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  1. I bet the developers never saw the game coming this far! Grounded is amazing. Just like any game, it has its errors and weaknesses, but way more strengths! I hope to see it at the top of the steam leaderboard one day. Until then, I'll be playing Grounded and grinding all the new awesome and creative updates the developers decide to do!
  2. Ideas This post is split into three sections, color coded as seen below: Section I - Coi Fish Section II - Gamemode Section III - Dog Boss The Coi Fish is honestly a great mob for the game. It has biome superiority, which makes it the leader of its underwater biome, and overall just is good. This post isn't to complain about it itself, but use it as a foundation to build on certain aspects. I think the Coi Fish should have special attacks it does besides the specific ones it uses. This can go for all mobs, but this one in particular. It is a g
  3. What do you all think of the Crow? Its not really hostile, doesn't attack, is by far the largest living thing in the map for now.. I believe it should have a purpose besides its feathers. We should be able to fight it and make like black shadow armor, that would look sick. It has no reason to even be in the game atm, so they should add something for it. Also add a nest where you can raid for eggs which give food, and if you take care of the egg and hatch it, you can tame and ride the crow. That would be epic.
  4. Me and my friend Broke were just finishing up our base when this story takes place. It happened on 11/9/2020, at around 3pm. I had just bought Grounded, and my friend was teaching me about the mechanics of the game and how everything works. He talked about the entities, and mobs that are bad. He started talking about spiders, and went on about Wolf Spiders, probably the most talked about mob of the game.. For terrible experiences, that is. He talked about what they look like, and said I would just have to wait to see for myself. Our base was on a hill near the mysterious object, so we can see
  5. The snapping is fairly broken, I agree. The developers are probably patching it as there have been a lot of messages on both the discord server and the forums here about how broken it is. It depends, though. In some areas the snapping is easier than others, but holy crap the roof placement is terrible.. It's always misaligned, and if you can get lucky 1 of them gets aligned correctly. At the moment, roofs aren't really needed as there aren't any enemies that use aerial attacks besides the occasional gnat but.. Sheesh. When crows start attacking if the devs choose to make crows hostile..
  6. A good way to find them is going to the berry bush on the southeastern bottom of the map. It is near the water place on the bottom right, so its fairly easy to find. Under it are a lot of lady bugs, but that could just be my world.
  7. Recently, I have been experimenting with Grounded. I've figured out that the overall drop rates of things, and spawn rates are increasingly hard depending on your world. I think that finding them is a big issue, and every time I want to I feel the need to search their spawn locations. There should be designated locations where I am able to set checkpoints, which should also be added, and then I can name those checkpoints and go to them. I wish the game had a checkpoint system that popped up icons on the screen with different colored arrows or something of the sort. This would overall bene
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