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  1. Grounded offers a plethora of craft able items and weapons, including hammers, blades, axes, spears, and more. Although there are many options to choose from when deciding your loadout, it doesn’t feel as though there is much diversity between them. I find most weapons feel repetitive and often just feel like reskins with small variations in stats, so I would like to suggest an entirely new category of weapon. My suggestion for a weapon is a flexible weapon such as a real life meteor hammer, rope dart, or chain blade, there are possibilities for new movesets and combos as well as unique customization options for players, this weapon could be obtained as a boss item and there can be varying styles with different functions, these functions could be a defense based weapon where you can spin the weapon and absorb incoming damage but it has a lower damage output and takes time to spin up, as well as a crowd control variation that can bind enemies so your coop partner can deal damage with low risk (the binding effect would have a cooldown much like the stun effect and the user wouldn’t be able to attack while binding). Flexible weapons could also inflict different damage types based on what is attached at the end, the bladed version could be crafted with mandibles or something similar to the mantis claw and inflict slashing damage. This would also fit the assassin style of the mantis due to chain blades historical use by assassins in feudal Japan. There would also be a version crafted with a blunt object such as the black ox horn that would inflict busting damage and serve as a meteor hammer, as well as a rope dart variation crafted with a fang or needle that would inflict stabbing damage. I think this would be an exciting way to make gameplay and combat more complex and interesting for players and diversify the available play styles. Below I have attached photos of the real life counterparts these weapons can be modeled after. rope dart: Chain blade: Meteor hammer: Please consider my request as there are many possible implications and balances to make this a viable weapon choice.
  2. Banana spider Like in real life these spiders won't attack unless threatened Flys Now gnats aren't Flys in my opinion but it would be cool to see them Frog Now we have a koifish why not a frog it can feed on gnats and fireflys Fleas Make them as annoying as mites Termites They should be able to grow wings and fly like in real life ------------------------------------- Now for quality of life suggestions We should be able to ride bugs for example the ladybugs and moths need I say more Also I feel the ZIP.R should have another aphid because it needs to be a little faster and also the poor aphid is lonley Make raw science later in the game easier to get And durability Now is absolutely broken tier 3 items have what feel like tier 1 durability armor and weapon wise
  3. I think the boss sauce recipe should be made with boss chunks instead of heads as chunks don't have much of a purpose after crafting the armour and the weapons. It is also very expensive as you can only get 1 head per boss.
  4. I don't know why there isn't vertical half walls, fences and railings thu half floors and stairs are. Also need more Decors like banners or flags, etc..
  5. I had an idea last night that would allow for replay of MIX.R events. Players could be able to retrieve a chunk of Raw Science from the giant vat of it in the Undershed Lab and take it to a previously-defeated MIX.R to be concentrated. Maybe it would be a lesser amount—say, 500 instead of 2000 so it's not too OP, or it could even be varied proportionally to the difficulty of each MIX.R—but this would allow for players who want to redo a MIX.R and also give an alternative for collecting RS in the endgame to be able to unlock all the shop items instead of having to grind thru BURG.L's repetitive Hunter quests (I always seem to get the same low-level bugs as targets and it's getting a little old). I just completed the Sandbox MIX.R and was wishing I could redo it to see if a different build would have been a better option.
  6. While playing with friends, the firefly head lamp blinds my fellow players but I do not want to switch out my head gear all the time just to turn the light off. Can you add a way to toggle the light on the helmet on and off?
  7. Pretty simple trinket idea: a lucky clover that increases the chance of getting rare loot from bugs and resource nodes. It would be relatively rare drop from clovers. Some drops, like beetle horns and widow fangs/venom are so rare that collecting them for crafting or upgrades can require clearing the entire yard multiple times. And certain trinkets are so rare that I've still not encountered them with several hundred hours in the game. Just having a trinket that can be equipped when farming for a particular resource would be a good trade-off to help reduce the grind, without making things too common.
  8. I had been trying forever to figure out what that final mutation is that I haven't unlocked. Finally, I just looked it up, and I am super disappointed that I will never unlock it because I am playing single player. I really think that the reliable friend mutation should only be available on multiplayer servers because there literally no chance of ever achieving a mutation that requires you to revive friends if you are playing by yourself. Just leaves that "I didn't do everything I could" feeling, ya know? Unless I am totally missing something here? Suggestions welcomed..
  9. Vertical Half Walls would be a great addition and is a no brainer in my opinion. It would help so much for building.
  10. I would like a feature that allows easier pick up of specific items at the players feet. I suggest a feature Like the following: Player aims at dry grass chunk, "E" pick up "Hold E" Gather. Player holding "E" will now collect any identical objects at their feet like when collecting arrows. This stops if the player is attacked or releases the "E" key
  11. I would like to wish building elements/parts/components that can be used to build machines (The Incredible Machine) that are completely free in terms of function. This makes it possible to build sophisticated traps, defense systems or automate workflows, etc. There are no limits to the creativity of the players. You could integrate these the whole thing into your base, in combination or as a stand-alone object/machine/outpost. What do you think?!
