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Found 7 results

  1. Since 1.2 none of my achievements are unlocking in coop while my friend (the owner) does get them. Is there a fix or can it be fixed?
  2. Hello, Since the last update, the game is choppy and lagging so much that it becomes impossible to play and have fun. Every 3 to 5 seconds the video stops, and when you get back to it your character is out of place, so fighting is now a sure death depending on what you are fighting. This is too bad as I was enjoying the game but this is too much. I am noy going to play for a while until someone at Obsidian realized what is going on. It is unacceptable that after an update or a patch nobody at the game center encountered this or bother to test outside the working environment. I removed and updated my video card drivers and adjusted the different settings to stop the lagging. All other games are playing nicely and smoothly. Please fix this so we can enjoy playing the game again.
  3. So I've unlocked the mutations and have even gotten to phase 3 with some of them. But I've noticed there is no difference when I have them on vs off. So I tested it with another person in my game with the stamina mutation, he started sprinting at the same time as I did, he did not have the mutation on and I had phase 3 of the mutation. We both ran out of stamina at the same time and recovered at the same rate. So basically the mutations don't work. Really disappointing to have a mechanic of the game that just doesn't work. This game was in early access for so long, you would think they would have patched these issues by now.
  4. Hello, Issues: multiple objects that have not been scanned are labeled “invalid object“ when taken to field station scanners. Items are salt globs, everchar coal, and gum nuggets. version is 0.12 multiplayer (one Xbox, one PC via steam) any workaround or solution?
  5. I am report this issue so this can be fixed because it is really annoying. When me and my friends are playing (usually 4 of us) we tend to lag (most of the time near our base). I believe it is something on the server side as the game runs smoothly. When I sometimes am walking around I see it as just normal me walking around and killing stuff. But my friends just see me walking into a wall breaking it then all of a sudden when I jump I teleport to the place where I lagged out. I'm pretty sure this is related to the high ping issue. Thanks. -ClassyBear
  6. for some reason i dont want to update my 11.3 version to 11.4 like, i hate that they change the cycle of the grass plank to 1 Day! Kinda short time for me, atleast make that a 2 days before it despawn, like when you are starting your base, you have to clean up the grass for your peblet foundations, you really have to craft grass pallet for that? You cant store that much planks there!.. For me personally i like to store those plank to a random place/ground so that if im going to build a house, im not gonna cut more grass again and go far from my base... second is, the ant spawning still accure making your game laggy and the grass keeps growing through your base still..specially the ant respawns, i swear obsidian Social media manager saw it in their youtube gameplay, "there's too many ants here".. they are playing 11.3. You guys can re-watch that video when they visit rhe anthill in this version.. focus on fixing that instead.. And also you didnt mention that spiders in 11.3 can Fly now WTF.. their feet is like above their body, specially inside the lab.. So funny but wied for a spider to do that.. I feel like you guys dont listen to your players anymore unlike the first 3 months of this game, you were active.. I sent you video proof and suggestions, and the next update you guys did it, unlike today.. Ive read lots of sugesstions and problem by others but, you never include them in your update, even if its minor of major bugs.
  7. Whenever I try playing grounded an error pops up saying "something went wrong while opening grounded." I've tried redownloading and restarting my pc multiple times but nothing ever works. I got ground from the "game pass for pc." I don't know what else I could try.
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