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  1. Is the jerky rack even a thing ingame? If so how do I go about discovering it
  2. No, I understand that, but I mean while it is on the fire, like if you had to just leave the meat there on the spit. It cant spoil with temperatures that high, it'll just keep cooking pretty much. If you think about a "hunters pot" and how that will remain on a fire for days and days with new food being added and cooked without it rotting.
  3. This has been annoying me lately, I have yet to see a dandelion respawn anywhere on the map. It is a bit of an issue having to run across the entire map dodging spiders, bombardier Beatles and stink bugs, all just so that I can add 6 weed stems to a stem pallet and have them all disappear into a few walls and roof pieces in no time. I am playing on console and I'm not entirely sure if this is just an issue with my game, consoles in general or if it is an actual issue everyone faces. Now, onto the ant egg issue. I have noticed that ant eggs have spawned on my game, but I hones
  4. I feel as though cooked meat doesn't last long enough while on the fire. I'd like to see the time that it does last, lengthened.
  5. I think it would be a great idea to be able to utilize air bubbles, that gather on plants, branches and leaves under water, to replenish the oxygen meter while swimming. I think that another great idea would be the addition of aquatic creatures such as frogs or fish. It will add an extra danger element, even more harvestable resources and, thus, even more craftable equipment. I really am enjoying playing Grounded and I am really looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for this game. Thanks a ton, Obsidian.
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