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  1. Grass plank storage (large and normal) will not fit on one grid tile. Snap to grid won't allow things to be placed in spaces that could be placed in the same spot without snap enabled. Some structures float when the support connecting it to the ground is broken.
  2. I would think that wall mounted bases would be pretty cool. I know you can just place platforms in cracks on walls, but it would be easier to just place wall mounted platforms to make such a feat easier. It would make building wall mounted bases much easier and way faster.
  3. Being able to use a tool to help you while building without sacrificing achievements and such would be nice.
  4. Restarted a new game to have a play through of the new content and UI redesign. Issues we found: When a non-host player builds a hologram grass wall or floor into a completed piece, sometimes for the non-host players that building piece is invisible. Non-host players could walk through the invisible wall etc, the host player reported seeing their character face plant into the wall and skitter along it. After a period of time the non-host player teleports to what I assume is the 'correct' position as far as the host is concerned. Logout / in fixes the build piece issues, but fundamentally there seems to be an issue in maintaining a consistent view of the world between the host and the non-hosts. We also had issues with the hotpouch bar for non-host players seemingly randomly switching items, and ignoring the pinning/sticky setting.
  5. This is a post that others may add extra ideas to or build upon posted ideas. First request is for the quarter walls, the vertical half walls and many other walls to be able to sit at a 45 angle on the floor tiles lie regular walls can. Second is for some sort of resource elevator to be able to move large quantities of stems and grass planks up to high place, for example up a zip line tower Third some very basic automation of some production stations like the sap collector or the spinning wheel, strictly limited to auto input and output, so I can throw in a few stacks of web fibre and leave it for a couple in game hours while collecting other things. Final for me is some sort of flood lights for lighting large open areas made with some glow goo from fireflies or possibly a firefly Boss which could be cool. Thanks to anyone who adds more ideas of amends and improves other ideas posted xxx
  6. Come see the story of an Empire being born in the backyard of Grounded! Take a tour of multiple bases, all connected to the giant Capital of SkyBridge. Meet the Commander, the Chef, the wizards, and see where the head of the scouts and warriors factions reside. It's all here:
  7. My friends and I are playing together, and I'm the host. We've played together without issue since launch, but all of a sudden we've returned back and they're experiencing some extreme desync issues, especially when building or dealing with dew drops. Sometimes if they're building something it will appear built but they can walk right through the built item. Sometimes if they're building it'll appear that it hasn't been built, when it has. With the dew drops, they'll appear but they can't drink from them. This is becoming a pretty major issue for us. They have to keep reconnecting to fix their bugs which just isn't fun. I'm on an AT&T Fiber connection with over a gig worth of speed. I don't know if it matters what my machine is, but the specs are below: EVGA Nvidia RTX 3080 10GB GDDR6X Intel Core i7-11700K Rocket Lake 3.2GHz 32GB DRDR4 RAM ASUS Z590-A ROG LEGA 1200 ATX Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1TB M.2 Any help with this would be extremely appreciated.
