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  1. An interesting concept to see added is a dynamic weather system that brings both additional challenges and perhaps special events. Building on this, weather can be broken up into five seperate categories: Sunny (normal), Heat waves (sizzling effect applied to players if not in shade, thirst is increased, dew drops no longer spawn during event, food spoils quicker, stamina is cut by half), Snow storms (coats the land in snow which could be used as a new resource to keep food from spoiling/smoothie ingredients, frosting effect applied to players if not around a heat source or inside base, dew drops and standing water ice over), Thunder showers (aesthetic-only lightning and thunder, rain can function similarly to underwater bubbles- drowning effect is applied inside raindrops, drenched effect is applied to players which causes them to move slower and slightly decreases stamina, flying bugs will not fly, maybe wind can be implemented to cause SLOW gradual damage to exposed base parts- example: 5% damage applied to overall exposed base part per each thundershower event), and Fog (visibility drastically reduced, increased creature spawn rate).
  2. Hello! I've been playing Grounded since it first launched, and really love the game. With the latest updates and expansion, I'm enjoying it even more, exploring all the new bugs, areas, recipes, and other secrets of the game. However I do have a few suggestions for quality-of-life improvements, general feedback, or other wish-list items for future updates. Some of these were in my original post from 2020, but many of the things suggested there have since been implemented, which is awesome, so thank you to the Devs for continuously listening to player feedback! Quality of Life: Please make items assigned to the Hotpouch not take up Backpack space. Not only would this inherently expand desperately needed personal storage for supply runs, but mimic the equipped armor setting. You can still have it that if you die those items aren't available until you pick your backpack up again. This also would help with cycling tools/weapons and trying to maintain sorting in your backpack as equipped items would go back to their pouch and not the first empty spot in the backpack storage. Add sort functions/options to storage such as by item type/class, tier, vertical/horizontal space, etc., and the ability to move all like items in existing nearby storage via "auto-sort" or transfer (either directly from the backpack or at least individually for each chest) when in the base with chests and such. Hotpouch Control/Radial - change to "Tap LB" to quick cycle through the Hotpouch items (like Minecraft), and "Hold LB" to open Hotpouch radial menu as currently done Adding a basic compass marker to SCA.B HUD/UI = can be a purchasable upgrade Adding a "dodge" function, perhaps by double-tapping the crouch button, while moving/strafing to give alternative ways to engage enemies and avoid being hit. Including an option to slide by holding crouch while sprinting. Feedback: Tier II weapons/armor don't seem to scale as well as they did in the past, even when upgraded with the Anvil. Overall, the transition from T2 feels much weaker and therefore progression much slower than past updates. Either damage doesn't scale as much, or bugs are more durable/hit harder, or a combination of those things, but progression really stalls for a long time when you are tyring to explore the labs and move up the ranks, especially with how much larger and diverse the world is now. Flying insects are a bit too powerful for current gear/mauneverability. As most flying insects (Bees, Mosquitos, Fireflies) are highly mobile and do a lot of damage, stay out of melee ranged for the most part, and blocking/dodging isn't as effective as it needs to be based on damage output (even with T2 weapons and armor, see above). This makes farming certain instects, like bees that are needed for a lot of the late game items, a wicked slog because you can only engage a couple before needing to restock (arrows, bandages, smooties, armor repairs, etc.) and heal. Some of the recipies seem a bit "unbalanced" for the parts/resources needed based on availability, ease of access/farming, and manufacturing. The basic cycle to obtain is great, but late tier upgrades and items, while supposed to be difficult, are severly impacted by the limited manufacturing process and spawn rates/locations of items versus quantities and types needed. This is common in other similar games of this genre but they typically have a better manufacturing process that makes it easier and not feel so overbearing at times. Wish-List: Continued diversity of insects, parts, and recipes, especially for unique items, weapons, and armors - i.e. a Grasshopper that gives legs which can be used for... (see next items) Grasshopper Boots = increases jump height and reduces fall damage Slingshot = uses Pebblets, Pollen, or bombs (Brat/Splatburst) as a ranged weapon Grappleshot = alternative way to scale/climb the environment then always needing to build structures Additional "[new]burst" bomb variants that create AOE effects (Fresh, Gas, Glue etc.) and that can also be fired from a slingshot (see above) Healing Ointment = for immediate health recovery instead of recovery-over-time like the Bandage Dynamic weather, such as rain (I know everyone has been asking for this) Refridgerator/Cooler = new base structure/chest type that prevents food from spoiling (too fast) I'm sure I will have more to add as I continue to play, but thanks for reading and to the Devs for making such an amazing game so far!
