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  1. Suggestion for interacting with web-spinners - Please change the behavior, allowing us to retrieve the finished product from within the spinner UI similar to the other containers/dummies/weapon mount. While it is a nice feature in theory, in practice it can be extremely difficult to target the silk on the bottom of the spinner at times.
  2. Ive found 5 ladybugs partying on top of a juice box. Also there's usually always two in (spoilers!)
  3. The bird is too big to fight. Its purpose is to give the backyard ‘life’.
  4. Ive had portions my games deleted after every major patch. Starting over doesnt take as long as the first time. I promise
  5. Do you have your auto-saves turned off? Just one possibility. Also this should be in tech support
  6. After chopping up the bird feathers, the lootable item is hard to see. I feel it should he given a more discernible visual. Also, its a really big feather to yield only one feather for use. What a tease. 2-3 would feel a little better.
  7. I play on console, hosting a multiplayer game on medium difficulty . I didnt pay attention before the update, but after the update both weed and dandelions have been respawning every 2-3 game days
  8. Why are folks intent on posting them in ‘General Discussion’ instead of ‘Feedback & Suggestions’? Yes I know im being picky - OCD ain’t healthy. Discuss
  9. Auto saves cause the game to freeze/skip briefly. while climbing or walking a narrow branch or jumping and the auto save happens u can fail miserably. Also everytime it saves i get this sense of dread like an event just started or a boss loaded (ptsd from other games?) very nerve racking. I tried turning auto saves off but my game crashed and I couldn’t get back into it until I turned them back on. tldr; please make auto-saves seamless
  10. Playing on Xbox hosting a Multiplayer game When using the bow, upon drawing to aim, there seems to be no way to cancel the draw. The arrow MUST be fired. This can cause an unwanted amount of waste, especially if using a one-time use special arrow. There needs to be a ‘cancel aim’ button. while having an item equipped that makes use of the LT button (bow, canteen) & carrying grass/stems simultaneously, attempting to drop the cargo also forces you to use said equipped items (change which arrow your using or drink from your canteen. When walking through a created door in third person view, the camera becomes fubar. It goes to the back of your head to see you view your face from the inside.
  11. You can tell where you are by looking up. The big red tree is north. you can tell what time Of day it is generally by the amazing job the devs have done with the lighting effects. If you really need to know the exact number just open your menu quickly. i would ask that these requests be options if the demand is that high. They would be QoL improvements, but definitely NOT necessities.
  12. Essentially its a living, evolving world. Devs had stated to expect slight changes to the yard at every update
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