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Found 4 results

  1. It would be really cool to have more land rights, I noticed building on cans or boxes isn't allowed and also its really disappointing that you can't build a base at the 4 leaf clover, it'd be epic to have a ladder up to the surface and be a cave person. More pets like a gnat/tamale big insects but make them difficult to get e.g pet larva also would be amazing I know there's new enemies being added. Tier 2 glider made from Berry leather for long distances. Being able to go I side the house as a dlc or a separate map with whole new insects like daddy long leg spiders dust mites, fleas, flies, maybe a cat that chases you, maybe an ability to dig up the ground to make your own tunnels. Maybe a pebble Launcher similar to the fatman from fallout. Tier 3 shields or shields from the ladybug wings, maybe grass jump shoes. Potentially an elevator with stone counter weights. Slugs, snails and worms. Maybe caterpillar that'll eat your grass house. Ear wigs similar to larva, centipedes. Dragonfly and their wings maybe for the glider. Throwing thistles. Maybe a skinner outfit and knife for double harvests of insects. Water purifier like a pot for the fire. Ability to grow weeds in the garden patch like you can for other plants in the game. Possibly a weather system so rain and the drops can damage you. More map changing options like the shovel near the picnic table/insecticide canister, maybe be able to flood areas with the sprinklers. A stink bug gas thrower (like a flame thrower but for gas). More chest options maybe like a cabinet/dresser. Maybe Berry leather air foundation like the buoyancy platform but for the sky. Maybe the oak tree can have a tree house and that becomes a huge explorable area. More mutations and possiblly have more active at one. Flying mode for creative or a winged outfit that acts a little like a jetpack maybe use the stink bug gas with a coal to make fuel and ignition. Repeater crossbow (less damage than regular cross bow but still more damage than a insect bow. Compound bow for really quick firing. A bike from stems as the frame and acorn wheels. Leaf kayak and paddles.
  2. (This is an edit from a post I made already in the "Suggested Game Ideas From Fans" board) As of right now I played my fair share of Grounded since it's release and every time an update is made I restart a new game. From what I've learned its easy enough to get Tier 1 items, REALLY hard to get Tier 2 items and a breeze to get Tier 3 items. I personally think the weapon selection is a little bit unbalanced, the weapon types selection is rather large but there's no to little reasons to select anything else than a club to fight. Since I'm not a club type kind of guy because I think they take too much stamina and are pretty slow I would love having more flexibility when choosing a weapon type, more than based only on the output damage value itself. I think balancing the weapon selection by using different mutation effects would give the player more reasons to chose an other type of weapon and would add to the "playing with friends" experience since every player could develop a specialization. For exemple: Javelineer lvl 1 10% extra damage lvl 2 20% extra damage plus 10% more attack speed with spear type weapons lvl 3 30% extra damage plus 25% more attack speed and 40% more attack speed under water with spear type weapons Assassin lvl 1 10% extra damage lvl 2 20% extra damage plus stun ability with dagger type weapons lvl 3 35% extra damage plus stun ability and permanent poison when striking with dagger type weapons (Mutation poison effect stack up with poison effect from gear like spider fang dagger) Chopper lvl 1 10% extra damage lvl 2 20% extra damage plus reduced stamina needed from strikes by 10% with axe type weapons lvl 3 30% extra damage plus reduced stamina needed from strikes by 20% and continuous striking with axe type weapons (Like spears and daggers) Barbarian lvl 1 10% extra damage lvl 2 20% extra damage plus damage received when blocking reduced by 40% with club type weapons lvl 3 30% extra damage plus damage received when blocking reduced by 75% with club type weapons Smasher lvl 1 10% extra damage plus 15% more attack speed with hammer type weapons lvl 2 20% extra damage plus 25% more attack speed and drop insects defense by 15% (On shell type insects) with hammer type weapons lvl 3 30% extra damage plus 35% more attack speed and drop insects defense by 40% (On shell type insects) with hammer type weapons Sharpshooter lvl 1 10% extra damage lvl 2 20% extra damage plus 10% more attack speed with ranged type weapons lvl 3 30% extra damage plus 10% more attack speed and first hit on enemies stun them for 3 seconds with ranged type weapons I hope my suggestion doesn't sound too overpower I had in mind to not give too much power to mutations. The idea behind was essentially to add more personality to each weapon types and smooth the difficulty curve to get from Tier 1 items to Tier 2 by using a bit of grinding.
  3. Greetings Folks, Let me first apologize if this has suggested previously, my cursory search yielded nothing. Second, I apologize to the console gamers, I am an OLD school PC gamer (pencil and paper before that) and my suggestions will reflect this. I don't believe I would be alone in requesting that mutation profiles be made available in a future update. Example: I want to kill a bee and start my attack with a bow and the mutations Sharpshooter, Cardio Fan and Natural Explorer; as the bee closes the gap I want to switch from the Sharpshooter mutation to Barbarian or Javelineer without opening the menu, just as the Hot Pouch allows for hot swapping weapons/gear assignable to the numbers 1-8, a second or sub- Hot pouch could do the same for mutation combinations using the modifier keys CTRL, ALT or SHIFT; so as the bee(s) close(s) the gap, I could quickly and easily switch from Sharpshooter, Cardio Fan and Natural Explorer to Barbarian etc.. etc.. by simply pressing SHIFT-2 or Javelineer etc.. etc.. by pressing SHIFT-3.
