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  1. im currently 300+ hours in this game, and I LOVE IT. there is just one issue. ash cement. the charcoal takes forever to respawn, so the only other option is duping. im not NG+ yet, so the best option to farm raw science are raids (waft emitter). there are 3 very attractive ´factions´. Black widows (a very low amount of items, are used to summon), ominent (a medium amount of spawn-items) and wolf spider (a pretty high amount of spawn-items). In the end i decided to go for Wolf spiders, since the O.R.C. thingies are annoying to farm and black widows are just way too strong. BUT, for some reason you can only use spider fangs to summon them, while spider venom does´nt work. the super spider venom works for the black widows, so why shouldnt the normal venom work for wolf spiders?
  2. On a multiplayer (or single player) world, when you get the slime lantern and don't analyze it, you're unable to forever. There's no way to get another rotten slime lantern nor analyze the used one. It's worse when you play with others as they could use the lantern and not analyze it. Maybe be able to craft them? Or put more in the world? maybe be able to buy them for raw science? Help the completionists please!
  3. Here is a longer version of my suggestion that was posted on the Grounded Discord (that received 35+ likes ^-^) [https://discord.com/channels/675491639804035089/786708112978477076/1181007520924446762] with additional ideas included: More items to craft or acquire using O.R.C. Receivers and/or more things to do with them: **Tiered Reward System:** - Collect enough O.R.C. Receivers to unlock rewards depending on how many O.R.C. receivers you collect (5, 10, 25, 50 etc., can be redeemed by an NPC such as BURG.L or new scientist mentioned below) - "One of the scientists that helped freed you, in order to hide from Ominent, is now in the backyard ready to help you (along with teaming up with Dr. Tully) by trading in your saved up O.R.C. Receivers to them." **O.R.C. Enhanced ZIP.R:** (Could work along with others' zipline upgrade ideas that suggest 2 aphids) - Trade in(?) for an upgraded zipline using O.R.C. Receivers - Aphids appear with O.R.C. Receiver on their head (default red lights changed to blue or green to show alliance) - Greatly Increase Zipline speed - Allows for transporting resources upward as well **Lil O.R.C. Receiver Helmet:** - Used in taming larger pets? - Or just cosmetic. Or both. - Different color lights? (Default red, or blue/green to show alliance) **O.R.C. Receiver Arrows:** - O.R.C. Homing Arrows: Can automatically redirect arrows to the closest enemy to your crosshair (Or: Every consecutive Homing Arrow will automatically redirect to the target you last did damage to?) - O.R.C. EMP Arrows: Inflict static shock damage - O.R.C. Mind Control Arrows: Temporarily cause a certain creature to fight on your side (default red lights changed to blue or green to show alliance) **O.R.C. Receiver Trinket:** - Automatically give arrows a slight "homing" ability (such as Homing Arrow suggestion) Or: - Small % chance to "mark" certain creatures to temporarily fight on your side when using any O.R.C. Receiver crafted arrows (default red lights changed to blue or green to show alliance) **O.R.C. Receiver Bomb:** - Inflict AoE shock damage Or: - Will automatically "mark" certain creatures within the blast's AoE range to temporarily fight on your side (default red lights changed to blue or green to show alliance) **O.R.C. Mantis Boss:** - Self explainatory - Late to End-Game - Fits lore and story progression/timeline (Broodmother -> Haze Canister -> Infected; Mantis -> Schmector Experiments -> O.R.C. Technology) **O.R.C. Armor:** - Crafted from "the broken down materials of multiple O.R.C Receivers" (description when trading in?) Or: - Crafted from a large amount of O.R.C. Receivers - Other pieces can be acquired from possibly a new "O.R.C. Mantis" boss - Full set bonus: When an enemy is hit, small % chance to "mark" certain nearby creatures to temporarily fight on your side (toggle the hat on them? Default red lights changed to blue or green to show alliance) Note: When it comes to all Mind Control features (small % chance to "mark") ideas mentioned above, an alternative can be to spawn random small creatures nearby the enemy and have them "seemingly" been mind controlled (have the blue/green O.R.C. Receiver helmet to show) Reasoning: Just fun ideas for late to end-game tech usage, courtesy of Dr. Wendell Tully's expertise on reverse-engineering his adversaries devices.