  3. I would like the HuD only to show your own backpacks location instead of everyone's that died. You can't pick up theirs anyway - so this only adds to visual noise and makes it confusing to know which back pack is yours. There are also people who choose not to pick up their backpacks leaving a permenntant collection of backpacks on your screen in multiplayer.
  4. It be nice to see the custom game setting "Buildings are free and unlocked" separated into "buildings are free" and "buildings are unlocked" for those of us who may want sill have to discover the buildings but don't want to grind for the resources or for those how want to grind but don't want to discover them.
  5. I did a search for zipline names but didn’t find anything that seems to match. (I may have missed something though, on a itsy-bitsy phone screen) One of the more frustrating parts of adding a new zipline, especially if playing solo, is not being able to tell exactly which anchor you are connecting to. For example many players build a central tower that has ziplines going to multiple locations, this is normally not an issue as when connecting an out bound line, as there is normally only one anchor in that direction. The frustrating part occurs when trying to connect a return line to the central tower. There maybe 4-5+ anchors/connections in that area and with their close proximity to each other and the long distances generally involved, it is can be very difficult to tell them apart. Generally its a best guess scenario, with getting the right one as best case. Worst case you wasted half your silk rope and will have to run back between the two towers to try and reconnect. The frustration comes when its the 3rd or 4th time you’ve had to run between your towers because you keep selecting the wrong one. Having the ability to name or add an icon to ziplines and anchors would greatly reduce these types of errors. Maybe make zipline points essentially a form of trail marker that only appears while connecting a line. thanks Vern (^_^)
  6. Pretty simple, you would just relocate a chest/basket to a Zipline and it would attach, maybe even have a option where it doesn't move until you send it so you can load stuff into the container before sending it off. I think this would be an amazing thing for people who like to go on long gathering sessions across the map or maybe want to make a new base but don't want to deal with the relocation of their chests. I mean if a player puts the work in to have Ziplines going all over the map, maybe we should be able to do more and have ways to maybe just send items over long distances like with the stems. This could even be really helpful if you have a multiplayer world and your friend needs food or repair ingredients for their stuff but are all the way across the map, instead of just heading home their friend could just send over stuff and they can continue on with whatever they need to do across the map
  7. To know the weakness of the bosses, you should be able to find information in files or Ominent Logs found around the backyard, so you don't have to face them directly to know their weaknesses or resistances, this would also make the player more attracted to collecting these stuff. All these, at least for those bosses who spawn once time, like the Assistant Manager
  8. I think that fresh defense should be renamed to “Mint Condition”. Why? Because it’s sound cooler (no pun intended)
  9. I would love love love the ability to pour boiling pots of sap onto my attackers like a medieval feudal Lord exerting his control over his ant-like citizens. It could attach to the top of the wall over a door or choke point and drop a sticky AoE damage substance onto unsuspecting insects below. Also, I've been having problems with broken armor falling off when my always over encumbered lumbering around with zero space in my inventory after it takes maximum damage. Could we have broken armor stay on, yet offer zero protection values? It's absolutely heartbreaking to get back from adventuring and not realizing your prized cuirass that's took so much grind to make fantastically strong, broke ages ago and you have no idea when it fell off. Also, please add acorn elevators. It's tough navigating nearly a meter of spiral staircases, thanks. Lol
  10. Allow us to either customize our backpacks like adding armored bug plates or extra pouches that give us another line of storage or a backpack that auto deploys the dandelion seed after falling a certain height or one that can deploy a dust cloud once you get hit and then has a 1 minuet cool down or one that heals you if you're almost downed but then has like a 5 minuet cool down. you can have it be like finding different types of bags in the backyard similar to how the SCA.B flavor scheme works but for backpacks maybe even get creative with environmental story telling on how the backpack got there like maybe with the dandelion one it can be found snagged on a branch in the hedge but below you can see a human shaped hole in the mud below where the backpack is suppose to be both telling the player someone fell there and letting them know there is something up there. Also maybe give us control of the color of the backpack.
