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  1. Does anyone know if there are plans for official modding tools and in-game mod support, such as a mod loading interface? I've got one I'd like to make/have made, but its one of those that I wouldn't want in every game I'd play, so the capacity to enable/disable it easily would be a great boon.
  2. I... don't know where I got that impression. Reading comprehension fail on my part I guess. Still, a clarification on exact numbers WOULD be nice.
  3. ...but then what does the belt do? The text on the belt seems to imply that it does apply some portion of it when not spiritshifted.
  4. I think the title is fairly explanatory, but I'm wondering what precisely the Wildstrike Belt does. It doesn't APPEAR to be giving me Wildstrike bonus damage while not spiritshifted, and it doesn't APPEAR to be buffing damage... does anyone have any insight for me?
  5. ...Oh that's bothering me. I can't figure out WHICH demon clown is in that gif. I know mods are one way to do it, I suppose... Does anyone know if a mod interface/tools are incoming?
  6. Geobio, the modding community can handle this, and I assume at some point they will (are mods possible yet, by the way?) but part of my reasoning here is to keep the same intended atmosphere and to keep Obsidian's intended XP curve in place. Still, it will get solved that way, more likely than not, but it would be nice to get something a bit more thorough and intended.
  7. Oh, I'm familiar with LIMBO... it was an Experience. Xavoli, I can understand doing things for the lulz. I've just .... come to expect a lot of hostility on this topic, so I may have started out a bit too guarded. A flaw of mine, I suppose. TBH, I don't know if ettercaps (or their equivalent) would be better (honestly, my preferences would lean towards cave reptiles), but it's at least something to consider.
  8. This has my approval! Not that that matters, but it does!
  9. Related to this, Heart of the Storm and similar talents are worded much like this enchantment. Do they work the same way?
  10. Yeah; I can understand how it can be tonally dissonant TheUsernamelessOne, but as you said yourself this sort of thing isn't rational. A hobby should not be barred someone because of one small thing like this. Rosveen, your exact concern is why I suggested it to the developers to be done more thoroughly and purposefully. Volourn, Xavori, assuming you both had a sarcastic intent, that's not particularly helpful to the discussion at hand. To be absolutely clear, I'm advocating this as a "for the future" project, not something to drop everything now and do at this instant.
  11. RevBlue, while I dispute your claim of a "very, very small number of people", I understand what you mean! Making the game function properly should be the foremost concern. However, that does not mean that these things can't be considered, thought about, and debate before they are worked on.
  12. Hello everyone, especially Obsidian. I'd like to proffer a suggestion for a potential new toggle for a game mode that would be very helpful for a number of people, namely Arachnophobic Mode. When this mode is toggled on, all spiders and spiderlike enemies are replaced with statistically identical and thematically appropriate enemies, sort of how the difficulty modes work now. A large number of people are arachnophobic, including my wife, whom I would love to share Pillars of Eternity with. Some people have this so severely that depictions in games can cause panic attacks, which we can gene
  13. So, after I fought the old Watcher, my Watcher was given the Blinded debuff. It hasn't worn off, and I've cleared two more dungeons since then. It doesn't seem to be imposing any negative stats or affecting my character in any way other than having the icon always there. It's not a disastrous bug, but I feel it should be reported.
  14. I would personally love an option that when toggled, replaces all the spider enemies with something locationally appropriate. I would love to be able to share this game with my wife, who is arachnophobic. While we CAN wait until modders get around to it (or I could learn to mod it myself) having a developer supported version would help dramatically, especially to keep the game balance in line with what was intended.
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