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  1. Restarted a new game to have a play through of the new content and UI redesign. Issues we found: When a non-host player builds a hologram grass wall or floor into a completed piece, sometimes for the non-host players that building piece is invisible. Non-host players could walk through the invisible wall etc, the host player reported seeing their character face plant into the wall and skitter along it. After a period of time the non-host player teleports to what I assume is the 'correct' position as far as the host is concerned. Logout / in fixes the build piece issues, but fundamentally there seems to be an issue in maintaining a consistent view of the world between the host and the non-hosts. We also had issues with the hotpouch bar for non-host players seemingly randomly switching items, and ignoring the pinning/sticky setting.
  2. When removing blueprint or recycling any part the entire structure collapses. In this video there are two separate structures. The structure I'm standing on had also been bugged in the same way. I completely rebuilt the structure I'm standing on to get rid of the bug. I really don't want to have to do the same to the other structure seen in this video as bugged/collapses. Any way to correct this without destroying and rebuilding? On the corrupted structure, most of the parts display the same number of "supporting". For example, all the floor pieces display that they are each supporting 30. Is there some way to reinforce it? Some way to reset/recount the "supporting" number on each part? Hope someone has an idea!
  3. It would be really cool to have more land rights, I noticed building on cans or boxes isn't allowed and also its really disappointing that you can't build a base at the 4 leaf clover, it'd be epic to have a ladder up to the surface and be a cave person. More pets like a gnat/tamale big insects but make them difficult to get e.g pet larva also would be amazing I know there's new enemies being added. Tier 2 glider made from Berry leather for long distances. Being able to go I side the house as a dlc or a separate map with whole new insects like daddy long leg spiders dust mites, fleas, flies, maybe a cat that chases you, maybe an ability to dig up the ground to make your own tunnels. Maybe a pebble Launcher similar to the fatman from fallout. Tier 3 shields or shields from the ladybug wings, maybe grass jump shoes. Potentially an elevator with stone counter weights. Slugs, snails and worms. Maybe caterpillar that'll eat your grass house. Ear wigs similar to larva, centipedes. Dragonfly and their wings maybe for the glider. Throwing thistles. Maybe a skinner outfit and knife for double harvests of insects. Water purifier like a pot for the fire. Ability to grow weeds in the garden patch like you can for other plants in the game. Possibly a weather system so rain and the drops can damage you. More map changing options like the shovel near the picnic table/insecticide canister, maybe be able to flood areas with the sprinklers. A stink bug gas thrower (like a flame thrower but for gas). More chest options maybe like a cabinet/dresser. Maybe Berry leather air foundation like the buoyancy platform but for the sky. Maybe the oak tree can have a tree house and that becomes a huge explorable area. More mutations and possiblly have more active at one. Flying mode for creative or a winged outfit that acts a little like a jetpack maybe use the stink bug gas with a coal to make fuel and ignition. Repeater crossbow (less damage than regular cross bow but still more damage than a insect bow. Compound bow for really quick firing. A bike from stems as the frame and acorn wheels. Leaf kayak and paddles.
  4. I'm not sure if anyone else thinks this would be handy, but I would love like maybe an altimeter read out above our hunger bar, or maybe next to our stats while in our inventory. I find it difficult to judge how tall I need to build a tower to successfully and efficiently build a Zipline across further distances, and think this could be a relatively easy thing to add in. But I love the game so much keep up the good work!!
  5. I highly suggest removing the "location obstructed/occupied" and the "no land rights" building restrictions from the game as much as physically possible. Being a single player/ uncompetitive multi-player game being able to build freely and unimpeded would be much more enjoyable. The main issue I'm running into is not being able to replace my already existing base components. I get excited to finally unlock feather roofs and yet I cannot replace my current roof no matter what I try and it either says "no land rights", or "location obstructed/occupied" even though I had no trouble building there previously.
  6. I was building an expansion to my house/base and i tried to delete a wall to make way for a door frame, but when i deleted the wall, it dropped two grass planks but didnt "technically" delete the wall. its almost as if its stuck in between existence and non-existence. I can still see the wall, and i can still collide with it, but when i jump i clip through the wall. I cant recycle the wall anymore, implying that it is indeed not really there, but i can place blueprints for wall decorations such as Trophies on this non-existent wall. what happened and is there a fix?
