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  1. What I'm trying to figure out is this: I don't understand how the game gets to 52.1. The base damage could be anything between 38 and 55, and then there would also be the critical damage multiplier of 0.3 and the 45% more damage.: Is there someone who can explain these mechanics to me?
  2. I made this mod a bit ago, but I thought I would share it here as well. You can download it here.
  3. Hello! I was recently doing some testing and I could not get damage shown to match numbers. I was under the impression that no penetration gave a negative bonus similarly to how damage bonuses, apart from lashes, are additive. I can not get the numbers to add exactly but it seems that no pen uses a .25 multiplier to base damage, then the game takes the .75 penalty again to reduce bonuses additively before multiplying for a final damage total. Using my monk/barb here are some numbers: 14.6base +.03+.2+.5+.15-.75 = 4.7 game Calculator= 16.498 Negative Reduction to bonus, ~4.5 with Negative Reduction base and bonus 22.2base +.15+.1+.15+.15+.5+.15-.75= 7.9 game Calculator= 32.19 Negative Reduction to bonus, ~8.05 with Negative Reduction base and bonus Is this intended or a bug?
  4. So I've started my first REAL (started a cipher and didn't enjoy it) character to play and I decided on a rogue since I've heard they do the highest single target damage and look appealing to me. Here's my build, any pointers or tips to improve it would be much appreciated: Race: Moon Godlike (I like the passive, the stats and they look cool) Attributes: MIG: 12 CON: 8 DEX: 18 PER: 18 INT: 12 RES: 10 I want to use dual sabres because they look cool and I like pirates. I've also heard they are very good on the rogue.
  5. playing on POTD This mostly concerns Druid,Wizard (and Priest) and only their damage (offensive) spells. Chanter and Cipher both got at least 1 acceptable spell and since both chanter and druid dont use [spells per encounter] you can just reuse that one good spell over and over without issues just like the ability classes. Spells for utility are great, spells for buffs/debuffs/healing and summons are great. Damage spells are mostly terrible. - cast time is waaaay too long (7 sec+ on some spells) - cast time is often frontloaded making the spells more likely to be interrupted which in turn makes you LOSE the spell entirely (i.e. 4-6 seconds cast 3 second recovery compared to most abilities that take about 0.5 sec, good spells in the game are all 0.5 sec casts) - many abilities get accuracy bonuses while offensive spells get none making them significantly more likely to miss - spells often target reflex or fortitude both of which are MUCH higher than deflection most of the time - there is no good way to reduce reflex or fortitude without spending MORE spells before or gimping weapons (weapon modals) while there are a ton of efficient ways to reduce deflection and all of them benefit not only your offensive spellcasters but everyone in the party - damage for many spells is too low considering how terrible offensive spells are to begin with. Weapon damage and especially weapon abilities stomp offensive spells in terms of dps. - spells dont benefit from group damage buffs like chanters +15% fire for weapon attacks or paladins shared flames of devotion ot anything else for that matter that could be achieved by multiclassing and stacking bonus damage (like soul whip + lightning strikes) - Spells are extremely limited since you only get 2 per level. So the characters that use normal resources can spend these on their best ability over and over again. With spells you only get you best ability 2 times (1 time right after you get it which is horrendous, meanwhile ability users get maximum value right when they can grab something new) - Spell penetration is (for the most part) not that good. So even if you find someone you can hit with your vs. fortitude spell, chances are he basically just shrugs them off. - For the same reason spells rely MUCH more on power level (for penetration especially). Making them worse in the early and midgame since getting top quality weapons is really really easy even early on. - Full casters have no useful passives and obviously lose a ton of inhand potential because of that. - nuking enemies is much more important than overall dps, making some of the dot spells that have a lot of damage over a long time effectively irrelevant - friendly aoe on some doesnt help either... Even if some spells have good numbers all of the other things hold them back /discuss Please exclude exploits and that one super useful damage spell in the game you found (there are a few but most druid/wizard/priest damage spells are awful because of the aforementioned reasons) Like ningauths whatever found in his special grimoire. Please consider that needing other characters or items to make an offensive caster work is effectively just gimping your party in some other regard. Suggested solutions: Give all damage spells +accuracy (A LOT like 20 or sth). This would deal with the biggest issue spellcasters currently have. Spells arent lost when the initial cast is interrupted.
