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  1. I've always found time limits to be far more interesting when they change the outcome of the game rather than end it. I like it when they react like a time limit in real life. When you run out of time on a project at work or school the world doesn't end, the circumstances change. I would love to see more games play with variables that are affected by time running out rather than just ending the "story" of that section. For instance: In Fallout 1 if you didn't get the chip back in time, vault inhabitants start revolting and become pseudo raiders. A subsequent time limit runs out and they start becoming tribal.
  2. I never got a change to play Wasteland, but with how you talk about it, it must have been quite the game. I always look forward to a game that tries something new. The only problem is that the game also need to fit some kind of modern conventions in order to remain marketable. I imagine it's the reason series like Fallout and Syndicate have to make a pseudo genre switch. They still keep their overall environment and feel, but they were forced to adapt. How do you think Wasteland would adapt? What modern genre would fit it best?
  3. Mr. Avellone, you are a gentleman and a scholar. I'm always impressed that one of the most talented (if not THE most) writers in the game industry is so open about talking with the fans. Bravo sir. Bravo.
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