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  1. I've been playing grounded with my friends for some time on Xbox. And I've noticed that it's really laggy especially in areas with lots of flying insects or ants or just insects in general. Large amounts of built stuff also seems to affect Performance as well where is on PC some people run fine with a far greater amount of builds on their map. So my request is this. Please try to boast performance on Xbox so I can have my friends join my world again without rage quitting from the lag. XD
  2. After seeing some of the new building items in the latest patch I had a few ideas. - Curved walls (mostly for spiral staircase. For building nice looking towers) - Pebblet and Clay walls, windowed walls and roofs would look amazing. Would really help with castle building. - Fusing two different types of armour into one to get both buffs. Getting the defence of the ladybug armour while also getting the carry capacity of the ant armour. Adding a nerf to it would be fine. Like ant soldiers not seeing you as friendly anymore or maybe taking more stamina to run faster. - Arrow quiver. Basically an armour piece that would have similar carry capacity of the backpack but only stores arrows. - Craft-able Pouches. Being able to add a pouch to armour to increase carry capacity would be a nice idea. - Harvesting the metal from nails etc, to make tier 4 weapons from would be awesome. Just a few ideas I had for this promising game.
  3. I know Obsidian has a lot on their plate with this game. And the issue of performance would be in question. But being able to play with only four people seems a bit small. I think up to eight would be ideal. PvP would be a fun addition to the game I think. But in all honesty keep doing what your doing Obsidian. Having a blast with the game and I eagerly await more content in the future.
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