  11. After watching the Pax livestream I had an idea. A "Vicious" variant for bugs. A veteran variant of aggressive bugs. They would be tougher and have rare spawn rate. Buffed health, different attack pattern, altered appearance, etc. Drops a rare bug part used for augmented armor appearance and/or decor. Decor might be a wall mount, crown, trophy. Encourages replayability through Bug hunting. Based on what we learned from the live stream they could spawn in faction raids or out in the wild. Rick and morty cringe aside, the concept is sound. Pickle Rick fights the boss rat. https://youtu.be/2FmXDgzvoR8
  12. I would like to wish building elements/parts/components that can be used to build machines (The Incredible Machine) that are completely free in terms of function. This makes it possible to build sophisticated traps, defense systems or automate workflows, etc. There are no limits to the creativity of the players. You could integrate these the whole thing into your base, in combination or as a stand-alone object/machine/outpost. What do you think?!
  13. Surprisingly few coop games allow more than 4 players to join. (1) Please consider increasing the maximum player limit, assuming there are no significant technical reasons that prevent it. It will make your game stand out, and you will gain 5 happy customers on the spot. ---- (1) https://store.steampowered.com/curator/11707935-More-Than-4-Local-Multiplayer/
  14. My idea is since the game takes place in the late 80s early 90s (I think ) fanny packs were a huge thing at the time and you should be able to craft one or buy one from Burgl to get a little more inventory room. I also like other peoples idea's of equipment added to your hot bar should be removed from your bags since they are on the hot bar. But I mainly wanted to input my idea of the Fanny Pack. What do you guys think about the fanny pack idea?
  15. TLDR: add a mouse/termite hole in the paneling of the house and/or shed. Now that the shed deck has been fleshed out, the house deck is looking lonely. It could use more love. Adding access to either of those buildings would be a huge undertaking. That being said, an alternative to adding some home elements into the game could be a hole dug into the wood paneling of the house. Something of a mini biome, not necessarily grand in scope. In there we might find: - Scenery such as electrical wires, nails, dry wall chunks, insulation, mouse traps, cheese bits, wall studs and metal brackets, pin holes with unfocused views into the house (maybe at floor level to avoid rendering a whole room). There could be some verticality to this area. - Insulation fibers (fleshed out later for potential weather/ temperature features or specialized crafting material. - Cheese Chunks ( akin to backyard food items, potential new food recipes. - Mouse (probably unkillable like the Koi Fish. Maybe a distraction mechanic in lieu of combat, i.e. encounter diversification. - New Materials (these could coincide with the upcoming powered bases feature. - Adds another area for Dust Mites and Splinter chunks. Expanding on the Mouse: - Optionally gate keep a portion of this area behind a nesting Mouse. - Encounter Diversity (as stated earlier, combat would not be how we take it down. Rather it could be lured into a mouse trap to open up this area more. On the other hand it could also act in a similar manner to the Koi Fish that is simply a hazard to sneak around. I'd love to hear your input on these ideas cheers!
  16. Gosto muito de jogar Grounded pelo seu estilo de mundo aberto, um jogo onde você encolheu ficando do tamanho de uma formiga tendo de lutar contra aranhas, formigas, entre outros insetos. Algo que eu quero muito que o Grounded tenha é um lugar frio, assim como exemplo é a caixa de areia, com insetos que vivem em biomas de gelo, com um formigueiro próprio desse lugar, insetos que só aparecem ali, assim como recursos unicos daquele lugar, que irão liberar novas construções e ferramentas. Uma parte do mapa que eu acho que ficaria muito legal para poder fazer esse "bioma" seria no deck da casa, com o formigueiro embaixo dele tendo a entrada meio escondida. Seria legal ter um efeito negativo de frio causado pelo bioma, assim como por exemplo é na caixa de areia referente ao calor causa pelo "bioma". Um novo Boss com lugar próprio que você possa invocar ele varias vezes assim como é a Broodmother. Nesse novo lugar pode ter um laboratório tematizado com um novo chip para o BURG.L que irá liberar itens, ferramentas e construções referente ao frio/gelo.