  12. An interesting concept to see added is a dynamic weather system that brings both additional challenges and perhaps special events. Building on this, weather can be broken up into five seperate categories: Sunny (normal), Heat waves (sizzling effect applied to players if not in shade, thirst is increased, dew drops no longer spawn during event, food spoils quicker, stamina is cut by half), Snow storms (coats the land in snow which could be used as a new resource to keep food from spoiling/smoothie ingredients, frosting effect applied to players if not around a heat source or inside base, dew drops and standing water ice over), Thunder showers (aesthetic-only lightning and thunder, rain can function similarly to underwater bubbles- drowning effect is applied inside raindrops, drenched effect is applied to players which causes them to move slower and slightly decreases stamina, flying bugs will not fly, maybe wind can be implemented to cause SLOW gradual damage to exposed base parts- example: 5% damage applied to overall exposed base part per each thundershower event), and Fog (visibility drastically reduced, increased creature spawn rate).
  13. Hi Everyone! I am new to this game, and so far I love it! its both insane and cosy at the same time :-) What I would love to see in the game would be, big humans coming in the backyard sometimes. Like maybe the owner of the house or something? Lets say the owner of the house comes out in the backyard and we have to be carefull for not getting stepped on by big feets etc. This indeed would maybe make the game feel more "Alive" ?
  14. after fighting pretty much every bug in the game (with the exception of the praying mantis) I felt the need to show the status and debuff effects on them too much, it would be really nice to know when the corrosion effect happens to switch to a stronger weapon, or if the enemy is bleeding, or even when the poisons have run out, to apply again, since I like to change weapons during battle, I find it very fun.
  15. Myrmecia nigriceps or bulldog ants would be a fun and harder ant to fight. say it could grab on to you and do some damage, it would be a fun late game ant
  16. I think the idea of the charcoal canteen is awesome and being able to filter dirty water so you don't have to go around collecting fresh water is great, and I get that it having a durability bar makes sense even if I don't really like it that much but the problem I have comes when the durability goes down even when you collect clean water. The bigger upside on the canteen for me is that it carries more water than the other two but when collecting clean water wears down the durability it eventually gets to a point where you might want to refill your canteen cause there is some dew drops around and you have room but it breaks the durability and now not only can you not fill it, you cant even drink from it until it gets repaired. I don't know if this is intended or not but either way I think It should be changed because It doesn't make sense that clean water would use durability on a filter.
  17. Just another suggestion of someone who enjoy the idea, look, feel of the game so much. Especially in a game with so many collectibles and the likes I was thinkin that the progress u make in the game (sca.b themes, peeping gold cards, mutations, maybe even all the amazing building progress we are spending hours over hours on) should be saved in some kind of profile and if u wanna join a game with ur friend/s u can decide if u wanna play a fresh character or take the one u have progress on. (kinda like the borderlands games work) I would also love to start a solo new world by myself, but keep the collectibles progress on my main file (mainly the sca.b themes, peeping gold cards, mutations) and maybe even have an optional function to import build structures into a new game. Considering restarting from nothing is just fun so many times it would be amazing to be able to restart with ur progress or just be able to reset ur story progress in ur existing save would work too.
