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Found 5 results

  1. Me and my friend Broke were just finishing up our base when this story takes place. It happened on 11/9/2020, at around 3pm. I had just bought Grounded, and my friend was teaching me about the mechanics of the game and how everything works. He talked about the entities, and mobs that are bad. He started talking about spiders, and went on about Wolf Spiders, probably the most talked about mob of the game.. For terrible experiences, that is. He talked about what they look like, and said I would just have to wait to see for myself. Our base was on a hill near the mysterious object, so we can see spiders from far away. (He did this on purpose, big IQ). After the base was done, he told me to go find some clay and quartzite for a better base foundation and for repairing tools. Right when I was about to leave, I saw a giant spider and I asked my AFK friend on discord if this was it. I screen shared, and he said these exact words which still make me laugh.. "Bruh, run.. Your screweddd lmao". I looked and there were about 6-7 more Wolf Spiders behind him. The scariest part? "Alert: Threat Engaged". Then the music, and the giant spiders came towards me I thought I was gonna die so I hid in our tiny base. The Wolf Spiders broke the base wall and hit me once and I was at about 1 hp when I heard the rest of them walk up the hill. At this point there were about 8 wolf spiders next to our base and my friend was confused because this was sort of a bug, and I don't think this naturally happens? We got so lucky.. They all were climbing on each other and lagged and they got stuck so we were able to kill them all.. Haha, I love this game honestly! Its cartoony, but actually gives the user an immersive experience and actual emotion that lines up with the occurances of the game. Awesome game, 10/10!
  2. When you compare your self to the size of a can hole your pretty small right, and the spiders are bigger then you but not that much bigger so the spiders actually tiny. So my idea of nightmare fuel is much bigger spiders
  3. Greetings, everyone. I hope you're having a nice day. As the title says, what are some survival horror games that require a considerable time investment to beat? I've recently stumbled upon "Lost in Vivo" which seems to be right up my alley save for its disappointingly short campaign. I don't hold it against the developer because they're indie and all but it has me thinking whether there are any other games in the same vein that take more than just a few sittings to complete. Does anything come to mind? Cheers to anyone who helps me fill my upcoming Christmas break with neat games.
  4. Like above i want Eternity to be scary game, i also whoud like to se some survival horror elements, horible secrets, unsolved riddles and become Eternity more mature (not neseserly in drug,sex,rape motives). I also think that quests and unwinible fight are good idea but i want to now you opinion
  5. WITH THE ACKNOWLEDGEMENT THAT WE KNOW NEXT TO NOTHING ABOUT THE GAME AS OF THE TIME OF THIS POSTING, it appears that our gameworld is a serious, dare I say dramatic one. The snippets of dialogue we have read so far have been suitably portentous. Some might say the game seems "dark" at this point. What I propose to you is this: Horror elements. I have been starved (starved!) for a good horror RPG for some time. Our Top Dog Programmer Tim Cain made a little game called Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines back in Troika day, as you'll recall now that I've mentioned it. That was the last RPG that I remember to feature serious horror elements (for the purposes of this post, I am not counting any of FONV's vault stuff, or Brayko's jacket). I miss it! I was so pumped for Aliens, you guys, it was gonna be 100% straight-up grade A horror, plus it's my favorite movie! But then they sent it upstate to live with a nice family. SO, horror. Not all the time, you know, but I gotta have it. What sorts of horror, you ask? How about THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD THINK about: - Lovecraft, always. Mad, unknowable things. Small towns with terrible secrets. Hybrid monsters, terrible pacts. Barely keeping away the incomprehensible and unspeakable. - Cool vampires. Still good, even today. Consider putting a different spin on them, something possibly more brvtal. Seen Near Dark? Curses, gushing blood, impossibly good looking dudes. - Cults. Normal-seeming people. What do they do behind closed doors? Blood rituals, probably. More hybrid monsters, sticks that are actually snakes, crazy-looking daggers, creepy children. - Impostors. Body snatchers, changelings. The thing from The Thing. Crazy magic robot people. "That is not my husband". Severed heads with spider legs. - Hauntings / haintings. Very quiet people staring blankly at you from down long corridors. Stories about the attic. Portraits that move when you're not looking. Creaks and groans. THINGS YOU PROBABLY SHOULDN'T THINK about: - Normal vampires. Who needs em? Difficult to pull off as short-term antagonists. All about predatory sexuality but really just come off as generic monsters. - Cannibals. There are no twists left. We see them coming. - Serial Killers. Mark this as "maybe". The tanner from BG2 didn't work very well, neither did whatever the hell Dragon Age 2 was. But they still retain that compulsive creepy vibe. You just gotta build the mystique right. - Werewolves. Make them unstoppable like in Bloodlines, we'll talk. - Zombies. Rename "cannon fodder". CONSIDER IT.
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