try. A market is defined by it's customer base, even if it is a niche genre it could be saturated. Before Pillars 1 it wasn't obviously but after that quite a few games have been released in a relatively short time. Wasteland 2 (and 3 comes out in 2 weeks), Tyranny, Tides Of Numemera, D:OS 1 and 2, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Disco Elysium, there was also a D&D game i can't remember the name right now and of course Baldur's Gate 3 that is also coming out this year. The same thing happ
  2. I was highly critical of the game and after watching the post-portem talk Josh Sawyer did last year i get why it felt so rough and not as polished around the edges especially when it first came out. But even though i was disappointed in some respects it's not a bad game, the reviews are positive so it's clear that the quality of it has nothing to do with the lack in sales. When PoE was announced people, especially fans of the infinity engine games, were eager for something like it. The market wasn't saturated and i believe it was also one of the first successful kickstarter projec
  3. I don't remember the movie but i've seen a lot of people saying it's similar to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids...but with death... The potential is huge and people are already asking for more.
  4. What? I'm already terrified, don't do this to me.
  5. I don't think manual saves should be removed, you can just avoid saving, this way the game is more accessible for everyone. Regarding the threats in the game i think you had a rather peculiar experience, i'm also playing on Woah difficulty and more often than not the only chance you have is to run. Thank god we can do that. It's also a matter of "realism", since we are self-conscious and more self-aware than animals it makes sense for us to be able to outsmart them. It's in early access so is still a work in progress.
  6. After 10 hours my opinion hasn't changed, i'm having a lot of fun with it. It's so difficult to speak about the game without spoilers thought, i wanna share my experience but i don't want to ruin it for everyone. The best way to play is to go in blind.
  7. Even if you can tell it's a bit rough around the edges it looks great, the experience i had was pretty solid. I didn't have many issues really, the systems that are available are working, i love the art style and how immersive the game is. It's such a unique setting you know and i must admit i was on board from the beginning. I can't wait to see what's coming and how much the game will improve over time. I also want to report that i crashed 3 times while navigating the map using the arrows on the left. (The one you use to switch between the points of interest) In terms of things to add, t
  8. I have gamepass for PC and i'm playing the game right now. You don't need Ultimate, you just need to download the Xbox app and all the games are there for you. The Microsoft store has nothing to do with Gamepass, there you can buy the game and that's it.
  9. The Outer Worlds expansion is coming out September 9th so most of the work it's already done. But don't believe that Avowed will be finished and released soon. My bet is for 2022
  10. It's not easy to make a good combat system that works with both.
  11. The "Skyrim clone" in the title is stupid. With that said since here we're allowed to dream ecc... there's a few...things i'd like to see in the game. Umh did someone say Eder or Aloth? Regarding the point of view i'm perfectly fine with it being in first person, in my opinion it's the best way to immerse yourself and experience the world. It's the same reason why Cyberpunk is in first person too. Elder Scrolls games also have a third person view but the combat and the animations were always...not great to say the least. It's very hard to make a good combat system that works with both, i
  12. Some years(?) ago when Josh Sawyer was talking about PoE 2 sales and the future of the series i almost wanted to ask him if in his opinion there was a chance for a "modern" (i mean non isometric) Pillars game. The lore and the setting are so interesting and like Achilles wrote i'm
  13. I'm so excited for this! I didn't know it was set in the PoE world and that's also a great news!
  14. Nothing bad with spreading a positive message of equality and unity, but i feel like people are giving too much importance to gender and sexuality these days. It's something so private and personal and it shouldn't be questioned by anyone. We share the same dignity as human beings no matter what. We did a lot but the process of self consciousness will never stop. Never. And it's clear that on 7.594 billion people on earth there will always be some ignorant ****. In my opinion there isn't really a big problem, especially in fictional media. There's no safe space to preserve. What
  15. I agree, it's so odd that you can do that for your character and not for the rest of your companions. It's clearly an oversight
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