  6. Greetings fellow watchers I'm a little concerned about monk unarmed base damage: Short version: Monk fist base damage are basically like dual wielding 2 greatswords, with the accuracy and attack speed of daggers, while penetrating like an estoc (a weapon specialized specifically for piercing armor). It's only bludgeon yes, but up to 11 pen + scaling. Fist base damage should perhaps be more in line with 2 clubs rather than super all-round weapons? - or perhaps a timed damage increase, like empowered fist for 20-30 sec? My main gripe with the current implementation is that it makes any other heavy weapon wielding class look like wet noodles in baseline comparison, especially early game and also makes Xoti's sickle subpar. Granted, It's still early game, but feeling a bit forced to ditch any other weapon but Xoti's fists, which outshine every other party members damage currently. Long version: Pardon up front for a bit of a rant, but here goes.. I was trying to decide which weapon to use on Xoti as a contemplative (priest+monk) and while while doing some basic auto attack testing, noticed that when removing her sickle she would out damage any other wielded weapon. In fact, her unarmed fist damage would outperform any other weapon base damage on any character, even without spending a single skill point in weapon style or damage increase. (I'm talking low levels here, where the base weapon mechanics are most obvious) Xoti is the only party member who can easily beat down Eder in full fighter tank setup/gear, even out of combat. Her monk fist alone are basically like she is dual wielding 2 two-handed swords, with the accuracy and attack speed of daggers, while penetrating like an estoc (a weapon specialized specifically for piercing armor). Now, I understand that the monk traditional class fantasy is to be kick-ass throwing punches and such (which I personally always found a bit out of place in a setting with heavy armor, weaponry and firearms - but hey, it's all "soul magic", so oh well) My main gripe with the current implementation is that it makes any other heavy weapon wielding class seem a bit like wet noodles in comparison, especially early game and also makes Xoti's sickle subpar. Ex, my (fairly high acc) ranger with greatsword + two-handed style + proficiency (savage attack) can hardly hit/dent Eder at all, while the bare-fisted Xoti happily hammers him down in seconds. I know greatswords are very dependent and best on soft targets etc, it just "feels" and looks wrong in relation. I'd agree that the base unarmed damage of monks fists should be slightly higher than default, maybe on par with a pair of clubs - but not on par with two-handers, and certainly not with nearly twice the penetration values, without using any ability. Who Would like to attempt to punch a guy/gal wearing full plate? ouch.. I find it is (sadly) often the case that monk is implemented as an all-round super high damage dealing class in games - why not have it depend more on sustained and precise but lower-damage hits, a lot of interrupts/stuns with build-up kill moves to represent the high martial skill of a fighting monk? Very effective vs softer targets. The game already has most of this - but on top of the out of place high base damage/pen on fists. Yes, it's bludgeon, but what does it matter if the pen can go to 11 (and scaling up) Equippable knuckle-dusters to add a +pen or two which can gear-scale slightly could perhaps have been a thing, but probably too drastic change. Maybe have a monk specific unarmed passive to specialize in fists, so weapon wielding monks do not feel like missing out on the class main bonuses. Heck, I'd even be totally fine with the high fist damage if it was a baseline 20-30 sec ability, something like "soul empowered fists" for a nice damage burst period (essentially like instant spiritual weapon summon) - which would also allow for weapon monks to deal out some knuckle-justice once in awhile.. I'm guessing some of the explanations might go along the lines of "gear-scaling and legendary bonuses on weapons will offset this later in the game", but that is not really comforting if the underlying base seem unrealistic and skewed in this case. There must be other ways to make it seem less "implausible". The PoE combat system is otherwise doing a nice weapon/armor simulation on a base mechanical level (which is awesome!) but the unarmed monk dmg feel a bit like Fist of the North Star thrown into the mix. I generally love PoE for some of it's emphasis on good martial weapon combat, where you select the best tools for the job, consider weapon/armor types etc. I really want to like the monk class (usually don't most fantasy games) without it feeling OP, and do love it so far, the ability path & wound mechanic, just wish it not to overshadow the more "realistic" weapon wielders and weapon type decisions. Anyways, enough of a rant, and perhaps things will balance out over time, enjoying the game so far after the increased PoTD dif in 1.1, hope everyone else is too Sidenote: two-handed greatswords should probably have +1 pen due to the non-tapered blade mass (and since no +pen modal option, as well as the fact that it does not have longer reach, which would be it's main advantage)
  7. the damage formula make guns do less damage when they critic. Outside of few instance where you roll low dmg with hits, the criticals never reach the max dmg of hits and do less than hits on average.
