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  1. It is a far cry from the infinity games of old. It is shallow, almost every single aspect of it except for graphics is badly designed and implemented, the plot is mediocre, the combat and character building systems are critical fails. Not worth even at half price. Play witcher 3 instead, it's the best game ever made
  2. Or simply tie all the mobs in a group together so that if one sees the player, they all see, and all attack
  3. Like pretty much all design choices in POE, this too was a stupid one. Incompetent designers. It's as if they love themselves and their "system" more than they have any idea of what the player experience is
  4. I guess when I played BG I was very young and so didn't consider to cheese the game. Was a fun game. BG2 more so
  5. Remove the idiotic "pulling" MMO mechanic where you approach one dude out of a group of dudes and "aggro" him alone. This **** never existed in BG. If one can see you, the group can see you. It's this and other "for children" design decisions with this game that are simply infuriating. single player MMO with "DPSers" and "Tanks" etc. bull****.
  6. split your party into tanks who will stand in front and absorb damage, and DPS damage dealers who will stand in the back and shoot and cast spells The tanks you put in the heaviest armor and give them minimum STR The DPS guys you give max dex and str, but 3 on other stats, no armor at all for max speed game won!
  7. Because your topic fools people into thinking there is a new patch, nobody wants to answer you
  8. I agree totally, D&D 3.5 was the best, and made for the best PC games of the time too (NWN/NWN2)
  9. The character building and combat system of D&D4 and 5 are much much much much much in every possible way much better than POEs empty promises, so yeah... But it won't be J.Sawyer doing it.
  10. The sawyer system is pure garbage. pure garbage. You have a backline of 3res 3con t-shirt wearing heavy hitters and a front line of high con full armor damage sponges, with a stat system that is both broken, full of dump stats and makes no sense, with might/dex being the rulers of all for all classes. To top it all off, all character classes are as boring as hell when compared to D&D classes with all their interesting kits, specializations, feats etc. For comparison: D&D ranger gets auto-dual wield benefits with levels, basic druid spells, a huge choice of feats to specialize
  11. It's not that rangers are just plain bad. It's that they're BORING AS ALL HELL. In D&D rangers get dual wield as a character trait, they can go on and specialize as archers, as beastmasters, as whatever... They get some basic druid spells, they can sneak very well and get bonuses to that later on (to the point of being able to just disappear in plain sight in some environments), after a while they get to completely ignore area-effect damage with a roll to save (instead of just take half damage like other chars). They get favored enemies and the ability to speak to animals etc. THEY'RE
  12. Rangers and paladins suck. They're awful. They're so boring it's mind numbing To have a semi-usable ranger you need to meta the game to **** (take 3s on multiple stats and max speed/might like a munchkin), can't really play a character that can be perceived as "normative")
  13. Instead of balancing all kinds of bull**** spells of which there are 6000, why don't you work on making the actual CLASSES balanced and interesting. Ranger for example, which is freakin boring. Give it some special abilities/spells. Cipher is EXTREMELY overpowered, even with 1/4 focus. It's like a better version of wizard that can keep casting better spells with no pause. etc. D&D is perhaps not the best system (although now it's very good), but at least they've had the experience of many years to discern that some classes are just ****ING BORING, and so ranger has druid
  14. I still think my original fix is best QFT though, the guy who said that POEs stat system fails on everything that a stat system should do in a game. In POE levels are king, stats are practically nothing. It's so difficult to judge any difference between might 10 and might 16 in POE, whereas in D&D the difference is ginormous. That's how you can tell it's a good stat system. Because it freakin matters.
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