  7. Base Building: Is there a size limit for bases/buildings? I've been building darn near since the beginning and I've yet to run into an issue besides developers shifting environmental items on me, forcing me to build more and/or destroy some. As of today I'm done. Can I export my base so others can mess around with it or share it some how besides co-op? It would be a shame to let it go to waste. Check out a video I made of this complex: https://www.facebook.com/100057393220493/videos/231357882120651/
  8. Dont know where to place bugs with updates but I’m hoping it’s here. Since update 0.7 building has been the biggest hassle. Love that you can move items, but when placing items and blueprints the issues kick in. 1. When placing blueprints or items you have to move the object all the way back. You can’t place it close to you even if it’s a light. I have to move my character as far back as I could before I could place an item in the spot I want. 2. As someone else said before me, when placing blueprints it cancels other blueprints. If I want to place two foundation next to each other I can’t have the center dot (or reticle, dont know what its called) on the placed blueprint and press cancel because it while cancel the placed blueprint instead of taking me out of construction mode. 3. When placing blueprints if you press the button to place it, it will start adding the items to the blueprint placed behind it. It pretty much builds other blueprints while trying to place one. 4. Love that you can move objects now but, when you try to place them by while holding “LB” on Xbox remote it disappears. I’m trying to place a grass pallet on a floor and it just disappears when it gets placed. It doesn’t appear where I placed it or where it originally was. My “LB” is binded to what the default is. Other than these issues that just came up, I love what you guys are doing and how involved you guys are with the community. Keep up the great work!!
  9. You ever try to build a wall in a certain spot and it shows up red, meaning no matter what, you cannot place that wall? Well, that shouldn't be in the game whatsoever. Like at all, for any reason. It's EXTREMELY restrictive and keeps me from building how I need to build. (No I'm not saying to allow me to build floating structures. I want to build walls inside of the base I've already built but for some stupid reason the game will not let me) Oh, and I know how this works, this issue could only be solved by removing the entire build blocking feature from the game.
  10. I was building in creative and wanted to make a base at the birdbath. Its only a hassle to get up there, and once you get there when you get down getting up is the same hassle again. So i was thinking about possibly adding ladders and rope ladders not only for in house use but also from high places without support as a way to make cool bases at hard to get to places. So i thought of three variant, a sprig and an acorn variant that are for in house use and have to be connected to a wall. Sprig: 4 Crude rope and 4 sprigs per ladder Acorn: 2 Acorn shells and 4 crude rope per ladder And a freehanging higher tier web ladder this is used for getting up and down high-up areas without building huge towers that lag out your world Web ladder: 2 silk rope 1 berry leather and 4 sprigs per ladder. this ladders costs would scale with how low it would need to go and these are the costs in my head for 1 regular block. Maybe a way to detect how low the ladder can go needs to be implemented to calculate material cost and i do not know if this would be viable
  11. When trying to build any type of structure or craft decorations, the item or structure slants to a side after pressing the build button. This is an issue that did not happen until the new update was released (Nov 10th). Very important to address this issue as base building is a crucial part of the game and experience.
  12. Improvements: A zip line version that can be attached to a stem scaffold - This will allows us to easily adjust the a height of the zipline, attach a network of ziplines into one centralized node with less clutter and it looks structurally sound with longer ziplines. I think this can be done by just resizing the existing zip line mount and adding snapping points to it. Since we cannot move stuff yet in the game, I think we need to be able to check first if we can connect the zipline nodes together without constructing it (still in blueprint mode). Burgle Upgrades: Motorized Pulley System - I know later in the game electricity will be introduced and this will lead to other upgrades. Transport Pulley - Allows us to transport items in bulk (including us :D). Elevator - Why not? Currently I am happy with the addition of ziplines into the game. I recently also learned that you can use the ziplines while holding planks which at first I thought was not possible because you need two hands to use the zipline. But I really think that the list of improvements is a must to make base building more fun.