  8. Crits give a +25% damage multiplier, whereas the "Blunted Criticals" effect (to find for example on pistol) gives a -25% damage multiplier to crits. However, 1.25 ist not the inverse of 0.75 (0.75!=1/1.25), which means that criticals do less damage than normal hits with such a weapon. I suspect that a multiplier of 1 / 1.25 = 0.8 (-20%) was intended so that crits do the same damage as hits.
  9. Hi all, I've noticed that very few of the character builds posted in this forum make use of stacked damage penetration and smaller weapons. Some good sources of damage penetration in the game include: – Ryona's Vambraces – Talents (Vulnerable Attack, Penetrating Attack, Penetrating Blast) – Weapons with the rending ability (e.g. Sword of Daenysis) – Abilities (Sundering Blows, Expose Vulnerabilities, Hel Hyraf's fury etc ...) – Devil of Caroc sacrifice bonus What gives? Do the numbers just not add up vs. big damage weapons? What interesting builds have you come up with that are optimised for using smaller weapons?
  10. I am doing my second playthrough and though I usually disarm traps the pathing sometimes causes me to run over one beforehand. I have noticed traps I activate do significantly more, like 180 damage from a sunlance trap that read ~50 damage(combat log doesn't even say it crits). When I have tried to use traps the generally hit for their described amount. Is this some mechanic I am not aware of to make them more threatening to the PC or is there some reason I am getting destroyed by them?
  11. Hi everyone! Do damage bonuses stack? How does its work, if it stacks? For example: Edér using a Great Sword 19-27 damage with +15% damage, has Weapon Specialization: Soldier +15% damage with Great Sword, and has Two-Handed ability +15% damage.
  12. hi there. info: im playing a six man potd run of poe+wm1 (version 2.03). i retrained my former cc/tank monk to an unarmed dps monk. the resulting values i get from unarmed accuracy/damage are too good to be true compared to any other builds/classes i tried before (and i tried many). please see the added screenshots of the unbuffed monk (no potions/grp buffs etc active). btw if i switch to a superb weapon my accuracy drops by about 30, so its probably an unarmed bug. is that a known bug and how can i get rid off it (bc id really like to play an unarmed dps monk, but not an overpowered bugged one)? thanks in advance for any help
  13. The "Ambushing" of Fellstroke should cause +25% sneak attack damage, but the effect is not listed under active effects and does not appear in the combat log, like other sneak attacks. Im afraid that the effect does not work, but it is difficult to test this. So another question: Is it possible to modify a weapon to deal constant damage? That would make it easier.