  8. With the addition of the comfort system giving us more of a reason to decoration and design than ever before, I feel that there some things we are currently lacking and some structures that may need a bit of tweaking to make things perfect. Apologies in advance if any of these are already in the works, have already been suggested, or have already been rejected, as I'm not up to date on this kind of information. Additions: 1. Carpets/rugs They'd fit in perfectly with the new comfort system (maybe a 6th rank could be added? It could, very slowly, passively restore equipment durability or something.). We have plenty of existing materials they could be made out of. They could either replace/reskin floors entirely or simply be placed on top of them (although they would need to allow other structures to be placed over them if the latter is done). 2. Quarter Wall/Foundation/Floor Pieces I can't tell you how many times I've run into situations in which I've needed a quarter wall/foundation/floor piece to fill a tiny gap when designing a base. These would be so nice to have. 3. Ash Pillars Why don't these exist? We have pillars for everything else remotely solid. 4. Wall & hanging braziers The standing mant braziers look amazing and were a good start, but even the small ones take up a lot of room and I feel this idea could be expanded on. 5. More Railing/Fence Types Just sprig and acorn is very limiting to aesthetics. Why not have at least a pine cone variant? 6. Ash & Pine Cone Stairs Like with pillars and fencing, it just seems strange that these don't already exist. 7. More Path Variations Pebblet looks great, but why can't we also have clay, acorn, pine cone, mushroom brick, or ash paths? 8. Curved Corner Stairs We have straight corner stairs so why not these? 9. More Spiral Stair Variants We have more than just Acorn for normal and half stairs, spiral stairs need some love too. 10. Ash Foundations Seems like an obvious addition to me since ash is supposed to be our mini version of concrete, right? 11. Zipline anchor Variants I feel like it's a waste to only ever build these out of the same materials when we have so many different possible styles available. 12. Small Garden Patch Why must I grow smaller plants in such a massive patch? Especially when said patch still only gives me a small return on these smaller plants? 13. More Arch Variants At least Ash wall arches would be nice. Just having these available for mushroom walls is a waste. Tweaks: 1. Diagonal Triangle Wall Placement It would be nice if we could place triangle wall segments diagonally like we already can with other wall types. 2.. Triangle Ash Wall Curve Why is the normal one curved on one side when the inverted variant is straight? The curve just creates gaps and it isn't like ash walls all have a curvy style to them, I don't see the point. 3. Pillar Placement Having more snap points for Pillars would be much appreciated. For example, being able to snap them at points halfway along flooring or maybe on the edge of floor segments would be nice. 4. Curved Wall Gaps Curved walls have gaps that need fixing. This is most obvious on the left side of ash curved walls and ash curved half walls. 5. Garden Patch Snapping The snapping for these is full of problems. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Often times you can't snap a lot of them next to each other for no apparent reason. They often refuse to snap correctly next to walls, despite there being plenty of room. This is more for convenience because you can, of course, manually place them in such locations. 6. More Chest Snap Points It would be very convenient if chests and other storage structures could snap to more locations other than just the center and edges of a floor segment. Having to eyeball everything takes a really long time if you want it looking nice. 7. Middle Mouse Rotation Alignment Generally, most structures other than floors, walls, roofing, etc tend to not rotate with the correct alignment when using the mouse wheel. Trying to line everything up to look neat is something I do in every building game. So the mouse wheel rotating things to an off angle can be infuriating when I'm, for example, trying to place a row of chests sideways along a wall and keep them lined up perfectly with that wall. This is all I can think of for now. If I come up with any more ideas I'll add them. If you made it this far, thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions.
  9. So you know how when you recycle something when building it just kinda goes all over the place? I had the idea of having a setting where you could have it either directly go back into your inventory, available storage with hot deposit on, or have it drop all the materials in a bag. (If your inventory is full it would tell you in the bottom or something like that) I just think a new recycling system would be cool! Thanks for reading :)
  10. I've finally gotten all the building item in the games and i have a large gripe with the roofing of the game. As it stands the roofs are not great as they simply sit in top, sometimes not even fully covering the roof. There are some ways around this with some building techniques but, even with said techniques there is still an open slit from the outside. I propose that there should be a "half" roofing tile, a tile that is half the length of a normal tile. this would allow you to extend roofs in more intricate designs and also extend the rooves down more to not only cover the tops of your building better but also have a slight overhang on your building that generally just looks amazing. If im to be honest i mainly just want an overhang on my building but the other stuff does still stand true and is slightly annoying.
  11. it would be very nice to have some way to automate such as upgraded turrets that are super expensive but still before late game or auto sorters made from parts from lab bots or something. i would like some way to safely attack the wolf spider that shows up at my house every so often. i made palisades but it still gets in somehow
  12. I know this may sound a bit of a stretch. But trust me how it’s going to be better for tall base. Instead of walking up stairs back and fourth or having to go to the top which takes time. But with elevator we can change the whole idea of building mechanics in the game. Can be easily go to point a to point b. Like if you build a base at the high place like the oak tree. You can build a elevator to each their in seconds. You can control the speed, When to stop and how high you want it to go. Of course it’s going to be pricey for this mechanic. You might need weed stem for flooring, grass plank for walls then ropes, silk ropes, etc whatever it can hold to help move the elevator up and down. This can change the whole idea of bases.
