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  1. I too have this problem on Xbox one. Yesterday I didn't experience this (10/27/20). Today it has happened 3 times. If you need anymore information please contact me.
  2. I can make as many torches as I want out of the water. But you can't see to swim inside ant hill or the water caves. Yes your health drops to very low but you never actually die.
  3. You've made all the torches go out in water without give use something to replace them. With water in the anthill I can't see to even make my way back out. Now I'm gonna have to starve to be able to retrieve my stuff. Does that seem right to anyone else. Edit oh wait you can't starve to death! Guess drowning it is! ☹
  4. Xbox One The Soldier ants are spawning out of control even when they have no food. Its causing major lag in a large area around the hill.
  5. I've had this happen to me also with the aphids. If the items stack there is no issue.
  6. The 4 leaf clover is missing!!! Xbox One Console
  7. Xbox one Weeds and Grubs are not respawning. Ant hill only producing one ant egg. No matter how many ants I kill. Soldier ant spawning like crazy. Can barely walk in the room.
  8. Rhino Beetle Boss fight were you get like the ultimate full Plate armor set. Could even make like a really cool horned helmet for people to wear in the set!
  9. Xbox One also - Dew not spawning across map - Dew collectors not spawning few each morning - Mushroom farm not spawning mushrooms - Acorns not respawning across map Thank you.
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