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  1. Base Building: Is there a size limit for bases/buildings? I've been building darn near since the beginning and I've yet to run into an issue besides developers shifting environmental items on me, forcing me to build more and/or destroy some. As of today I'm done. Can I export my base so others can mess around with it or share it some how besides co-op? It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Check out a video I made of this complex: https://www.facebook.com/100057393220493/videos/231357882120651/
  2. Hello, taking the video for the info you requested for my last post od Bouyant foundations I found that buildings that are supported with steams also are threated as one single object, no matter which part you remove all the building collapses. Before update 0.8 they were supported properly indicating zero, but now each part support the same weight. But the info I sent with last post applies for this too.
  3. My building floating in the pond stopped bobbing today for no discernible reason. There are no connections to solid ground save ziplines which did not stop the bobbing when I placed them several days ago. if I open a save from yesterday, the building still bobs.
  4. New Sign Set: A sign set that depicts various uses for rooms and buildings would be very useful. A picture that depicts something related to storage for example, others that denote cooking, crafting, sleeping, etc.
  5. Lighting Proliferation: I’d like to see the sprig/sap and glowing mold stalk available as hanging lights as well as a glowing mold stalk floor lamp, and a lightning bug variant of the floor lamp and sconce. Additional Lighting: A fence-top lamp that could be placed on the posts of the fences would be very nice, especially if it came in all three lighting variants (sprig/sap, glow mold stalk, lightning bug).
  6. Dont know where to place bugs with updates but I’m hoping it’s here. Since update 0.7 building has been the biggest hassle. Love that you can move items, but when placing items and blueprints the issues kick in. 1. When placing blueprints or items you have to move the object all the way back. You can’t place it close to you even if it’s a light. I have to move my character as far back as I could before I could place an item in the spot I want. 2. As someone else said before me, when placing blueprints it cancels other blueprints. If I want to place two foundation next to each other I can
  7. While building some of my blueprints were mistakenly placed below ground as I was placing them. I am unable to find a way to delete these. Video showing the issue https://youtu.be/O2hdFCvjBeQ PC - Microsoft Version - Patch v0.6.2
  8. I understand that the game is in the preview process yet building is one of the most important mechanics of this game (its the reason most people tend to continue playing after the content is complete). I personally believe they had the building nearly PERFECT two or so updates ago, this recent update (bees etc) have broken some important bits to building. Its nearly impossible now to place chests/baskets on or under grass floors put at the "halfway" position (halfway up a wall, as in a "shelf"). The same could be said for alot of objects for that matter. I can no longer also place
  9. You ever try to build a wall in a certain spot and it shows up red, meaning no matter what, you cannot place that wall? Well, that shouldn't be in the game whatsoever. Like at all, for any reason. It's EXTREMELY restrictive and keeps me from building how I need to build. (No I'm not saying to allow me to build floating structures. I want to build walls inside of the base I've already built but for some stupid reason the game will not let me) Oh, and I know how this works, this issue could only be solved by removing the entire build blocking feature from the game.
  10. I was building in creative and wanted to make a base at the birdbath. Its only a hassle to get up there, and once you get there when you get down getting up is the same hassle again. So i was thinking about possibly adding ladders and rope ladders not only for in house use but also from high places without support as a way to make cool bases at hard to get to places. So i thought of three variant, a sprig and an acorn variant that are for in house use and have to be connected to a wall. Sprig: 4 Crude rope and 4 sprigs per ladder Acorn: 2 Acorn shells and 4 crude rope per ladde
  11. I don't understand why doors are so tall. There's clearly a standard height to build floors, as the staircase has a fixed height. The problem is that if you create a second floor at staircase hight and you have doors separating rooms below, the doors peek through the ground, so either you have very tall and expensive buildings so every floor is two staircases high, or you can't use doors for anything but exterior walls. Half stairs to make more dynamic buildings would be awesome as well, and would solve this problem, but I'm inclined to think that's way harder than just make the doors low
  12. When i go to build something the preview of that building piece gets automatically rotated to a different ang le and cannot b e placed properly.