  13. Base building has to be one of the funnest aspects of Grounded. That being said, a major Improvement could be added to the game. I really wish the developers would allow us to build the walls into the environment. I can't tell you how many times the game has prevented me from adding a floor piece, a diagonal corner piece, or a set of stairs just because it starts to merge into either the ground or one of the logs that I'm building my base on top of over by the Great Oak Tree. The invisible wall of the environmental structures should not impede my ability to snap a base building part to another part just because it starts to merge in with the environment. Just like how I can build a wall or a floor piece in the woods and the grass has no effect on whether or not I'm able to build. Technically I can have grass growing up right through the middle of my floor. The environment should not restrict my ability to have fun building my base.
  14. Every material that can be turned into walls has a half-wall crenelated variant, and yet only grass planks have a *curved half-wall crenelated variant. Ummm... why? Was this overlooked, or do they really expect people to not want these vital construction methods. My castle looks so lame with completely flat curved towers when the rest of the castle has gorgeous crenelated walls. Help.
  15. Now personally i love all the new content added with the release of the full game however i hope i'm not alone in noticing what feels like some gaps when it comes to some structure and gear based content. Like the new ash building bits for example, very smooth and unique with its nice modern-esq appearance (being that its like concrete), however it leaves a gap since while there's more or less a related tier of floor and roof structure for each kind of walling it feels like that stops with ash which while isn't bad with the burr floors it doesn't really match the clover or feather roofing. My first thought for this is Pinecone shingles since that matches the ash both in resource tier as well as aesthetically. However while thinking on it i also realized there isn't many options for stairs and doors since in terms of doors there isn't anything beyond palisade gates and the normal doors and stairs stop at straight grass and spiraling acorn ones, but with all the new resources there's plenty of things to build with that would be not only fitting but also generally pretty rad. Like a drawbridge made from pinecones pulled up and let down by spider silk or a portcullis made from splinters held together with chewing gum or lint rope for unique entry ways that would match the vibe of the mushroom brick (and ash depending on how you use it)while feeling akin to later game versions of the palisade wall and gates; or a somewhat curved staircase made from bur or pinecone. And for gear: the Mantis got a full set of armor + a weapon yet the Broodmother remains having just a helmet paired with their weapon, not a huge deal but i still think if there's a set for one there should be for both. With the staffs there's Sour, Spicy and Fresh but no Salty staff which feels disappointing since the current three are super cool and fun to use. There's a tier two bow and crossbow but only a tier 3 crossbow, while i can understand why i do still think having a faster but less damaging tier 3 bow option would be nice, could be made from black widow parts and lint and have a venom crit or something. I also am mildly disappointed there isn't some kind of flail amongst the tier 3 weapons and that neither of the tier 3 shields look like a tower/war door, heater, kite shield or really anything other than a round shield(ladybird one is essentially a round shield with indents so i feel that while the aspis type design is cool, doesn't quite count as not a round shield). I also still firmly believe a grappling hook or something would be awesome. Aside from that there isn't much else i can think of other than maybe add more traps/defensive structures? Would love to hear other ideas though.
  16. Why can't you Build anywhere (even down tunnels). After all that's what you would do if you were put in the same situation! As long as you have foundation points.
  17. I dont seem to have the schematic for the Glue Masher. it was to my understanding that you unlocked for purchase after you do the Hedge Lab but that does not seem to be the case. Do we know where that is or is my game bugged?
  18. When removing blueprint or recycling any part the entire structure collapses. In this video there are two separate structures. The structure I'm standing on had also been bugged in the same way. I completely rebuilt the structure I'm standing on to get rid of the bug. I really don't want to have to do the same to the other structure seen in this video as bugged/collapses. Any way to correct this without destroying and rebuilding? On the corrupted structure, most of the parts display the same number of "supporting". For example, all the floor pieces display that they are each supporting 30. Is there some way to reinforce it? Some way to reset/recount the "supporting" number on each part? Hope someone has an idea!