  14. Hi all! Really liking PoE so far. Only 20-something hours in, about half way through Act 2 & I've got a question regarding my party's damage output, specifically why it seems so low. Whole party is level 6. Eder (Heaviest armor i can find, shield, fine sabre) Aloth (leather armor, fine wand) Durance (fine robe, fine wand) Kana (heaviest armor available, shield, fine hatchet) Pelligrina (Heaviest armor available, shield, fine pike / spear thing) Cipher [me] (fine leather armor, fine war bow / lead spitter, key spells used are Mental Binding & Mind Blades) recently been doing some quests around Defiance Bay, and I've noticed that my damage output seems really low. like, each party member is only doing 2-5 damage per hit. without spoilers, the enemies i've been facing recently all have a DR of about 10-15 & I'm hitting for the MIN damage value more often than not. Have I done something wrong gear or skill-wise? should I be hitting harder at this level? most fights at the moment are drawn-out wars of attrition. my casters drop before too long coz I cant defeat anything quick enough & my front line just sit there slowly hacking away. most of the time, they get the job done, but it takes ages & I cant help but feel I'm doing something wrong. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  15. I feel like I'm missing something vitally important in this game. My chanter generally hits for 3-10 damage depending on enemy DT, however I see people regularly talk about how they hit for 40+ vs basically everything. Am I missing something vital in my gameplay? Are they including all buffs in those numbers? Are they "abusing" Estocs/Maces/Stilettos; as they seem to be the only really viable weapons due to their DT penetration?
  16. I'm specifically looking at the spell Infuse With Vital Essence, but it would also be nice to know the answer generally speaking. Infuse provides 50 bonus health and 50 bonus endurance for a reasonable duration, and my hope is that it'd be a useful sort of panic button for keeping my party's wizard alive in case he happens to get engaged by troublesome enemies like Shades and Phantoms. But I'm playing on Hard and often find myself running my party to the limits of their health pool, and unfortunately the game seems to offer no explanation for what happens after that temporary health or endurance expires. When temporary health goes away, is it tracked and subtracted as a separate pool from normal health, is it simply subtracted off of the top of the character's total health pool, or is it subtracted from whatever health the character has remaining? If it's the latter: Can a character die due to losing temporary health, if they had less remaining than what the spell gave them? Or would they survive with a bare minimum of 1? When a character with just temporary endurance is damaged, do they also lose real health from their non-temporary health pool? When a character loses temporary endurance due to an endurance buff expiring, does that lost endurance also have an effect on their non-temporary health? (I would hope not, as that would be a fairly broken implementation) Or for the more mathematical way of putting it: Wizard has taken a lot of damage and has 30/50 Endurance and 30/150 Health remaining. He casts Infuse With Vital Essence, bringing him up to 80/100 (or 80/50?) Endurance and 80/200 (or 80/150?) health. What is his resulting end/health if..... -The effect expires without the wizard taking any more damage? -The effect expires after taking only 10 damage? -The effect expires after taking 70 damage? All of these answers seem fairly important to practical use of temporary health or endurance buffs, and it really surprised me to see that relevant spell descriptions don't even hint at an answer. And I didn't see anyone wondering the same thing on a google search of the subject, nor was it obviously mentioned in the in-game Cyclopedia. I'd appreciate any responses from those who might know.
  17. There's been some discussion of this talent on the gen discussion forum, but I don't believe I've ever seen any official dev word on if this talent is working as intended. Is OSA really supposed to provide an integer +20 damage bonus? Or is it supposed to be (like the recently fixed Ranger mark ability) +20% of base weapon damage, in a similar manner to literally every other damage modifier in the game save the monk fists? It seems really strange for this ability to break the mold. Would love some dev feedback on this, even just a "It's intended" or "It's a bug".
  18. Hi everyone! I tried selling my enchanted (Fine, Burning Lash, Slaying (Kith)) War Bow to Sonild in Admeth's Den. When I click the Bow in the trade menu it looses it's two Enchantmens (Burning Lash and Slaying (Kith)) the moment it's placed on the bottom section of the trade window. I wouldn't have noticed the change had the price not gone down from 1610cp to 410cp. I'm not sure whether I enchanted the Bow with (Fine) or bought it with the enchantment, but I did put the other two enchantments on it. The bug isn't very gamebreaking but I couldn't find anything similar on the first 5 pages of the forum so I thought I'd share. Cheers!