  13. Just updated the game on xbox one s and now I'm not able to do any building construction whatsoever
  14. I know there might be another post with something similar to what mine is but I wanted to start fresh. I've heard it said on many YouTube videos that Avowed is going toe to toe with Elder scrolls and if that is ultimately true then here is my list of what I want to see done in Avowed that wasn't done right in ES. CRAFTING - I want to see a more expanded crafting system, if I hunt Deer or Boar then I want Deer hide/ Boar hide to be a useable crafting material offering different stats/bonuses when crafting. The crafting system must include a far more expanded list of items, for example in ES - Here is the materials needed to craft leather armor - craft it in the one style with same materials - now you're done. There is no other style or materials that could alter the appearance or bonuses on that armor. If I kill a Dragon in Avowed and loot Dragon hide then craft Dragon hide leather armor - I want it to not only look different from bear hide leather armor and again look different from boar hide leather armor but on top of that I want the hide to offer bonuses like +str +res + major fire resist* with an armor value fitting dragon hide. Troll hide leather armor could offer me +str +con +average regen buff with an armor value fitting troll hide. The same applies to weapons, I want to craft different weapon parts to mix and match making a 1h I craft at lvl 3 look different from the next 1h I decide to make at lvl 10 and so on ... This system should be applied to blacksmithing offering different types of ore with different bonuses and buffs. STORAGE & PLAYER HOMES- I know there won't be an infinite storage box in Avowed (unless it's a magical storage box we summon at any time) and that there will be more likely player homes or temporary storage devices until we as the player get a more permanent setup. This topic falls back on crafting as I want to be able to craft different size backpacks, satchels, bandoliers with the different types of leathers that will be available in world and again offering me different sizes and storage space. Player homes - this is something I felt Bethesda seriously failed at with Hearthfire offering players 3 homes in identical locations with the exact same building options only through mods was I able to change locations or add further building options. ( I saw that Avowed will support mods 8D Awesome). I want player homes to not only be in unique locations but also offer different building options that match that region. If I buy a house that is situated next to a river then I want the option to build a fishery that can supply me with a reasonable amount and different variety of fish per day. If I buy a house that is in the mountains I want the option to build a mine that I can go to each day and mine different basic - medium ore. LIGHTING - This is a major requirement for me in Avowed. During my playthrough of Skyrim I tried 3 different lighting mods that each improved certain aspects of lighting in different areas/zones. For example- Lighting in towns or inside buildings where lighting is present would be very different from the lighting seen in outside areas or dungeons. While using the same mod the lighting in dungeons would be almost non existent even with torches or braziers in the area. I want dungeons to give me a sense of darkness not completely blind me so I can't even see my weapon in front of me. I would also like the inclusion of lanterns that can be equipped to my characters belt or backpack as I won't always play a character with one free hand to use a torch and having to switch from S&S to sword and torch breaks the immersion for me. SOUND - This is another major aspect for me and is very simple to summarize - I want to hear everything and I mean EVERYTHING! I want epic music. CLASSES - This is an epic must have no matter the cost in the game content. If I decide to play a chanter I want to perform those songs in taverns/inns to pay for food and temporary lodging or if Obsidian is going for a make your own class while you play route then I want "perform" as a skill that can be used in taverns/Inns. I want meaningful class quests that allow me to expand my powers/abilities or offer unique loot. If I play a rogue then I want a quest to enter a town/city to be a stealth mission - If I play a warrior then the same quest becomes an assault quest. QUESTS & BOUNTIES - As stated above I want meaningful class quests that are tailored to class I'm playing. I don't want to be playing a warrior that gets a rogue quest to sneak in to a village - HOWEVER! this line of quests is still good as it encourages additional playthroughs to see the different choices I could/should/would have made if I was that class. Bounties - I loved this aspect in PoE & PoE2 and I want to see it return in Avowed. I want bounty boards in small towns/villages and bounty npcs in all major cities. I will continue to update this as I put my thoughts together because at the moment it's all a jumble. I'm excited for Avowed a lot more than I'm for the next ES game.