  17. As a new player, it would be helpful to be able to pin recipes to your main screen so I don't have to keep tabbing back and forth from the crafting menu and the main screen. As the game progresses I believe it will become more helpful for new and experienced players as well. Maybe even multiple pins too instead of just one at a time. This is an example:
  18. 02/18/2021 Hello here is a list of improvements that can be made to the game following the Into the Woods update, including creature suggestions. Ive played nothing but this game since the new update, originally playing the first version for a couple of days. Quality of life: 1. building complex bases for a solo player takes weeks, i would ask that grass/weed regrowth should be increased in order to assist those who make bases in areas of dry grass/few weeds & grass. 2. Ability to upgrade armor and tools, the milk molar upgrade for torches helps but slime lanterns in water should be upgraded as well to that upgrade 3. Cactus needes should be able to be used as a thistle alternative. 4. Mega Milk molar to upgrade inventory space 5. Item hold amounts for milk molars increased per level. 6. Vertical climbing for aracnids. 7. Webs a 4 chop instead of 3. 8. All insects effected by cordyceps 9. Spiderling damage increase 10. Reduce hostility on ladybird larvae 11. Once teir 3 is unlocked, increase health of all insects to keep them balanced in relative to new ones termite compared to red ants. 12. Mite damage increase, dust mite dust attack dmg increase. 13. More acorn spawns. 14. Increase food bit given on harvest, or concurrent mutation. Suggestions (creatures): 1.praying mantis 2.spider ants 3. butterfly 4. Moth 5. Dragonfly 6. Water strider 7. Frog/toad(boss) 8. hummingbird(boss) 9. Silverfish 10. DADDY LONG LEGS(harvestmen) 11. Grasshoppers/crickets 12. kadydids 13. ****roaches 14. Flea 15. Flies/horseflies 16. Scorpion 17.lice 18. Walking sticks 19. Centipede 20. Venus fly trap/carniverous plants Suggestions (tools/crafting): 1.Boyant base foundation 2. Small one person raft(navigate water faster) 3. Grapple Rod(fishing rod reel that can added to a crossbow to pull yourself to places or high areas without having to parkour or climb[ravine]) cna use thistle or bug leg as grapple and durability measures by incentory weight. 4. Flash bang- stun insects with bioluminessant powder, pebbets, ect. 5. Unarmed attacks, claws ect 6. Climbing tools with use of bug legs 7. Dodge (mutation) 8. Tame pets capable of combat and faster travel.(ants, ladybug, bees larvae) 9. CAGES 10. Parry mechanic 11. Pail to carry cosmetic water and sand. 12. A way to color walls, floors and lamps. 13. Traps with explosive, posion or gas effects 14. Stack cooked food items 15. Balista for home defense.
  19. Other than the common stuff that you are probably already working on, this is a list of things I feel need to be changed or at least looked at. 1. The new combo system Limiting the damage of the first hit is extremely restrictive for slower weapons. People who use heavy weapons are basically forced to do all 3 hits which ruins their stamina. Instead of a 3 hit combo being 50-100-150 damage, a better fit might be 100-100-150/200. That way instead of punishing players for not doing the combos you instead reward them for playing that way. 2. The weird armor class damage resistance. For those unaware, light and medium armor INCREASES damage resistance by 20% and heavy armor DECREASES damage resistance by 10%. I know this is done for balancing purposes, but messing with damage resistance seems antithetical to the point of the armor. If you want to nerf heavy armor and buff the lighter ones, increasing/decreasing movement speed might be a better choice. You could also change the amount of stamina needed for actions. 3. Durability I am not the first to talk about durability and I almost certainly won't be the last. I am not saying remove durability or make it cheaper, I just think that there should be later game methods to make it more manageable. The best method I thought of was to add a system where whenever x amount of durability is lost, the max durability increases. It doesn't remove the need of repairs, just lessens it after a while. 4. Durability loss on death This one I don't feel too strongly about, but durability loss on death feels outdated. You already loose quite a bit of durability in the fight, to loose more on death seems a bit cruel. 5. Weevil Shield materiel costs (please) I have played this game for a while and have gotten pretty decent at the games combat. What helped me the most was the Weevil Shield. It makes combat much less demanding and helps you get used to the combat system. The problem is that this is the earliest shield you can get, but the resources needed to craft/repair it are slightly limited and perishable. A new player most likely won't scan raw Weevil meat and if they do, they likely will just cook and eat it instead of making a shield. My suggestion, replace the raw meat with Weevil Noses. Although they have a chance not to drop, I think it will help newer players immensely. 6. Milk Molar tweaks There NEEDS to be a way to respec. I doesn't have to be free, but it needs to be an option. 7. More specific info It would be kind of nice if things showed exact percentage of increase or the exact proc chance of certain abilities. This next part is mostly just wishful thinking so it is not numbered or really bothering me. I would like a way to obtain more milk molars outside of finding them. It would be neat if they dropped from certain enemies or if they could be crafted. A mutation or something that increases the drops from enemies would be nice. If the Rock Cracker mutation increased the amount of resources you get to make upgrades easier. If Coup de Grass also increase crit damage a bit.
