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  1. this seems to be part of the clean up patch. Bodies don't just sit there, then 'explode into parts' making more mess on the game to handle (each object has physics, which means more CPU used to render/control it, and causes performance problems when there are too many in the world) I just watched an ant body vanish, no parts left behind, as I wander back and forth to get eggs. I'd say this is working as intended, and for 'rare loot' in the future, drop and/or trash items you can geat easily back. (sap, fiber, dry grass, peblet tools/weapons, torches, even basic arrows)
  2. in multiplayer it can be especially confusing, as we see our icon with it's "facing this way " cone - as well as other players. So while 'we" are default selected to have a circle around us, that is not the first thing I notice, as I am used to 'finding my cone" to direct myself. I agree we need a compass/watch for easy glancing at. Maybe something we can toggle (both, compass, watch, off) and just shows a little indicator in the corner or top of screen.
  3. depends on difficulty. I distinctly remember playing on mild, and things breaking (stems, grass) much easier, as orb weavers and such dying quicker, and then medium taking more, and the 'hard' setting taking something like double. There is an obvious scale in 'target HP' due to difficulty. Now, maybe this isn't intended, but it probably is. On Medium I think I remember firing 28 arrows into an orb weaver to kill it, and that was a stuck one that didn't "back pedal' and lose aggro to gain HP.
  4. So ever since the update my game has had strange results when trying to 'snap placement' things to floors/foundations. This usually results in the object being 'placed' in the air - a little ways away from intended, and completely ruins building in most cases. Those floating objects can be built as well - which kind of breaks the game in my opinion, as I could literally just build things floating all over with no supports for them. I am not sure if these are 'real' changes yet - I have yet to build something floating, save and reload. It might be the 'multiplayer host desync" effecting
  5. So just thought I'd put it here as I noticed I am not the only one. Using "Ctrl" to 'snap to foundation' (PC controls, sorry Xbox) has odd results now. My objects seem to travel 1-2 foundation distance away, and about 3 wall heights up, floating in mid air attached to nothing at all, what is more problematic is.... they are actually able to be constructed, and they remain there, floating in the air. (breaking game play completely in the form of building) Now I decided to go do some testing, started a new game and - doesn't seem to have this issue at all. Snapping a workbench to a scaffol
  6. supposedly they fly farther before falling, requiring less of a 'arc' to aim with.. but.. yeah honestly waste of resource. Mite fuzz is super easy to get, thistle thorn even easier. (heck, get them at the same time if you go to the weed killer area) the bed is also nice but glitched where I ended up under it/in my floor and had to destroy it to play again after respawn, so not fun there. maybe they aren't 'done' yet and will do more damage, or maybe basic arrows will do less damage and these will do normal damage in comparison, but right now they just don't seem worth it at 1 feather pe
  7. it's not really an evolving world, the game was maybe 20% done when "released". They updated the map for new features to be put into place, this means map changes like this and the footprints can destroy your builds. If you get up high enough, you see a ton of "just grass" area about the size of the "not just grass" backyard - about 1/2 the map is 'not just grass'. This tells me, combined with the 'under construction tape' that there is another 'map' yet to be added. This game, is not "early access" like others, it is more "Polished Late Alpha Early Access" - so the alpha stage is reall
  8. I know this feels like an issue right now, but this is an "alpha expectation' to me. - alpha game play changes core mechanics, and if the mutations were in game (a feature added in early game play, being alpha game play) then you would have never had the problem of it not unlocking because you already discovered them. I fully expect the need to start a new game, completely over, when the game goes live-live. I am used to being an Alpha/Beta tester though, so I can understand the reason your might be upset at this situation. In the meantime, I would suggest trying to trigger it - try dif
  9. also seems a very niche setting though, I mean... right now the 'ctrl' placement is broken for my game (won't snap to foundations, etc, but into the air, and odd places) - but honestly just not trying to 'force' place things (with the buggy glitch that exists to place things the game normally says cannot be placed with it jittering back and forth) seems to stop all these things. I get your frustration at this though, but yea sometimes you just gotta deal with glitches until early access polished late alpha games are finished.
  10. I am hoping the unused 'rock' will be 'charcoal' from the grill area - allowing us to get charcoal and use it with other parts, to make a water filter system to filter pond/puddle water to use. I want more of a 'automated' system for this, so something you'd build near the water, and could go collect clean water from periodically, over another item in our inventory that gets used/stored.
  11. before the patch I killed every soldier in the ant hill, and used gas arrows to kill every worker top side stuck in rocks, and manually murdered every ant I saw around the pond and on the way back to the ant hill. I then sat in the hill with some food and water and 2 torches and got over 100 eggs in 1 night. Since then - they changed the look of the 2 rooms - to have broken eggs and 1 solid but not harvestable egg inside. Those eggs- if they are the ones your referring to - are more to indicate which rooms allow egg spawns. Now I noticed post-patch my ants still like to enjoy s
  12. this is a known issue, no current info on it. I've had it with a buddy while I host - he ended up exiting/reconnecting to resolve the issues - but building something new immediately had the same problem.
  13. I've had this multiple times, namely in hosted games. My work arounds are: have another player use it for you. (yes, that worked) and I noticed after I died/respawned, my tool would work again for a while. While normally I wouldn't suggest making a tall tower in your base and jumping off it to die and respawn, right now it seems useful so you can repair our precious outer walls so ants and things don't come in and take all our foods.
  14. ok first off let me say a few things.. kiting is not an exploit. it is a tactic. In other games you would kite mobs to more favorable combat points (so you don't aggro a huge group, etc) or to just simply kill things you would normally die to (in case of more hardcore styles where ranged players had huge defense nerfs so 1-2 hits and they died) so it became a functional mechanic since - forever. In reality, 'kiting' is an attack to lure enemies away, usually so another group of friendlies can sneak by or through an area that was previously guarded. Kiting - doesn't really exist in Gr
  15. While I know the game is far-from-done, I'd like to state a few building options I'd like to see. - clay foundations with peblets in them, to make a more durable foundation basically 'stone' (huge durability increase, making them extremely tough to break, maybe needing stems as well like rebar) - clay triangle foundations (because they don't exist)- also render the bottom of foundations please, overhangs are ugly when see-through -clay/stone walls maybe these require stems as well in them to keep shape. (using clay, peblets, stems, making expensive to craft) - we have 'tria
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