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  1. Hello all, Dropped into the game for a bit to check an old bug report, and I noticed the party AI had been implemented. Cool stuff. I especially like the fact that autoattack settings and class behavior are two separate settings. That said - why not go further? One of the fighter's scripts (for example) says something along the lines of "will use knock down always, will use X ability if surrounded by more than 2 enemies, and will use Y ability if below 50% endurance". This is really cool. But if those disparate pieces are there... why not offer the player the option to set their own, c
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply! It's been a very long time, but I loaded an old save up to try and reproduce the issue. Wasn't able to - the only dialogue option I had for Abrecan that didn't lead to him blowing me off was "give letter", which pretty obviously commits you to that faction of the quest. So either the issue has since been remedied or my original issue was caused by some super-specific chain of events I can no longer replicate.
  3. You're joking? Oblivion was magnitudes better in so many ways than Morrowind, not all of them graphically. Heresy! Really, though. Oblivion was a great game, but it greatly changed a number of game mechanics that had until that point been staples of TES franchise. They're both good games, but Morrowind is the far, far superior "Elder Scrolls" game - at least for those of us who grew up with Daggerfall.
  4. I'm a bit confused by all this hubbub. What, exactly, changed about disengagement attacks that moved them from "too powerful" (the prevailing opinion before the patch) to "too weak"? I agree with View619, they're already quite powerful enough. The issue is that everyone's gotten used to playing with AI that's too stupid to realize it can often just take a hit to get to the squishies. So they've built their tanks for pure survivability, leaving them with crap damage. Well guess what... if you build your tanks with crap damage they're going to do crap damage. That's no longer as viable a strateg
  5. I'm gonna personally wait until the whole White March is out, myself, and then start a completely fresh playthrough.
  6. You seem like the kind of player that would allow a 5 INT, 5 MGHT Wizard into your party. At the very least, give us a chance to re-specialize the characters traits and talents! Actually I don't drop any stat below 8 myself - it's an RP thing for me - but for companions I was really hoping they would include an auto-update option for companions traits and talents that would reflect the manner in which the dev who designed the character would choose to level them up - doing so would add more life to the character to me - make them more of a companion that had their own personality and o
  7. It's good to hear that the expansion is challenging!! You mentioned that you're at max level - I assume you opted into the level scaling of the expansion? Also - glad they fixed the resting bonuses in Brighthollow. I still wish we could select multiple bonuses, but improving them is good enough.
  8. I mean... if it's that big a deal to you, continue to play without the companions. Or use IE mod to change their attributes. I don't really see how it's productive to throw a fit about them sticking to their guns on the companion stats though. Those stats help to define them as characters. They're not optimal, but they don't need to be, even for PotD. Not that there's a single "correct" definition of optimal anyway. Even if they had attempted to give the companions minmax stats, someone would always be displeased. It's a losing proposition. I dunno. I'm not sure what you're complaining abo
  9. Nifty. That's encouraging to hear. Dunno. As I said, I haven't been on the forums much since finishing the game. I remember them nerfing bounty XP, but nothing beyond that. And even then I still had no trouble hitting 12. Not that that's a problem, mind you - a lvl cap is only useful if the players can hit it, after all. The "overleveled" comment came from the fact that the final encounter was not balanced for a lvl 12 party.
  10. Howdy all, Long time no see. I've been off of this forum for the most part since finishing my playthrough of PoE and moving on to other games for a while. But the expansion is out, so I'm wondering... have there been any changes made to the lategame difficulty? Particularly Act III? Because in my playthrough on Hard, I felt hilariously overleveled during Act III and encountered very little challenge in the combat encounters. I remember reading that White March was going to have some scaling to keep it challenging for players regardless of when they start it, which is good... but what about
  11. Oh, I certainly wouldn't be for a respec-on-demand system as one sees in MMOs and ARPGs - that would be unnecessarily immersion breaking and somewhat at odds with the legacy of the IE games (with character stats and choices being permanent and powerful). But as you said, a respec upon loading the first save with the attribute changes would probably be for the best. Not that I'd personally use it since my Barbarian PC's build wouldn't really be affected by the change (gain 2 deflection and lose 2 accuracy, whatever). But it's a nice option to have when game systems are being changed on you.
  12. Oh, Strawnir, as usual, no-one has made that argument. Actually there has been some that have made that argument in some threads concerning topic of respec in PoE, which was bit strange to me. I don't see what other argument there could be against respec, Luckmann, other than the aforementioned resource hog issue. What's your reasoning, then? What's wrong with them offering a respec option when changing core game systems that affect character builds? Does that impact your enjoyment of the game?
  13. I believe they said that the new features will be coming to everyone, regardless of if they buy the expansion or not. As for if 1.07 will be separate from 2.0 I have no idea - but the features being added in the expansion are going to be available to everyone. Can't speak for Sensuki, but I'm pleased-ish. The current system isn't terrible, this will probably be an improvement. Though it's more bemused than anything else haha - I just think it's kinda funny (and yes, a bit vindicating). Tbh, when I take the "armchair game designer" hat off and put the "player" hat on, I stop being
  14. ... am confused. fact that poe is using an attribute distribution familiar to those who saw those suggestions made by matt516 and yourself is cause for additional sensuki caterwauling, or rejoicing? HA! Good Fun! Haha - I think he's remarking on the fact that if that change is made, it'll be not similar to (which it already was), but pretty much exactly what we suggested. Only difference would be the numerical values of the boni - though an important one to be sure. I'd be interested to see if our reasoning still holds up - the game systems have gone through a lot of iterations sin
  15. That's what he meant. There's no pledge that gives you stat bonuses, it's just another option for how to resolve the game. Depending on your actions earlier in the game, you may also get an offer from
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