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  1. If you think that this would be fun for you, go for it. I believe that any team with 6 casters is good enough to destroy PotD.
  2. At level 9, Wizards gain access to per-encounter spells, meaning that all level 1 spells can be spammed at your will. This turns Ghost Blades into one of the best damage options for a Wizard. Given the Cone AoE, it makes Arcane Assault way less useful, yet you rated Ghost Blades as 4/10, while I would rate it at least a 9/10. To me, Deleterious Alacrity of Motion is way more useful than Fireball. Noxious Burst is better than Fireball as well, specially with the buffs to Corrode spells during 1.05. Yet you rated Fireball above everything else, along with Crackling Bolt, which was a spell that
  3. Aloth: Finish his quest. Talk to him after Act 2 for an extra. Éder: Finish his quest. For an extra, talk to him right before the last area of the game, pre-final boss. Durance: The most complex side quest. You'll have to unlock his interactions along the game. Make sure to rest in Camps or inside Caed Nua's inn. I believe that most unlocks are either level-based or main quest-related. Take him to the Council of Stars after the tasks are completed, pray to a certain deity before finishing his sidequest. Kana: Finish his quest. Pallegina: Receive her quest. Take her through Stormwell Gorge, pos
  4. In my opinion, both classes don't belong in the frontlines. They are better at dumping spells from the backrow with the occasional ranged shot from a high damage weapon. That being said, I would say that Hiravias is the better frontliner because he actually has AoE cone spells that benefit from repositioning to near your enemies.
  5. I hated this mechanic so much in the beginning of the game. I thought it was really stupid because they obviously took it from Dungeons & Dragons, but the combat there is turn-based and it happens in square grids. I had to use all sort of different auto-pauses combinations until I found something that I actually enjoyed. Then, after a good amount of hours invested in the game, I finally reached a point where I was at peace with the combat system. In fact, I actually started enjoying PoE's version of attacks of opportunity since they allowed my dual-wield rogue to ditch a ridiculous amount
  6. I can confirm that this happened during 1.04 and 1.05. Basically you get 4 Scrolls of Protection instead of 2 since you get the same dialogue twice. It's a very small bug and these items have almost no value so in the end I don't think it matters that much.
  7. The connection between the sword and the statue of the Earl of Yenwood is pretty clear. All you have to do is read the sword's description, and it's a nice touch to the game. The real issue lies with the gameplay bug that you mentioned. Another instance where the game doesn't recognize items properly is right in the beginning, during the exploration of Cilant Lis' ruins. If you happen to have moved any torches to your stash (like Calisca's), you won't receive the option to lit the pillars in order to disarm the flaming traps. I don't know about 1.05, but this bug was definitely present during
  8. The method I've used to fix this issue is to always alternate tabs before checking for new assignments.
  9. After completing all the four tasks given by the Council of Stars, praying to the gods and listening to their requests, I went to Burial Isle without receiving a god's blessing. There, I moved through visions and souls until I got to the grotto, where I finished Hiravias' sidequest. Before going back to the Council of Stars, I decided to see if it was possible to jump in the pit. To my surprise, not only it was possible to jump, but my group survived the fall. Since I don't want to break an oath to a god and I still to hear Thaos' side of the story, I would like to know if it's really poss
  10. I have been playing with the patch 1.05 since the beta launched on Steam, and now I'm near the end of the game. While the patch 1.05 fixed the issue with missing Personal Records and Items whenever you swapped companions, it also introduced a small statistics bug: Every second that Hiravias spend in my party, it counts towards his Time in Combat. Therefore, his Time in Combat will always be the same as his Time in Party. The statistics for the other companions are working just fine. I didn't experience Personal Records or Items lost since the introduction of the new patch. I also would lik
  11. Race: Whatever you want to play as. I use human. Stats: 16/8/16/14/10/14 for combat-oriented character, 14/8/14/14/14/14 for roleplaying purposes. I used the 1st template but I favor the latter because there is an abundancy of +2-3 attributes items, allowing you to choose most dialogue options. Talents and abilities: [1] Blinding Strike [2] Two Weapon Style [3] Reckless Assault [4] Savage Attack [5] Deep Wounds [6] Deflecting Assault [7] Dirty Fighting [8] Vicious Fighting [9] Crippling Strike [10] Whatever you want [11] Deathblows [12] Weapon Focus Gameplay tips: - Combat auto-pauses s
  12. I don't know. Can someone explain if Wildstrike behaves like Lashes and if they really don't apply to spells? If so, then Spiritshifting is quite underwhelming for casters. Fortunately the game is already too easy even on PotD and Druids have access to fantastic spells (despite the nerfs in 1.05, heh).
  13. I have 0 experience with Druids and I'm about to add Hiravias to my group. I want to use him as a caster and my idea was to give him the Wildstrike Belt (+Burn), Wildstrike Shock, Greater Wildstrike Shock, and the +Elemental damage feats. Then, in the beginning of the combat, I would Spiritshift and dump my spells. I thought this strategy would be viable, but I read an old topic (pre-launch) and they mention something about slow recovery for spells while spiritshifted. Can you tell me if there is anything "wrong" with my strategy or if it'll work just fine? The idea here was to use Spiritsh
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