  4. Translation: The comfort range provided by furniture is too small, resulting in the need to stack furniture in a centralized area when building a larger base. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to get a high comfort bonus, and even then I wouldn't be able to get the same level of comfort bonus for all locations on the base. Such a setup is really confusing, will greatly reduce the sense of accomplishment in the construction, please increase the comfort coverage of the furniture, or find a way to modify the mechanism so that it can directly act on the entire man-made area of the connected,thx! 原文:(Original text:) 家具所提供的舒适度范围过小了,导致在建设一个较大的基地时,我需要将家具堆砌在一个集中区域。否则我就无法享受到高舒适度的加成,尽管这样,我也无法在基地的所有位置都获得同等级的舒适度加成。这样的设定实在令人困惑,会大大降低在建设时的成就感,恳请能否增加家具的舒适度覆盖范围,或者想办法修改机制使其能够直接作用于整片相连的人造区域?谢谢!
  5. I was wondering if obsidian was considering a split screen and if not why
  6. It could be possible to change the health and damage scale of creatures in the playground individually, instead of just being able to change that of all creatures in the game, not singularly.
  7. The complete randomness of collecting gold cards is a terrible slog, especially since it is now required for 100% completion. Maybe a late-game ability could be added to spend raw science to begin a hunt for specific a foe which would give their gold card as the reward when completed. The amount of kills required and raw science cost can be based off the difficulty of the enemy.
  8. poderia ter um boss novo. o camarão pistola, ele ficaria na lagoa, ele ficaria dentro de uma bolha de ar, que iria ter meio que umas ''torretas'' em volta, depois que vc quebrar todas as torretas a bolha do camarão pistola estoura, depois de um certo tempo o camarão volta com a bolha, os golpes poderiam ser: um jato de bolha que deixaria crepitante no maximo(so quanto ele tiver com pouca vida), um ataque com a pinça, os ataques da torreta como se fosse uns tiros bem fraco, o camarão te segura e as torretas atiram em você(esse ataque ele pode fazer mesmo com a bolha de ar) os drops poderiam ser a pinça(um pingente que deixaria os bichos com crepitante, com a marcação em cima da vida do bicho) o rabo dele e o tronco do camarão,a arma dele poderia ser uma arma de longa distancia com tiro infinita( cada tiro tem recarga de 1-2 segundos) e a armadura ter o efeito de atacar mais longe e a receita poderia ser encontrada em baixo de uma folha ou em uma caverna
  9. • Make locked doors able to be opened while the player is in editor mode. • Set the camera type while in Handy Gnat to be a toggle, so the first person camera can be the default when switching to Handy Gnat if players prefer. • Creature battle music overrides the Music Player Gizmo, make the gizmo always have music priority. • Add an option to the Telepotty Gizmo to teleport players (possibly only the instigating player or selected by a filter) to the device when receiving a signal. Also enable a setting to make the device invisible to compliment the previous addition. Add the ability to face players in a certain direction when teleported, or have them face in the same direction as the device. • Add the ability to resize props or other object/gizmos while in editor mode. Also add more terrain options that could be resized to make a player's own terrain and ground, instead of being restricted mostly to the flat ground. • Add a UI message gizmo, to display messages on the players HUD with customizable text. Also add a feature to the Quest Gizmo to have it displayed on the side like how it is during survival mode, and adjust how text is displayed with the regular floating text, as it seems to be visible from far even when using the 'only visible when close' option. • Add MIX.Rs or other defense mechanics to Playground Mode. • Add creature pathing nodes that can manipulate the pathfinding of creatures or force them to walk across a set path. Otherwise tweak the pathfinding of creatures indoors, as most creatures will endlessly walk into walls in an attempt to follow their usual path. Even weevils will ignore mushroom slurry beside them as they attempt to walk into the wall. • Add a physics weight that can be picked up and dropped onto a pressure button to activate it for puzzle elements. Consider the Weighted Storage Cube from the Portal franchise for inspiration. • Trap suggestion for either late game survival or Playground exclusive: Automated Turret. Similar to the already manned turrets, however is able to autonomously target creatures within range at the cost of reduced firepower and requiring expensive resources, possibly only while they are hostile to avoid unintentionally aggrevating creatures. In Playground Mode it could be remotely turned on and off, maybe even turned against the player in PvE scenarios. • Add buttons/levers or other logic based gizmos to Survival mode, possibly by enabling a custom game setting or unlocked by a late game BURG.L chip. The ability to remotely open doors, trigger traps, and activate all sorts of mechanisms will add huge replay value and make the game more enjoyable and inventive as well as open the game to a wider player base.