  19. It would be really cool to have more land rights, I noticed building on cans or boxes isn't allowed and also its really disappointing that you can't build a base at the 4 leaf clover, it'd be epic to have a ladder up to the surface and be a cave person. More pets like a gnat/tamale big insects but make them difficult to get e.g pet larva also would be amazing I know there's new enemies being added. Tier 2 glider made from Berry leather for long distances. Being able to go I side the house as a dlc or a separate map with whole new insects like daddy long leg spiders dust mites, fleas, flies, maybe a cat that chases you, maybe an ability to dig up the ground to make your own tunnels. Maybe a pebble Launcher similar to the fatman from fallout. Tier 3 shields or shields from the ladybug wings, maybe grass jump shoes. Potentially an elevator with stone counter weights. Slugs, snails and worms. Maybe caterpillar that'll eat your grass house. Ear wigs similar to larva, centipedes. Dragonfly and their wings maybe for the glider. Throwing thistles. Maybe a skinner outfit and knife for double harvests of insects. Water purifier like a pot for the fire. Ability to grow weeds in the garden patch like you can for other plants in the game. Possibly a weather system so rain and the drops can damage you. More map changing options like the shovel near the picnic table/insecticide canister, maybe be able to flood areas with the sprinklers. A stink bug gas thrower (like a flame thrower but for gas). More chest options maybe like a cabinet/dresser. Maybe Berry leather air foundation like the buoyancy platform but for the sky. Maybe the oak tree can have a tree house and that becomes a huge explorable area. More mutations and possiblly have more active at one. Flying mode for creative or a winged outfit that acts a little like a jetpack maybe use the stink bug gas with a coal to make fuel and ignition. Repeater crossbow (less damage than regular cross bow but still more damage than a insect bow. Compound bow for really quick firing. A bike from stems as the frame and acorn wheels. Leaf kayak and paddles.
  20. I'm not sure if anyone else thinks this would be handy, but I would love like maybe an altimeter read out above our hunger bar, or maybe next to our stats while in our inventory. I find it difficult to judge how tall I need to build a tower to successfully and efficiently build a Zipline across further distances, and think this could be a relatively easy thing to add in. But I love the game so much keep up the good work!!
  21. I was building an expansion to my house/base and i tried to delete a wall to make way for a door frame, but when i deleted the wall, it dropped two grass planks but didnt "technically" delete the wall. its almost as if its stuck in between existence and non-existence. I can still see the wall, and i can still collide with it, but when i jump i clip through the wall. I cant recycle the wall anymore, implying that it is indeed not really there, but i can place blueprints for wall decorations such as Trophies on this non-existent wall. what happened and is there a fix?
  22. Base Building: Is there a size limit for bases/buildings? I've been building darn near since the beginning and I've yet to run into an issue besides developers shifting environmental items on me, forcing me to build more and/or destroy some. As of today I'm done. Can I export my base so others can mess around with it or share it some how besides co-op? It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Check out a video I made of this complex: https://www.facebook.com/100057393220493/videos/231357882120651/
  23. Dont know where to place bugs with updates but I’m hoping it’s here. Since update 0.7 building has been the biggest hassle. Love that you can move items, but when placing items and blueprints the issues kick in. 1. When placing blueprints or items you have to move the object all the way back. You can’t place it close to you even if it’s a light. I have to move my character as far back as I could before I could place an item in the spot I want. 2. As someone else said before me, when placing blueprints it cancels other blueprints. If I want to place two foundation next to each other I can’t have the center dot (or reticle, dont know what its called) on the placed blueprint and press cancel because it while cancel the placed blueprint instead of taking me out of construction mode. 3. When placing blueprints if you press the button to place it, it will start adding the items to the blueprint placed behind it. It pretty much builds other blueprints while trying to place one. 4. Love that you can move objects now but, when you try to place them by while holding “LB” on Xbox remote it disappears. I’m trying to place a grass pallet on a floor and it just disappears when it gets placed. It doesn’t appear where I placed it or where it originally was. My “LB” is binded to what the default is. Other than these issues that just came up, I love what you guys are doing and how involved you guys are with the community. Keep up the great work!!
  24. You ever try to build a wall in a certain spot and it shows up red, meaning no matter what, you cannot place that wall? Well, that shouldn't be in the game whatsoever. Like at all, for any reason. It's EXTREMELY restrictive and keeps me from building how I need to build. (No I'm not saying to allow me to build floating structures. I want to build walls inside of the base I've already built but for some stupid reason the game will not let me) Oh, and I know how this works, this issue could only be solved by removing the entire build blocking feature from the game.
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