  18. Hello! I've been playing Grounded since it first launched, and really love the game. With the latest updates and expansion, I'm enjoying it even more, exploring all the new bugs, areas, recipes, and other secrets of the game. However I do have a few suggestions for quality-of-life improvements, general feedback, or other wish-list items for future updates. Some of these were in my original post from 2020, but many of the things suggested there have since been implemented, which is awesome, so thank you to the Devs for continuously listening to player feedback! Quality of Life: Please make items assigned to the Hotpouch not take up Backpack space. Not only would this inherently expand desperately needed personal storage for supply runs, but mimic the equipped armor setting. You can still have it that if you die those items aren't available until you pick your backpack up again. This also would help with cycling tools/weapons and trying to maintain sorting in your backpack as equipped items would go back to their pouch and not the first empty spot in the backpack storage. Add sort functions/options to storage such as by item type/class, tier, vertical/horizontal space, etc., and the ability to move all like items in existing nearby storage via "auto-sort" or transfer (either directly from the backpack or at least individually for each chest) when in the base with chests and such. Hotpouch Control/Radial - change to "Tap LB" to quick cycle through the Hotpouch items (like Minecraft), and "Hold LB" to open Hotpouch radial menu as currently done Adding a basic compass marker to SCA.B HUD/UI = can be a purchasable upgrade Adding a "dodge" function, perhaps by double-tapping the crouch button, while moving/strafing to give alternative ways to engage enemies and avoid being hit. Including an option to slide by holding crouch while sprinting. Feedback: Tier II weapons/armor don't seem to scale as well as they did in the past, even when upgraded with the Anvil. Overall, the transition from T2 feels much weaker and therefore progression much slower than past updates. Either damage doesn't scale as much, or bugs are more durable/hit harder, or a combination of those things, but progression really stalls for a long time when you are tyring to explore the labs and move up the ranks, especially with how much larger and diverse the world is now. Flying insects are a bit too powerful for current gear/mauneverability. As most flying insects (Bees, Mosquitos, Fireflies) are highly mobile and do a lot of damage, stay out of melee ranged for the most part, and blocking/dodging isn't as effective as it needs to be based on damage output (even with T2 weapons and armor, see above). This makes farming certain instects, like bees that are needed for a lot of the late game items, a wicked slog because you can only engage a couple before needing to restock (arrows, bandages, smooties, armor repairs, etc.) and heal. Some of the recipies seem a bit "unbalanced" for the parts/resources needed based on availability, ease of access/farming, and manufacturing. The basic cycle to obtain is great, but late tier upgrades and items, while supposed to be difficult, are severly impacted by the limited manufacturing process and spawn rates/locations of items versus quantities and types needed. This is common in other similar games of this genre but they typically have a better manufacturing process that makes it easier and not feel so overbearing at times. Wish-List: Continued diversity of insects, parts, and recipes, especially for unique items, weapons, and armors - i.e. a Grasshopper that gives legs which can be used for... (see next items) Grasshopper Boots = increases jump height and reduces fall damage Slingshot = uses Pebblets, Pollen, or bombs (Brat/Splatburst) as a ranged weapon Grappleshot = alternative way to scale/climb the environment then always needing to build structures Additional "[new]burst" bomb variants that create AOE effects (Fresh, Gas, Glue etc.) and that can also be fired from a slingshot (see above) Healing Ointment = for immediate health recovery instead of recovery-over-time like the Bandage Dynamic weather, such as rain (I know everyone has been asking for this) Refridgerator/Cooler = new base structure/chest type that prevents food from spoiling (too fast) I'm sure I will have more to add as I continue to play, but thanks for reading and to the Devs for making such an amazing game so far!
  19. I would love to see expanded options to cook additional bug parts, that aren't part of an advanced Cookbook recipes. While there are several options to start, from aphids, gnats, weevils, and grubs, (and the pond creatures - tadpole and water flea), many of these don't populate the more "advanced" areas of the map regularly, such as the Upper Yard or Sandbox. Farming food in one map location such as by the Oak Tree, to bring to another in any sort for quantity is a bit of a hassle taking up valuable space, especially where storage is so limited, when you have limited options for the regions. I understand that later in the game we should be using the Cookbook recipes, but these really aren't efficient when you need to simply reduce hunger or heal while on extended supply/farming runs or basebuilding. So what I would love to see is the option to cook most, if not all standard bug parts (not heads or specialty) on the spit. For example, ant parts could turn into something akin to a turkey leg, while roly poly's could become a meatball or something. This is also part of the proposal that bug parts have more uses than the usual one or two crafting recipes that require them.
  20. Think about it. If each playable teenager had a unique perk that gave the teenager an ability, it would make the game a bit more unique. These perks could relate to the characters back stories. Say for Max, he could have something similar to the barbarin mutation or hyperstamina because of his sporty back ground. But say for Willow she could have a team perk that gives the whole squad a perk.
  21. Why aren't there stuffed wolf spiders or orb weavers? The lack of these items really bugs me (ha) since I was building an enemy room and can't fill the spider section.
  22. an item crafted with 3 sunken bones and 5 lint rope that lets you attach to the crows feathers. with this item you can attach to the crow and hang onto a rope / grapple under the crow when it is changing positions to travel but if you hit anything while on the rope e.g. tree / fence you would fall off and need to use a dandelion tuft to glide down safely
  23. Theres a lot of insects and bugs which is great and unique! But I think to really bring this back yard to life is to add some animals to the mix. Something we would normally see in a yard. Frogs were one addition people suggested. But what about a small garden snake? Or those Lizards you see in gardens? Harmless to people, until you are suddenly the size of an ant!
  24. This is a idea I thought of and would a amazing. What if there were loadouts that you have but you don't have them ready for battle. So I thought it would be cool to have loadout save system where you can save your weapons and armor loadouts if you have the same weapons and armor in you're inventory just by clicking a button. This is the concept of what I drew and want. This would make game easier and more fun then manually having to do it in mid-battle.
  25. What if once you've completed the lower yard labs, you pull a lever that blows up the path to the upper yard but the blast also inadvertently shakes the hive out of the tree and unleashes angry hornets on the yard.
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