  19. I made my rogue attack who has 20 might ( 1.3 ) execptional pike (averge 27 dmg) I expect him do average damage per hit before DR 27 * 1.3(might) * 1.2(reckless assault) * 1.15(two-handed fighting) * 1.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 1.5 (crit) = 116.2 damage or (1 + 0.3(might) * 0.2(reckless assault) * 0.15(two-handed fighting) * 0.6( sneak attack with glanfathan boots) * 0.5 (crit)) = 2.75 27 * 2.75 = 74.25 damage But actullay my rogue did average 65 damage(before DR) per crit ( from 50 samples) may be my sample is too small but I want to know my damage multiplier stacks properly. ( And I think there is more who want to know his damage multiplier) If it is too difficult and messy, just show us final multiplier (item mod+might mod+modal mod+crit mod+sneak mod+etc) it will be great help for me Thank you.
  20. Does the Damage bonus from Weapon Specialization stack with the Damage Bonus from the "Damaging" Weapon Enchantment? From the looks of the Details screen on Inventory it doesn't look like they do. The damage range listed for a character with WS is the same as one without it. Though now that I've played with it some more it looks like Weapon Spec bonus isn't added to regular weapons on the Details page, either. Thank you!
  21. Hi all, I'm loving PoE so far and I'm still on my first playthrough, trying to see as much as possible in one run. My party consists of my PC and 5 built NPCs: (All level 3-4) (PC) - Melee Chanter (One handed + Shield) - Named flail from the temple under GV. (Might 14) Paladin Tank (One handed + Shield) - The shock dagger bought from smith in GV. (Might 10) Ranged Rogue - Arbalest Ranged Chanter - Arbalest Ranged Priest - Arbalest Wizard - AoE CC Spam + Wand The problem I'm really facing is that my melee front liners are having issues with their damage, especially if the opponent has armour (Raedric's Keep and the full plate Paladins was a joke!) The Paladin tank I can understand, that's why she has the dagger, so if she does crit it does huge damage and to penetrate 3DT with her basic attack. However my Chanter seems to regularly only do 3-5 damage to enemies with armour and ~14 or so to enemies with light armour. After reading posts about huge DPS melee characters, I'm wondering if I've missed something obvious and that's why my damage is suffering, or if melee effectiveness really requires rogue crits/sneaks, 2-handed barbarians or Monks. Other than their damage I'm doing fine, 3 Arbalests really wrecks heavily armoured opponents...and well, everyone actually.
  22. Say I had a bow that always dealt 20 pierce damage upon hitting an enemy. If I enchanted that bow with burning lash, would it then deal 25 damage (20 pierce + 5 burn) or would it still deal 20(15 pierce + 5 pierce converted to burn) given the enemy had no resistances or DR? I guess what I'm asking is whether or not it adds the burn damage on top of the damage the bow already does, or if it converts some of the damage to the given element. I've searched for this on the forums and on Google and couldn't find an answer. Thanks for your time.
  23. It would be nice if the floating damage numbers had a color (or other modification) to let you know if they were crit, hit, graze, or miss. A miss could just be an asterisk *.
  24. Right now when you right click or mouse over a weapon, the damage range shown is with the bonus from MIG taken into account. This makes it difficult to compare weapons that different characters are using, because if these characters have different MIG values, the same weapon equipped by both will show different damage ranges. How it needs to be shown, instead of (for example) "Sword: 16-22 slashing damage", is something more along the lines of "Sword: 15-20 (+1-2) slashing damage". Then show the net damage elsewhere on the inventory screen as suggested in http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67677-sensukis-suggestions-009-inventory-and-item-tooltips/?hl=%2Bdamage+%2Bdisplay. As it is, we really can't even know what the base damage of a weapon is without doing the math every time. Silly. It's a small thing, but important to making an intuitive inventory and UI system (which really needs work at the moment). If this is already listed somewhere as an intended feature, I apologize. Just shoot me a link and I'll be happy.
  25. Detailed math (and an easy to understand graph) on how Accuracy affects damage. http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67761-dps-vs-accuracy-deflection-heres-the-maths-enjoy/?p=1490531
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