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Found 10 results

  1. *Edit* I apologize I intended for this post to go in the Feedback and Suggestions category. Perhaps a moderator can move it? - Thanks. I came back to grounded after a few weeks away. I immediately noticed some great changes, however I feel that the dangerous insects are too plentiful now. It's getting hard to venture out anywhere without running into trouble, and while I understand that may be by design, it makes it more difficult to enjoy other important aspects, such as exploring, base building, resource gathering, etc. My suggestions based on a few hours with update 0.9... 1)
  2. When you compare your self to the size of a can hole your pretty small right, and the spiders are bigger then you but not that much bigger so the spiders actually tiny. So my idea of nightmare fuel is much bigger spiders
  3. Spiders should be difficult. After you get armor and tier 2 weapons they become very manageable, especially orb weavers. Spiders are high risk high reward. One of the best parts about this game was the fear of being hunted by a spider in the early game. Once you have progressed far enough though there isn't that same fear you just beat the spider to death with the tier 3 mallet and its very underwhelming. I really think nerfing spiders would make this game boring. There is no other creature currently in the game that is even remotely a challenge.
  4. I liked this game but its becoming really hard to play. Every 5 seconds I see a spider. With how overpowered they are I would think that they should be a bit more rare. I'm early on in the game and get chased down by a spider everytime I respawn, then go get my stuff, sometimes get away and run into another spider 5 seconds later. They are faster than me, can one shot me, and if they kill me near my base they will stay there for the rest of the game. I really feel like they should be like laviathons in subnautica. They are not too common but are also extremely dangerous.
  5. We were playing the other day and a spider came went through the door of the research base! Never screamed so loud in my life! (Headphone Warning!) Spider Attack!
  6. GLITCHES: If you drop grass planks in areas with water texture they fall through the world, ants can take stuff out of storage boxes that shouldn't be accessible to them at all, larva have a huge spawn rate, ants and lady bugs spawn inside rocks and underneath water, armor dummy's allow you to sometime dup armor and dummy's also glitch amor pieces which switches them to a different type (spider and ladybug head changed to acorn), anything with a lunge attack can faze through walls and into buildings SUGGESTIONS: amor and weapons equipped shouldn't take up invatory space or ability to get
  7. Been playing multiplayer for almost 3 or so days and I gotta say, the game is very pretty and I love it! This said, I have encountered a few bugs: Spiders randomly spawn en-masse in area near and around the neighboring area of the Oak Tree, making it impossible to run to it (found 5 spiders in a singular clump) or even navigate the area. Spiders also spawn outside of the Oak Tree lab and attack from behind walls. Larvae spawns are insane, after 1 hour or so of playing, we found a spawn of six Larvae around a Fruit Punch that almost killed us. Bombardier Beetles de-aggr
  8. I don’t know if anyone else has this issue. But while trying to find a good area to build a base I killed 1 orb weaver then 7 more cane running was dead in 9 secs. Figured with their size and damage output. Have may be 1 or 2. That patrol around on a unscripted path. (Just like the alien in alien isolation) having thAt many roaming around is a bit much. Especially 30 mins into the start lol
  9. Hi ! I registered just so I could report a bug that I couldn't find any information on. As far as I know, I am a pioneer, and I've found a precious tract of uncharted land. Basically, my party has been permanently dominated, is my hypothesis. It first occured in level 11 of the Endless Paths. After I'd just finished fighting the giant dank spore, I noticed my main character was still outlined in red. Hovering over her would cause the cursor to take the shape of a sword, indicating she was an enemy. She would engage in melee, and be engaged by, my other party members, and they would even au
  10. Hello everyone, especially Obsidian. I'd like to proffer a suggestion for a potential new toggle for a game mode that would be very helpful for a number of people, namely Arachnophobic Mode. When this mode is toggled on, all spiders and spiderlike enemies are replaced with statistically identical and thematically appropriate enemies, sort of how the difficulty modes work now. A large number of people are arachnophobic, including my wife, whom I would love to share Pillars of Eternity with. Some people have this so severely that depictions in games can cause panic attacks, which we can gene
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