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  1. So when I was building my base I had made a trampoline, and every time I go on it it just continues and the audio never stops. There isn't anything on it it just makes the noise when you jump on it
  2. No You don't have to reinstall the game I believe you just have to go to the Microsoft store and go to the download list which is the update and then update the game, for me when I click on grounded it automatically updates it but that is when I enter the Microsoft store. I don't know if it will be the same for you
  3. What I am trying to say is really just the bombardier beetle nothing else really others i'm fine with but its just the acid attack from the beetle. I feel like it just needs some rework because sometimes it can be complicated to kill it because its almost like a fast rotating catapult. The acid can hit all the time pretty much because he can turn.
  4. I don't feel like insects should be able to turn while in mid attack because it almost feels impossible especially when going against tons. It especially makes the bombardier beetle harder because every time it has its acid attacks it just keeps turning towards me then it hits me in mid air. I feel like this isn't suppose to happen and it's just a bug
  5. I know this is a useless post but every time I deposit or withdraw as a stack it would only take or give 5 from a chest
  6. I feel like It would be nice if they would add a triangle clay or pebble foundation because there is a scaffolding one but not for the more reinforced floors? It would just help overall to make bases look nicer with some triangle ones
  7. What exactly do the motion blur do because when I turn it down it doesn't seem to do anything, besides change the motion blur when you look around or turn. It would help if it fixed the motion blur in the distance because it gives me head aches
  8. Yes I have and I think I have figured it out, I don't think I can click the windows button to go onto another tab or it will kick me out while i'm loading in
  9. Every time I try to make a new world or anything my game would just crash
  10. So when I was building on top of the baseball I just finished the walls and floor and when I go through the door I lag like crazy and this wasn't happening before I built the walls. Was it because there was torches? Wall Torches were somewhat lagging my game before
  11. This would be nice to have but it is easier to just count it because each plank pallet holds 24 I believe
  12. When I was hosting a game with my friend, he had to reset his character because when he logged in he was falling through the map so he though re spawning would fix it which it did. Although he had re spawned under the bed so he wasn't going threw the map but he was stuck so I had to destroy the floor and the bed.
  13. This is actually already in the issue trello so they already have this in there investigating
  14. So every time when I join my friend and we build a base together and add all the necessity's and if the people who aren't the host, all the objects go into one spot and you can't interact with them and were they use to be is gone although they are still there but invisible. It happens when we go away from the base.
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