  4. So, I really like the idea of the Mutations. Some are worded rather vaguely, however, leading me to have no idea what they are actually doing. I'd like to use this thread to have an in-depth discussion of the Mutations. What people think. What you like/dislike. Suggestions for future ones or changes to current ones. I'll start us off. Natural Explorer "With each landmark found you gain a better understanding of the lay of the land. Your tiny feet traverse the yard like it's the back of your hand." Well, first off I have no idea what this is even supposed to do. My first idea was having to do with getting between places (essentially like having a map memorized). The only thing I could come up with was Bonus Movement Speed. This is... partially true. So, I did an experiment and unequipped everything; all gear, tools, and mutations. I then ran in a straight, flat surface until I had no stamina left. Measuring distances using all my various beacons, I figured out a normal, full bar of stamina let you run about 150cm. I did not try this experiment until my Nat. Exp. was at level 2, so I have some incomplete data here. However, after equipping level 2 explorer and doing the same test, I found I went an additional 13 to 15cm further before running out of stamina. To make sure it was only boosted stamina for running, I counted how many times I could swing a dagger, both with and without the mutation. Both times were 20 swings. CONCLUSION: Natural Explorer reduces the stamina cost for running by a small percentage per level of mutation. At level 2 it looks like around a 10% reduction. I'll test again once I hit level 3 to get more data, but I'm thinking level 1 would only be 5% reduction and level 3 will be 15% reduction. MY THOUGHTS: Totally not worth it if you have other mutations you can choose, especially Buff Lungs. Coup de Grass "Discovering a beacon of hope in the darkness lifts your will to survive. Bursts of inspiration flash before your eyes in the heat of battle as you land blows one can only describe as lucky." Chance to get crit shots? Heck yeah! But without damage numbers or a sound to indicate we got a crit, its very hard to tell exactly when they are going off and just how helpful they were. I'd suggest some kind of small, unobtrusive sound that goes off whenever you land one of these hits. A bit of encouraging sound to go along with all the scary noises in the yard! MY THOUGHTS: Chances to crit are ALWAYS good! It would be kind of cool if there was also a small chance to not consume items on use, like torches (just gives a bonus on burn time) or bandages/food/canteen (full-on refund of the whole thing). Juicy "Like a true bookworm, you can't resist a wall of text. A encyclopedic knowledge of beverage ingredients enriches you." I really have no idea but I think it unlocked the smoothie recipes I didn't already have, which was only 1. CONCLUSION; Literally what's the point? MY THOUGHTS; Ummm, unless there are secret recipes I can only get by gaining his mutation, there's no reason to get it. *cough*google*cough* That being said, there is also literally no point in equipping this mutation if it only unlocks recipes. It doesn't re-lock them if you unequip it, so again, what's the point? Personally, I think this mutation should add the Moist buff so you don't have to drink as often. I still wouldn't use it because water is plentiful, but at least then it would be useful. Rock Cracker "A path of destruction is left in your wake and it's clear that busting makes you feel good. Your little arms bring hammers down with an ever-growing efficiency." So, this one confuses me. I think all it's trying to do is make it take less strikes to break rocks and clay, similar to Grass Master. But the way it implies bringing down hammers makes me want to think it reduces stamina cost for using two-handed weapons. I don't think it does, though. MY THOUGHTS: Meh, if it only affects rock and clay breaking. Requires extra testing to determine if it reduces stamina cost of attacks. If it did, this would become top tier. Fresh Defense "A plume of mint dust envelopes you and sends a cool wave rippling through your skin. Cells activate a freshness layer to combat the sting of all that stinks and burns." So, this SOUNDS like you gain extra defense points... somehow. My best guess is you gain bonus defense (armor) points AFTER you take damage from an attack. This is next to impossible to test properly, since there is no visual or audio cue as to when it activates (would be nice to see some "cool, minty vapors" floating around you), and there are no damage numbers in the game. MY THOUGHTS; I really want to like this mutation. Bonus defenses against the rather tough enemies could be the difference between respawning or not. Ant-nihilator "The ant has become a familiar threat, and you begin to know your enemy inside and out. Death and devastation greet all ants that face you." Pretty standard here. Bonus damage versus ants. I haven't actually tested it out to see how much more damage is done. I assume this would be useful when trying to go into the main ant-hill to collect eggs / ant drops for gear. But honestly you'd be better served just wearing the ant armor set so ants leave you alone. CONCLUSION: Its fine, but ants are hardly a problem to fight. MY THOUGHTS; Why only ants? Can we get a mutation vs. spiders?! Or those annoying bombardier beetles?
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