  10. I know this is asking for much after so much time and effort put into the Fandom wiki, but its something worth considering. Again this is definitely asking a lot and as the saying goes of "if it ain't broke don't fix it", I'd assume it wouldn't be on the table.
  11. Hello! As I'm sure has been said before, I have just gotten this game and I look forward to putting several hours into it! There are a few things I noticed as a new player: - The backpack quickly becomes too small - The hotpouch selection is unintuitive and can be difficult in combat My recommendations for solutions to these would be as follows: - Anything equipped should not have to go in the backpack - Create a recipe for a craftable "Food sack" that is separate from the backpack - Allow for creation of larger backpacks *** Switch the keybinds (or allow for a kebind configuration) where the number keys control which hotpouch you are in, and the scroll wheel determines which item you are using (quick switching between items in combat can mean life or death!!) *** Thank you for all of your hard work and diligence in creating and updating this game! It really shows!
  12. Grounded offers a plethora of craft able items and weapons, including hammers, blades, axes, spears, and more. Although there are many options to choose from when deciding your loadout, it doesn’t feel as though there is much diversity between them. I find most weapons feel repetitive and often just feel like reskins with small variations in stats, so I would like to suggest an entirely new category of weapon. My suggestion for a weapon is a flexible weapon such as a real life meteor hammer, rope dart, or chain blade, there are possibilities for new movesets and combos as well as unique customization options for players, this weapon could be obtained as a boss item and there can be varying styles with different functions, these functions could be a defense based weapon where you can spin the weapon and absorb incoming damage but it has a lower damage output and takes time to spin up, as well as a crowd control variation that can bind enemies so your coop partner can deal damage with low risk (the binding effect would have a cooldown much like the stun effect and the user wouldn’t be able to attack while binding). Flexible weapons could also inflict different damage types based on what is attached at the end, the bladed version could be crafted with mandibles or something similar to the mantis claw and inflict slashing damage. This would also fit the assassin style of the mantis due to chain blades historical use by assassins in feudal Japan. There would also be a version crafted with a blunt object such as the black ox horn that would inflict busting damage and serve as a meteor hammer, as well as a rope dart variation crafted with a fang or needle that would inflict stabbing damage. I think this would be an exciting way to make gameplay and combat more complex and interesting for players and diversify the available play styles. Below I have attached photos of the real life counterparts these weapons can be modeled after. rope dart: Chain blade: Meteor hammer: Please consider my request as there are many possible implications and balances to make this a viable weapon choice.
  13. Banana spider Like in real life these spiders won't attack unless threatened Flys Now gnats aren't Flys in my opinion but it would be cool to see them Frog Now we have a koifish why not a frog it can feed on gnats and fireflys Fleas Make them as annoying as mites Termites They should be able to grow wings and fly like in real life ------------------------------------- Now for quality of life suggestions We should be able to ride bugs for example the ladybugs and moths need I say more Also I feel the ZIP.R should have another aphid because it needs to be a little faster and also the poor aphid is lonley Make raw science later in the game easier to get And durability Now is absolutely broken tier 3 items have what feel like tier 1 durability armor and weapon wise
  14. I think the boss sauce recipe should be made with boss chunks instead of heads as chunks don't have much of a purpose after crafting the armour and the weapons. It is also very expensive as you can only get 1 head per boss.
  15. I don't know why there isn't vertical half walls, fences and railings thu half floors and stairs are. Also need more Decors like banners or flags, etc..