  15. These are some ideas I had for new building items Painting- Paints would be a nice addition to the game You could make 2 buckets of them at a workshop with a piece of something Some examples include: 1 ant piece- 2x red paint; 1 berry chunk- 2x purple paint; 1 charcoal chunk (I talked about this in my previous topic)- 2x black paint; 1 stinkbug part- 2x gray paint; etc. 1 paint would cover one side of a wall (or roofs, stairs, floors, what have you.) Thus, you would have to use both buckets of paint to cover a building piece entirely To use the paint though, you would have to make the spray can Spray can- 1x mosquito needle, 1x clover leaf, 1x dry grass chunk, 1x clay (Or something like that, I'm open to suggestions about what ingredients it should take.) Maybe you could get more advanced paint recipes from Burgl (1 spider chunk- 2x spotty black and yellow paint; spoiled meat- 2x nauseous green paint; etc.) Building- More building items desperately need to be added Ladders- 2x grass planks, 3x woven fiber, 2x thistles Weed stem ladders could be the same, but with weed stems instead of grass planks (obviously) Weed stairs, weed floors, weed corner pieces are a must-have More foundations (someone mentioned a type of concrete in my last topic that could be really cool Maybe super reinforced walls from Burgl Decor- Clay pot- 1x clay, 1x spoiled meat. Could be set down on furniture. Would start growing a plant fiber (non- collectible. Purely decoration.) Clay plate- 1x clay. You could place cooked foods on it (And yes, the foods would still spoil. No trickery here ;] .) An actual painting- 2 random paints, 1x mice leather (which I also discussed previously,) 1x weed stem, and 1x thistle. The paints you choose would show up on the painting as splotches (or maybe there would be some combinations that would produce something, like red and black paint would make an ladybug.) More light sources. It would be so cool to make a slime mold chandelier. There could maybe be a lamp post that uses firefly parts. I find it boring to only be limited to just three light sources for my house That is most of my ideas for how cool some new building pieces could be. As always, I would love some feedback!
  16. Ok, so before anything else, loving the game so far. I've spent a majority of my in-game time building and testing the mechanics/physics of the game. Although I have enjoyed the story and game as a whole too, I think its far more important at the early stages of development to do this in any game where the developers have asked for our input (Thanks). I know a lot of people may have already made these suggestions (I've seen some mentioned) but its worth saying again anyway even if its just to give another thumbs up to the idea. This post may be a little long as its my first real one (culmination of a few weeks of ideas). Anyway, it would be nice to hear what the community itself thinks of the following: First, I have a few suggestions for building components or actions which are currently unavailable: 1) Building component orientations - Building components that currently only have 4 orientations should be changed to 8 (triangle walls, floors, doors, stairs, scaffolds, roof sections). For example, its annoying to not be able to put a door on a diagonally placed wall/opening (or even place two inverted triangle walls as a door alternative). It is this same mechanic which hinders any attempt to build entire structures that are orientated diagonally. On this note - I would also like to see an angled scaffold , shaped like the roof section or stairs ( / ), so you can support platforms, like balconies, to buildings without having to build straight down. Or support a platform to the tree/ rock. Its more about the aesthetics and making something look genuinely supported, rather than having floating floors or messy scaffolding (You could also use them to neaten up any existing scaffolding). 2) Half walls - When snapping a wall onto a floor, it can be snapped along the edge of a square or, can be snapped halfway across to span half of two squares. The issue is that if you incorporate both methods into a build, you can never get the walls to connect/ build how you envisioned. The introduction of half walls would solve this and allow you to build more elaborately. You would also need a half roof section though (this could get problematic to implement if you consider 8 possible orientations or having half corner roof sections etc, unless they just altered their size like the wall sections do when snapped diagonally). 3) Bounce Web Trajectories - I personally hate having long or bulky staircases so tend to create bounce web elevator systems to get up to any platform that I make. I successfully made an automated version (27 webs) where you only had to jump on the first one and the physics would take you to the top of the tower. However, apart from 3 occasions, my path was interrupted by a floor/wall, getting caught on the next bounce web too early (way up), or just the slightest deviation in how you have placed or jumped on the previous webs. Therefore, elevators can actually be really difficult to use. I would love to see the bounce webs have the option to set a trajectory. That way, no matter how or where you jump on a bounce web (or what direction you are facing), you will always travel on the same path and will always land in the same place. I have fallen to my death so many times from unintentional bounces that lead to, well...anywhere but a safe landing zone . I still think this should only be optional. it just makes bouncing on them more efficient. I also believe that the bounce web should be resized so it can fit within 1 square. 