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  1. The Jump button should let the player rise when under water. I'm aware that there's a key binding to change the "Rise Under Water" to whatever you need it to be, but if you want it to be the same as your jump button, you can't (at last I don't think so). So you're stuck with one option or the other. I'd request that the controls for swimming underwater be independent from those when on land.
  2. I frequently want to abandon backpacks so they will no longer appear on my HUD. Would be helpful to be able to do this from the map screen. https://imgur.com/AAi31Ur
  3. Is there any in-game explanation, description or tutorial that says what the Chopping List is all about? I see it when I pull up my crafting menu, but I don't see anything saying what it's actually for. PS: I'm not asking what the Chopping List does, I'm asking if there's an in-game description for it somewhere that I'm missing.
  4. A filter would be cool but it would still cause issues with the scenario like in my example. I might want to go retrieve my backpacks normally, I just don't care to go get THAT backpack.
  5. I enjoy the marker system but I wish there was a way to hide individual markers rather than all of them. For instance if I died in a cave, and I really don't care to retrieve my backpack. I'd like the ability to hide that marker, but still see all the others. I imagine this could work either via the map, or actually aiming/looking at the marker and using the "hide marker" button. But, I'm sure the solution is something the design ninjas of Obsidian can figure out better than I can. Thank you!
  6. If nothing else I'd like the option to remap controls where we can decide what buttons will cycle through the hotbar selections. If I could set the D-Pad to cycle left and right through the hotbar, that would be pretty awesome. PS: I really doubt we need all the communication options mapped to the D-Pad by default. I might be wrong but I think most players will be using voice chat either via Discord or Xbox LIVE Party systems.
  7. I'd like to request that hitting the sprint button will automatically take the character out of a crouched state. As it is now, the player has to cancel their crouch in order to start sprinting. Seems minor but small touches make for a nicer play experience.
  8. It's super clear to me now that I know, but when I first started playing the game I had no idea how to remove a blueprint that I accidentally placed. Would be helpful to have a small "B to Remove" prompt on screen when viewing a partially built blueprint. https://imgur.com/Ci2v1PQ
  9. When viewing a structure that you are missing components for, but you do have the components to make, it would be helpful if there was a (hold) button prompt to craft the missing components instead of having to go into a menu to do so. Please see below screenshot for example. https://imgur.com/Z9gUqKj
  10. I know you can manually sort your inventory, one item at a time, but I'd find it FAR more useful to just have an "auto sort" option. Of all the fun things I could be spending my time doing in the game, painstakingly sorting my inventory one item at a time isn't one of them.
  11. There doesn't appear to be anywhere, that I can tell, that indicates how much a Plank Pallet is able to hold. This is the case for viewing the description of the Pallet in the crafting menu, and when viewing the pallet after it's already been built. This information might be handy to have for players in case they want to carefully plan how many they will need/want. https://imgur.com/VNnLsJh
  12. The resources required to repair the Pebblet Axe seems far too expensive compared to the cost of crafting a new one. The materials required to craft a new one are nearly everywhere while "Quartzite" seems to be far more rare. PS: This is predicated on the idea that I'm not missing some obvious benefit of keeping the same axe rather than just building a new one.
  13. I would like to see a system where the player can assign certain items/tools to be "quick crafted". Right now the D-Pad buttons are being used for other things, but I'd love to see a (hold) option for this system. Examples: Imagine being in a dark environment and, instead of having to fumble around in menus, you just held the Up D-Pad button and it automatically crafted and equipped a torch. Get jumped by a spider and not have a weapon equipped? Hold down the Left D-Pad and you've quick crafted a spear and equipped it right away. Axe just broke? Quick craft another o
  14. It might be helpful to have the crafting system attempt to predict what you will want to craft, depending on the current circumstances. To be clear, I'm not saying that the system automatically crafts the item, but rather when you open the menu it automatically has the item selected. Did your axe just break? Opening the crafting menu automatically defaults to crafting an axe. Missing Woven Fiber to craft something? Open the menu, you're on Woven Fiber. Low on health? Opening crafting automatically goes to health recovery tab. I imagine it would take a lot of fine tuni
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