  20. I would love to see an update that adds a BURG.L unlock for TONS of furniture, environment and aesthetic items to the game. Some ideas include: -Berry leather floor pillows -Berry leather loveseat and couches -Mite fuzz or lint couches/loveseats - Sleeping bag out of mite fuzz/lint - plant fiber/woven lint hammock - Acorn Egg chair -stem tables, grand table (for superbuilds) -more lamps!! -lightning/ladybug night light -scarab chandelier that you can hang from higher ceilings -scarab wall lamps that can project a small rainbow or any color light -Refrigerator!! -low tables -woven lint/fuzz carpets/rugs or blankets that you can sit on - weed stem picnic table/bench -different styles of furniture out of different bugs I would love to see a tarantula added to the game as well, it adds so many upgrade options for poison, daggers etc. And it would be cool to make furniture out of hair you can harvest from them. I have so many more ideas and there’s so much potential with all of the bugs within the game already even if a few new furniture items were added it would be amazing to see.
  21. english A hunting weapon would be interesting and the one I'm thinking of is the blowpipe, since this weapon, despite being prehistoric, could be easily manufactured like the gill tube, only this being a weapon would launch normal darts that do medium damage and it would be essential that Like the arrows, it has darts with different effects, such as a paralyzing dart or darts to sleep, this, far from working to kill, would be more to flee or take advantage of insects and be able to hunt them easier, of course, depending on the size of the insect, it would be the amount of darts to use to kill them, put them to sleep or paralyze them. spanish Sería interesante un arma de caza y en la que estoy pensando es la cerbatana, ya que esta arma a pesar de ser prehistórica se podría fabricar fácilmente como la branquia, solo que al ser un arma lanzaría dardos normales que hacen daño medio y Sería fundamental que al igual que las flechas, tenga dardos con diferentes efectos, como un dardo paralizante o dardos para dormir, esto lejos de funcionar para matar, sería más para huir o aprovechar insectos y poder cazarlos más fácil. Eso sí, dependiendo del tamaño del insecto, sería la cantidad de dardos a utilizar para matarlo, adormecerlo o paralizarlo.
  22. I think it would be cool if there was a way for people to access your multiplayer world when the host can’t play. For example, my son wants to play and upgrade his weapons/gather materials but I’m not always able to play when he wants to. So it would be cool if there was a way to select certain players certain roles in your world and can only do what you have allowed. Player, guest, spectator etc. maybe have a passcode or something to access the world.
  23. Both Crude rope and silk rope only cost 1 resource to make but lint rope costs 3 to make. This makes building with the new burr floors prohibitively expensive. On a good run you can get 30-40 lint which makes 10-13 lint rope, which only makes 5-6 full burr floors. This in my opinion is far too little for what is one of the most limited resources currently in game. I suggest that lint rope only cost 1 lint per, like other ropes.
  24. 1. When in a house, when you stack drop an item, it falls through the floor. 2. When you get caught in the spider web, once you get out it stays in third person. 3. console-FPS drop and lag when around large clumps of ants or a highly populated area. 4. Wolf spider glitches into houses and buildings when walking. 5. extreme clumps of ants cause lag. 6. deterioration rate is really fast, it’d be nice to have slower decay or none at all. 7. dew drops stay in the air after I’ve knocked down a grass blade. 8. antlion great sword hits don’t register frequently. 9. Ladder mechanic on console is clunky and glitchy. 10. on console, players glitch very hard when entering their doorway to their house. 11. Xbox optimization would be amazing! 12. a PvP server would be super cool to see. 13. stamina drains too quickly when fights or running. 14. healing bandage healing power is low 15. Cooked food decays too quick. 16. Make jerky more powerful when eating. 17. A refrigerator would be a nice addition. 18. butterfly or moths would be a cool thing to have. 19. Have cats or dogs walk through the back yard, it can be a fun threat to avoid. Use dog or cat fur for item crafting. 20. dynamic weather. 21. different weather seasons. 22. Fast travel locations when you find an analyzer tent. 23. make lean-to’s a fast travel location 24. ride or tame bumblebees and lady bugs. Overall this game is off to an amazing start and so addictive! I’ve been recommending it to everyone I know. Runs and plays great on PC. Would really like to see more optimization for consoles.
  25. I love the PoE aesthetics Design, arts, interface, colors etc.. For me, visually PoE Deadfire is the most beautiful isometric game I've ever played. I hope they keep that aesthetic in Avowed.
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