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  1. I second this. Its really annoying to craft these one at a time when you are almost always trying to make a bunch of them.
  2. Um, then what is the hot dog? Or the juice boxes? The one full of ants where a a BURG.L Chip and one of the Rotten Bee Armor pieces is?
  3. I was pretty sure I mapped swimming up to the jump key in the options... I'd have to double check that though. But I recall being able to swim on the surface in this jerky motion, constantly diving and resurfacing. One of the reasons I avoid exploring in the water.
  4. I haven't logged in to the latest update, but ladybugs easily became the rarest bug in the game for me.
  5. You actually play multiplayer? I must be the weird one for only wanting to play solo.
  6. You use Qz to repair tier 1 tools? Why? I always have a stack of sprig on me and grass is always within reach. The only thing you "have to stop and search for" is pebblets, and that barely takes any time. Tier 2, yes, repair those, because it takes MUCH longer to get the resources for them, comparatively (I'm looking at you, ladybug head!). Of course, I made it my top priority to upgrade my tools to tier 2 so I didn't spend long with the other stuff. Other players may not do that.
  7. Thanks, I hate it. If he's stuck there, I doubt he'll respawn. Mine has been there for days. Maybe try a gas arrow right above it? Don't know if gas penetrates water.
  8. I agree with @McSquirl Nugget that tier 1 items shouldn't be repair-able because of how easy it is to make new ones. When they break, they are taken out of your inventory, gone forever. Before the 8/26 patch I had only managed to find a single ladybug head because of how rarely they wanted to spawn. So I used it to make a tier 2 axe. I also saved every piece of quarztite I found in order to repair my higher tier stuff. In addition to that, I constantly carried around a tier 1 axe as well to reduce wear on my more expensive one, saving the t2 for weeds. I went through at least 10 pebble ax
  9. The way I do combat currently is, depending on the bug, an opening salvo of venom arrows. I can usually get 2 off before the bug is in my face (usually a spider). Then I swap to a 2-handed melee (mint mallet) and circle-strafe up against the bug in 3rd person. Being against your enemy gives you a smaller circle to strafe in, making your movements more time/cost effective. You get less strafe when you are further away. I only block when I see the bug start its attack animation, and even then its only a quick tap to get that perfect block (since it partially stuns the enemy). I guess when
  10. I agree they shouldn't fully heal instantly, but I think the developers are trying to "de-cheese" combat like this. One combat method seems to negate the other. Either combat stays as it, and melee is the way to go, or they change it and ranged becomes the way to go, because why risk going in close when you don't have to literally ever? I'm not sure there's a great solution here...
  11. Completely agree!! While the idea of hot-crafting is good, I think it could be WAY better. Hot-crafting should mean that you don't have to go to a different menu to craft it. If I say "craft a thing" and part of the recipe has hot-crafting items in it, then they should just be crafted automatically. Save me steps, like I think you were intending to, Grounded! Please! On that note, they should extend some of the hot-crafting to other items out there, like bandages and torches.
  12. I'll throw my 2 cents in here. One one hand: It is realistic for a bug to immediately run away from something it can't reach. Bugs rely on pure instinct, and they wouldn't survive if they just stood there and took hits for no reason. On the other hand: This realistic approach to bug intellect is really annoying when trying to shoot bugs because if you use the terrain to run around them, you will most likely aggro ANOTHER bug and die. Or else if you use the high ground they just run away, like you've said above. Personally I think this could be solved (a bit) by allowing you to
  13. Perhaps not wire. More likely a screw. I was just trying to think of something that would make sense to harvest from, component-wise. And yeah, you do have to suspend your disbelief a bit for things respawning. Though to be fair, the mints do NOT respawn currently, so maybe the metal stuff shouldn't either?
  14. Great ideas! Turning on/off at different times of the day, for a certain amount of time, is brilliant. Adds a completely new sense of danger! Bug parts stuck in the vents is a good idea too! Maybe only the "common" drops from bugs like legs; no mandibles or acid glands or boiling glands. Harvesting metal from components on the inside is nice; maybe a huge bundle of wire you have to use a tier 2 axe on, so that it doesn't break immersion as much when you can harvest it forever. (Or instead, each 24 hours a new piece of wire drops that you can harvest a few pieces out of before yo
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