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Found 8 results

  1. As posted on Reddit "Patch 0.13 Bug and Issues Megathread" Platform: Xbox Method of "Purchase": Xbox Singleplayer or Multiplayer? Multiplayer: 4 players Description: With the speed up update for the zipline and plus velocity damage, my ziplines that are faster are making me and my friends stuck on the wall in the end of them or going through the building. If we try to jump right before the end to not be stuck or inside the buildings we take damage hitting the wall. End Result: Stuck on the wall or going through buildings Hardware: Me (host): Xbox Series S - Others: PC / Xbox One / Xbox Series X
  2. Making my first Zipline yesterday I discovered some unfortunate failings. When in the Zipline creation UI where you choose the destination, there should be an elevation indicator that displays whether your intended target is higher or lower than the starting point. And by how much. The Zipline Anchor should be moveable before and after creation. How this was overlooked is beyond me. To add to that, if the line is shorter after moving, no line materials are refunded. But if the line is longer, Silk Rope must be added.
  3. Please increase the speed at which the player goes on a Zipline. Even if the incline isn't that high, the player should still be able to go slightly faster on custom ziplines. It takes me 1 cm every 1 sec and this can create for a very long and boring experience. Thanks.
  4. I'm not sure if anyone else thinks this would be handy, but I would love like maybe an altimeter read out above our hunger bar, or maybe next to our stats while in our inventory. I find it difficult to judge how tall I need to build a tower to successfully and efficiently build a Zipline across further distances, and think this could be a relatively easy thing to add in. But I love the game so much keep up the good work!!
  5. Quick suggestion for vehicles: boats/rafts, bicycles, tricycles, wheelbarrows & hitches. i think it'd be useful to be able to attach stems & storage containers to wheelbarrows, & also be able to hitch wheelbarrows to tricycles. moving supplies would be incredible this way. also it would be amazing if we could carry a tool that allowed us to drag stems along with us while we're in the water. perhaps bikes wouldnt be able to hitch wheelbarrows but be faster than trikes which could hitch while not being as fast; both still be faster than running; stamina on a bike/trike perhaps is the same as running but takes a penalty when something is hitched to the trike? a small boat/canoe/kayak would just be swell especially if it could also drag supplies. my most out-there suggestion is for rubber bands that allow travel back up a zip line. so if you have enough elastic resource on your way down, it attaches at the end giving you one trip back up. that or maybe a kind of peddle-pully system that relies on stamina?
  6. There should be a telescope for scouting out areas far away it would be especially useful when setting up zip lines and searching for clear paths
  7. Platform: Steam Multiplayer: 2/3/4 players Description of issue: Since we started installing ziplines, we've been getting the following issues: 1. When using ziplines, non-host players' heads turn into carabiner hooks. 2. After using ziplines, non-host players end up seizing (they see other players perpetually umping, too). When they swim and go under, they are unable to resurface and die by drowning. After being revived, they no longer seize up until they use the ziplines again. 3. After exiting the game, and loading it, the non-host players turn into cameras (no access to inventory or other options), before crashing. 4. When we chop down grass/weed stems or bring down berries, they have phantoms that remain, which can't chop or shoot down. This is the same for dew drops on blades of grass. We've had to rollback to a save file that had no ziplines yet, just to be able to play the game in multiplayer mode.
  8. When traveling using ziplines, if you press ALT or ESC then you are not able to see around anymore... Just up and down. It is not a big deal but a bug, nonetheless.
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