4) A pulley elevator - Bounce web elevator systems (and stairs) can take up a lot of space and resources depending on how you build them. As an alternative, I think you should be able to build a very simple pulley elevator. The basket itself could be made out of acorn tops/shells, with weed stems and woven fibre for the basket support. (maybe have bee fuzz or something inside for comfort). The idea is that you set up a pulley at ceiling height (made from animal parts - I don't know) with no floor below, and attach a rope made out of spider silk to the basket (1/2 spider silk for each level to the ground). You get in and can lower/raise the basket by pulling on the silk by directionally holding up or down. As it would only need to take up 1 square section, 1 or even 4 lifts wouldn't be problematic. Its a space-saving and resource-saving way of getting back down to the floor from a pre-existing platform. You could even add a skip action to this so you are just getting out of the basket at the end. 2 minute stair climbs are rarely fun. 5) Palisade and Palisade gate height customisation - As someone with experience building on uneven ground (such as across/over a rock), palisades are a particular annoyance to me. I love the artwork of the palisade itself but you can't always stack them. (even when you can they look ghastly .) When placing on uneven ground they look messy and can actually just be impractical (i jumped over my single height palisade from the panel beside it because of the height difference). If you could independently alter the size of the left or right palisade post (extending the artwork) then you could match the height of the palisade either side of it, regardless of their ground positioning. Would look more like an effective defensive wall in my opinion. 6) Potted plants and wall planter decorations - As a scientist, I can say that some of the most impressive and beautiful structures in the microscopic world are those of fungi. Obviously with the concept of you being small, it doesn't leave a lot of scope for plants and potted versions due to a scarcity of tiny flora in the natural world (unless we could somehow take a cutting of the different flowers that currently exist in game for novel mini versions). You can get around this problem with fungi. The variety, colour and shape of fungi could become great ways to implement new decorations and could also be used as ingredients for smoothies (basically just a content update to the simple mushroom). Even adding 4 extra mushroom types or something and allowing us to grow them in the mushroom gardens would be cool. 7) A Raft/ Boat/ Canoe and paddle - This one is a little self-explanatory. Some sort of weed stem raft or something that you can control/move and haul objects across the top of water. Could also be an interesting way of attracting fish or pond creatures (dropping bits of food into the water from the boat). Secondly, I am experiencing issues with the following: - Triangle floors blocking ascent on staircases (if they are orientated a certain way). This is the same issue as when walls behind staircases would block you from walking up. I still try to avoid placing walls behind stairs though (even though it looks better) because you essentially jump over it and the action isn't smooth. - When you recycle zip line anchors, the zip line itself is not deleted and floats in the air. You are unable to click on it or perform any actions/are forced to reload a previous save. - I have broken the game again since the 26th August update in terms of building capacity and loading big builds (sorry!), I had nearly finished my creative build but it was taking 10 -15 seconds to place any panel and now I'm back to 1 - 2 hour unsuccessful load times (oops ). Finally, just two last points on what I think could be good considerations for future content or updates that have already been hinted at. Tames (Bees in particular)- There seems to be a big debate about tames, particularly bees and riding them. Even as someone who likes to take the long route for experience (run through the grass) and not have a fast track flight from the shed to the berry bush, I can see the appeal. I would be interested to be able to ride a bee the way only a grounded player could, however, I'm really struggling to see a need for other tames in the game at all (even ladybug haulers etc). Bees are something that could easily be implemented (such as having a flight bar that you recharge with nectar which has been mentioned). There is a problem with this. If the stuffed bee is anything to go by, they are way too small (proportionally the size of the stuffed ants), to ride, or just to BEE a BEElievable-sized BEE (sorry, couldn't help myself). I think they should be scaled up to around bombardier size. Basically, I only think there is use in the bee but the way to get a bee tame should be difficult. For example, Have to gather level 3 resources to make a harness. That way, you at least have to spend a lot of time running through the grass and experiencing the game as it should be played before you upgrade to a bee to avoid the monotony of running the same routes everyday later in the game. (the bee is therefore more of a reward for putting a lot of time and effort into the game). Weather - This is an absolute must for me and it opens up so many possibilities for new landscapes/environments, crafting materials/ weapons, and additions to the storyline. I think the weather should be randomised so, for example, there is a 1% chance of snow (which would remain on the ground for a few days and slowly melt away) 4% chance of lightning and a 20% chance of rain on any given day. Wind could be constant but alter in its strength. This give a huge element of surprise (unless we have a weather detector) and makes each player's experience unique. For lightning in particular, I thought that maybe there could be a toy or something in the sandbox which has been modified (by a previous explorer or scientist) so that every time that there is a lightning storm lightning strikes the sand and creates glass shards. Glass shards could be used to create panes for windows (or new types of window and doors), could create glass floors so that you could watch the bugs running around under your base. Glass could be also be used for decoration such as mirrors, advanced cutting tools, or burn traps (like we see with the magnifying glass). I'm excited to see what they do with weather but I hope they make a spectacle and a storyline of certain aspects. (First time you get to the sandbox, you get a cutscene with a brewing lightning storm and a side quest to visit the sandbox lab). That's all I have for suggestions right now, but thanks for reading
  17. Please let us relocate built items and structures. I continue to alter and grow my base and that forces me to constantly "recycle" chests, grass plank pallets, etc. I feel like being able to move items would solve issues like accidentally recycling portions of structure you didn't want to get rid of and avoiding potential crashes. I've had several game crashes that seem to be triggered by the recycle mechanic. Large structures should still be force recycled because moving an entire section of wall is unrealistic, but moving a chest of items or a table or cooking spit would be a wonderful quality of life improvement.