  16. I had an idea last night that would allow for replay of MIX.R events. Players could be able to retrieve a chunk of Raw Science from the giant vat of it in the Undershed Lab and take it to a previously-defeated MIX.R to be concentrated. Maybe it would be a lesser amount—say, 500 instead of 2000 so it's not too OP, or it could even be varied proportionally to the difficulty of each MIX.R—but this would allow for players who want to redo a MIX.R and also give an alternative for collecting RS in the endgame to be able to unlock all the shop items instead of having to grind thru BURG.L's repetitive Hunter quests (I always seem to get the same low-level bugs as targets and it's getting a little old). I just completed the Sandbox MIX.R and was wishing I could redo it to see if a different build would have been a better option.
  17. While playing with friends, the firefly head lamp blinds my fellow players but I do not want to switch out my head gear all the time just to turn the light off. Can you add a way to toggle the light on the helmet on and off?
  18. Pretty simple trinket idea: a lucky clover that increases the chance of getting rare loot from bugs and resource nodes. It would be relatively rare drop from clovers. Some drops, like beetle horns and widow fangs/venom are so rare that collecting them for crafting or upgrades can require clearing the entire yard multiple times. And certain trinkets are so rare that I've still not encountered them with several hundred hours in the game. Just having a trinket that can be equipped when farming for a particular resource would be a good trade-off to help reduce the grind, without making things too common.
  19. I had been trying forever to figure out what that final mutation is that I haven't unlocked. Finally, I just looked it up, and I am super disappointed that I will never unlock it because I am playing single player. I really think that the reliable friend mutation should only be available on multiplayer servers because there literally no chance of ever achieving a mutation that requires you to revive friends if you are playing by yourself. Just leaves that "I didn't do everything I could" feeling, ya know? Unless I am totally missing something here? Suggestions welcomed..
  20. Vertical Half Walls would be a great addition and is a no brainer in my opinion. It would help so much for building.
  21. I would like a feature that allows easier pick up of specific items at the players feet. I suggest a feature Like the following: Player aims at dry grass chunk, "E" pick up "Hold E" Gather. Player holding "E" will now collect any identical objects at their feet like when collecting arrows. This stops if the player is attacked or releases the "E" key
  22. I would like to wish building elements/parts/components that can be used to build machines (The Incredible Machine) that are completely free in terms of function. This makes it possible to build sophisticated traps, defense systems or automate workflows, etc. There are no limits to the creativity of the players. You could integrate these the whole thing into your base, in combination or as a stand-alone object/machine/outpost. What do you think?!
  23. An interesting concept to see added is a dynamic weather system that brings both additional challenges and perhaps special events. Building on this, weather can be broken up into five seperate categories: Sunny (normal), Heat waves (sizzling effect applied to players if not in shade, thirst is increased, dew drops no longer spawn during event, food spoils quicker, stamina is cut by half), Snow storms (coats the land in snow which could be used as a new resource to keep food from spoiling/smoothie ingredients, frosting effect applied to players if not around a heat source or inside base, dew drops and standing water ice over), Thunder showers (aesthetic-only lightning and thunder, rain can function similarly to underwater bubbles- drowning effect is applied inside raindrops, drenched effect is applied to players which causes them to move slower and slightly decreases stamina, flying bugs will not fly, maybe wind can be implemented to cause SLOW gradual damage to exposed base parts- example: 5% damage applied to overall exposed base part per each thundershower event), and Fog (visibility drastically reduced, increased creature spawn rate).
  24. Hi Everyone! I am new to this game, and so far I love it! its both insane and cosy at the same time :-) What I would love to see in the game would be, big humans coming in the backyard sometimes. Like maybe the owner of the house or something? Lets say the owner of the house comes out in the backyard and we have to be carefull for not getting stepped on by big feets etc. This indeed would maybe make the game feel more "Alive" ?
  25. after fighting pretty much every bug in the game (with the exception of the praying mantis) I felt the need to show the status and debuff effects on them too much, it would be really nice to know when the corrosion effect happens to switch to a stronger weapon, or if the enemy is bleeding, or even when the poisons have run out, to apply again, since I like to change weapons during battle, I find it very fun.
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