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  1. This is achieved via blocking using nut armor and mint mallet. Block (practice getting perfect blocks with Orb Weaver if needed) is easy to identify due to the spider rearing backwards just before an attack and then counter with a single swing. Repeat and do not get greedy trying to swing more than once (unless you get a stun, then get one extra swing). Best way I know without a bow.
  2. I haven't had this issue, however when I was hosting multiplayer others mentioned the same thing about troubles harvesting berries.
  3. Interesting, I am not getting that typical cloud syncing window that I get with other games either. Not sure how to resolve. Is this related to it being a Game Pass game and that I do not own it directly?
  4. Instead of normal weather events have these related to actual yard related type of activities such as watering of the lawn where the sprinkler turns on occasionally. Not sure what else would make sense and not be too annoying in the game. Lawn mower came to mind but that could be a bit too much (knocking down buildings and such). But agree overall, weather always is nice to have in a survival game (although I usually always complain when it gets in the way of things I am trying to do, almost like real life though).
  5. Same for me, the health reset is a problem and needs to be resolved and the bombardier beetle is the worst offender of this, especially with there desire to run away when not directly engaged making killing with arrows even more difficult.
  6. Yes, RB gets me occasionally. Sometimes I didn't even notice I threw something as I was attempting to cycle through the hotpouch until I go to access and I am like "uh, where did my axe go?". Anyways, I have gotten accustomed to the raidal menu and wanted to correct a statement I made. You can utilize the radial menu while moving in a single direction which is not so bad, however, being in a dense grass jungle leads to running into something while operating the radial menu causing the issue mentioned above regarding life or death actions.
  7. Same for me on console, science blobs do not exist.
  8. Oh, I will have to try that out. I haven’t run into any games yet that utilize the additional keys from the chat pad other than typing.
  9. Getting used to the radial menu for the HotPouch took a bit of time to become accustomed to, but is not so bad now that I have become more familiar. However, one aspect that I do not like is that it prevents actions from occurring while moving such as eating, swapping tools/weapons, applying bandages etc. In order to accomplish these is to stop moving which could be life or death move. Recommend allowing Left/Right Bumper tapping to cursor through the HotPouch and a "long" hold on the LB would bring up the radial menu. I really just want to be able to run away from a spider and switch to a mor
  10. I agree with the armor statement that this should not be taking up a backpack slot when being worn.
  11. I agree with the accidentally tapping of B to remove building outline being an issue. Recommend changing this to a short B hold instead of a tap B.
  12. Yes!!! Please add this!! It's really awesome to be able to retrieve the arrows to be re-used, but they are so tiny on the ground. If not auto-pickup, maybe some easy way to retrieve them, especially since we are currently shooting 30 - 60 to take down spiders and such.
  13. Not sure if this is an issue or if the game just does not actually support Play Anywhere at the moment. I am not having issues with any of my other Play Anywhere titles, only with Grounded.
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