  18. I don’t know if this has been mentioned but this would be great for those of us builders who like the structure of a build to look supported without having to scaffold all the way to the ground from an elevated build. Vertical Triangle Scaffold (triangular sides) would be nice to cap off a horizontal support made of boxed scaffold (normal scaffold with a border on bottom instead of just legs).
  19. Hello, not sure if this has already been talked about but I had an idea when it comes to building. I was getting my base ready for the upcoming update and wanted to replace my normal grass walls with sturdy walls. The process of replacing each wall with the risk of destroying a build and loosing materials is getting old. I was just thinking that a feature could be added or looked into where for example if you have a regular grass wall, instead of destroying the wall completely, you could just add a wood stem to it making it a sturdy wall, saving a lot of time. Obviously this wouldn't work with some things but I thought it would make peoples lives a lot easier. Again, not sure if its been talked about but just and idea.
  20. A running problem with the way the blueprint system works right now is that a new, unbuilt blueprint will "attach" itself to nearby built structures. It is *incredibly* frustrating when I set a blueprint down to see how it looks, decide I don't like it, and cancel it, causing every single already built object touching it to recycle, sometimes causing a chain reaction that leaves huge damage to my structures. Because of my base's location and the fact weeds don't respawn, stems are a bit of a pain to import to my location, but I am constantly having to rebuild chunks my fully completed palisade wall because I put a blueprint near it and cancelled it. This has set me back hours on construction projects repairing damage caused by things that haven't even been built yet.
  21. Base building has to be one of the funnest aspects of Grounded. That being said, a major Improvement could be added to the game. I really wish the developers would allow us to build the walls into the environment. I can't tell you how many times the game has prevented me from adding a floor piece, a diagonal corner piece, or a set of stairs just because it starts to merge into either the ground or one of the logs that I'm building my base on top of over by the Great Oak Tree. The invisible wall of the environmental structures should not impede my ability to snap a base building part to another part just because it starts to merge in with the environment. Just like how I can build a wall or a floor piece in the woods and the grass has no effect on whether or not I'm able to build. Technically I can have grass growing up right through the middle of my floor. The environment should not restrict my ability to have fun building my base.
  22. I’ve been playing the game for some time now and absolutely love it. However there are a few things i noticed and saw that would improve the game’s gameplay. 1. For starters the there should be a snap no snap setting within the game you can switch between. 2. A sort of water filter you can craft to drink pond water without hurting yourself. 3.Grass SHOULD NOT be able to grow through objects that have been built. I.e) floors, stairs, foundations, walls, etc. 4. grass, weeds, and dandelions should have improved mechanics to their growth. Grass and weeds should grow in stages. First the small stem, then grows into full grass or weed. Also dandelion tufts should be able to be used as seeds to grow dandelions. This will allow for farms and mire potential for base building. 5. Lastly ziplines would be an awesome way to travel around the map from high to low spots.
  23. Trying to build base walls and a couple doors with grass. When i try fitting a door (grass) it crashes the game. Happened 3 times in 20 minutes
  24. Heya again! Without wasting to much time, here you go: - BUILDING: Be able to transfer a whole stack (10 pc) at once through a hotkey. - hover over a stack and press 'set key' - Hold shift and right click the stack. -Proximity storage building. - have a radius around the storage boxes that counts towards your backpack when building. (Idea from CohhCarnage but I want to back this up!) - Be able to replace a base structure (floor, wall, foundation etc) with a different one. - Let's say I put up a grass wall.. it would be great if we could place a weedstem wall blueprint over that wall, put in the needed resources and so it would upgrade the wall. That's it for now. Will update if I think of more! Cheers!
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