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  1. Every material that can be turned into walls has a half-wall crenelated variant, and yet only grass planks have a *curved half-wall crenelated variant. Ummm... why? Was this overlooked, or do they really expect people to not want these vital construction methods. My castle looks so lame with completely flat curved towers when the rest of the castle has gorgeous crenelated walls. Help.
  2. Yeah, I would suggest they swap the recipes for berry leather and pupa leather, so it takes 3 pupa hide to make one pupa leather, and 5 berry chunks to make 1 berry leather.
  3. Here's my outline for mounting mechanics. I'd like these to be engaging and unique, and fit the style of Grounded as closely as possible. Ladybug The Ladybug seems to be the perfect ride, but she also has some fight in her. Once tamed, she can be used as a pack mule, or a war mount. This starts by choosing a saddle, which will either be a War Saddle, or a Pack Saddle. The war saddle will be large, and consist of tough outer armor, and a comfy spot for her chosen warrior. The pack saddle sacrifices comfort for storage, allowing you to attach acorn chests, as well as pile on grass planks or weed stems. Initially, she will be limited in her abilities, but by accessing a menu, you will be able to provide her various cooked meals to upgrade her stats, such as carry capacity, max health, movement speed, and max stamina. The saddles themselves can also be upgraded, but you must be sure that her carry capacity allows for this. The pack saddle should be unlocked around midway in the game, allowing you to carry large quantities of supplies as your base ideas become more ambitious. The war saddle, however, will be a late-game unlock, but you can swap these saddles at any time, so be sure to tame that Ladybug as soon as you can. Keep in mind, however, that saddles can only be carried on your shoulder, and can only be stored on grass pallets. Bee The Bee is a dutiful and speedy insect, adept at flying high above the action, and all across the yard. Because of this, it seems only fair that they aid you in your quests, given you can earn their favor. In order to do this, you must construct an offering, which looks a lot like a flower. From there, you must keep it chock full of that sweet, sweet nectar. If a bee stumbles upon your offering, she will return there the next day at the exact same time. Be sure to arrive on time, and you will slowly gain her trust. Upon the 3rd consecutive day, after collecting the nectar from your offering, she will begin to follow you. You have until nightfall to offer her a Petal Bow, which will allow you to keep track of her as she buzzes around the yard. You have now tamed a bee! But you aren't even close to riding her yet. To do that, you'll need a Sleek Saddle, crafted by rare end-game materials. You also need to continue to maintain your offering, as well as spend time with your bee to increase her trust to the maximum level. Only then will she allow you to place the saddle, and finally ride off into the sunset. There's no choice for combat when riding a bee. Not only is she non-confrontational, but she definitely doesn't want you to get hurt! Ain't that sweet?
  4. On day one, I might have agreed with this idea, but after playing for a while longer and getting used to things, I think the hotpouch works quite well. The important thing to remember is that you can bind a key to select your previous item, which allows you an extra 10th slot, which I use as my main hand. That way, as long as I swap back to my main hand before selecting another tool, I can swap between 3 different tools without opening my inventory, or taking up more than 2 slots. I also bound slot 4 and slot 8 to my programmable mouse buttons, which allow me to draw my ranged weapon, or use a healing item respectively.
  5. I've been looking to build a castle using those gorgeous mushroom bricks since the day they were implemented, but I was never a fan of grass or stem floors. Then, lo and behold my prayers are answered, and the burr floors are introduced, which look amazing, and will go perfectly with a castle aesthetic. Only problem is it would take me actual days to complete, since every single floor requires lint rope. Not even regular lint, lint ROPE! There aren't even 20 lint nodes on the entire map! I have to wait 3 in-game days or so just to build however many floors that measly supply of lint provides, and I'm not even a 10th of the way complete on the first floor. Until more lint nodes are spread across the map, I think the recipe should be reworked. Honestly, it should consist of 6 burrs, and that's it. The rope doesn't even seem to appear anyway, since it looks like you're just weaving the burrs into shape.
  6. You can find more Pupa along the edges of the trenches surrounding the abandoned gardening glove.
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