  13. This is just a collection of ideas and thoughts ive had about the game since playing it. I will break everything up into groups to better clarify my ideas. Please if you have any thoughts on these ideas or additions let me know. Thank you. Base Building Base Building is an important part of the game and i think the variety is lacking. It doesnt seem fully flushed out which is fine considering the development phase of the game and i have no problem with that these are just my ideas and im sure some of this is probably already in the works. Pebblet Walls Roofs Triang
  14. At first, Hello nice shrunk mates, and sorry for my bad english skills I enjoy grounded from the first hour, cause i am a kid from the mid 80's early 90's.. and i like it that obsidian updating grounded every month. I've played more then enought early access games which wasnt nearly in that stadium what grounded was by e.a.-release. I am a german player and ive wrote an review on steam for grounded too, to bringing in some points what all thoose starting negative reviews giving an good counterpart. (feel free to visit and read it) and of course obsidian feel free to take my thoug
  15. When trying to build any type of structure or craft decorations, the item or structure slants to a side after pressing the build button. This is an issue that did not happen until the new update was released (Nov 10th). Very important to address this issue as base building is a crucial part of the game and experience.
  16. Nothing specific done prior, this happens in a brand new save, in creative, and in a pre-existing world. Whenever you try to place a wall at a 45 degree diagonal placement, the game will instead correct it to a 'straight' 90 degree angle to the corresponding grid layout.
  17. Howdy all! I'm a long time survival player and recently picked up Grounded. What an awesome game! I love the style and feel and atmosphere. Very happy to be playtesting this awesome game. I recently unlocked the ability to build and have started to lay out my first base. One thing that immediately jumped out at me is the choice of basic building materials (square and triangle). I noticed that Obsidian chose to go with a 90°-45°-45° triangle piece rather than a 60°-60°-60° which unfortunately limits our building shapes, especially circular building. I've created a little graphic that
  18. Improvements: A zip line version that can be attached to a stem scaffold - This will allows us to easily adjust the a height of the zipline, attach a network of ziplines into one centralized node with less clutter and it looks structurally sound with longer ziplines. I think this can be done by just resizing the existing zip line mount and adding snapping points to it. Since we cannot move stuff yet in the game, I think we need to be able to check first if we can connect the zipline nodes together without constructing it (still in blueprint mode). Burgle Upgrades: Motori
  19. Just updated the game on xbox one s and now I'm not able to do any building construction whatsoever
  20. I know there might be another post with something similar to what mine is but I wanted to start fresh. I've heard it said on many YouTube videos that Avowed is going toe to toe with Elder scrolls and if that is ultimately true then here is my list of what I want to see done in Avowed that wasn't done right in ES. CRAFTING - I want to see a more expanded crafting system, if I hunt Deer or Boar then I want Deer hide/ Boar hide to be a useable crafting material offering different stats/bonuses when crafting. The crafting system must include a far more expanded list of items, f
  21. To be able to craft a sled of some sorts to transport lots of grass&stem materials for the building of larger bases maybe like 25 or so of one or the other kind. Kinda like the log sled on "The Forest" game.
  22. Hello, all! So, first, I'd like to start off by saying that I thoroughly enjoy this game. A gripe that I have, however: I like building fences in order to keep bugs off of my properties. The thing with the fences though, 1) they do not stack on top of each other, so I have no option to choose how high they go. And 2) They do not follow the curvature of the ground. I made a small little base by the pond, thinking that the land was really flat..... until I tried to place fences. Some parts of my fence clip through the rock, and it doesn't even keep the insects out. Maybe a terrain tool may he
  23. These are some ideas I had for new building items Painting- Paints would be a nice addition to the game You could make 2 buckets of them at a workshop with a piece of something Some examples include: 1 ant piece- 2x red paint; 1 berry chunk- 2x purple paint; 1 charcoal chunk (I talked about this in my previous topic)- 2x black paint; 1 stinkbug part- 2x gray paint; etc. 1 paint would cover one side of a wall (or roofs, stairs, floors, what have you.) Thus, you would have to use both buckets of paint to cover a building piece entirely To use the paint th
  24. It would be neat to have a triangle wall so we could have more options when it some to making roofs. The front of our base is always the normal grass roof, its not bad, but wish there are more options to play with. Also half walls / floors would be great. I created a base where I ended up missing half a wall to cover everything... Is there an option to make the top of grass walls flat, like the window walls? They stick out when I place the roofs on it and my OCD screams no. Placements of the walls (and other base building elements) is such a pain. I
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