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  1. Maybe, but that's not my problem if they are that dense. How someone even gets that from my title is beyond me. Especially once they obviously clicked in (seeing there are so many views) and read it.
  2. I went the GOG.com route of getting my game. Are patches cumulative, or do I need to install each one?
  3. Well I just found Eder. I talked to him before talking to the hung dwarf lady and the conversation was entirely different. Didn't realize he was the other guy. Location of another character if you're still having trouble. No spoiler but a location. Nevermind, I can't seem to be able to figure out how to post a spoiler tag. :\ Thanks though. Like I said, found Eder and things are much better. I also didn't realize that the mercenaries were creatable. I thought you would be handed something random, so that is always a choice if I need more tank. I think, you ultimately
  4. Well I just found Eder. I talked to him before talking to the hung dwarf lady and the conversation was entirely different. Didn't realize he was the other guy.
  5. I thought the priests didn't technically heal in this game? I thought the only way to regen HP was by resting?
  6. OK, so this must be my problem. After two starts, I have missed the fighter in Gilded Vale (unless you are referring to the one available companion purchasable in the Inn; I have yet to attempt that).
  7. It's not a real 3D world, so that would pretty much be impossible. You yung'ins and yer fancy 3D graphics; you get all spoilt and such.
  8. Well, it appears that you can't play with much of anything else other than a fighter. So far I've started with a Cipher and a Wizard. The Cipher's survival is slightly higher than the Wizard, but so far, a couple boars destroy me and the other dude in two seconds. (On Normal). Do I *have* to hire someone from the Inn? Because it's a bit ridiculous that on the map directly after the Gilded Vale, I can barely take on any of the enemy groups. I'm not opposed to a challenge but getting two-shotted is ridiculous. Not everyone wants their main character to be a fighter. I also can
  9. After a little more research, I found one article that said just turn off the "Show In-Game Tutorials" option. I haven't heard anything else since then.
  10. Same thing is happening to me. How the hell does this bug make it out when it starts as soon as the game is run? One thing to note, I did not notice this until after I started a second character. My first character had been played all the way up to jsut leaving the Gilded Vale to start on the trek to see the old Watcher. But ever since then, it happens even after restarting the game. I really hope there is a patch system built in; I don't want to have to download a huge file again. Maybe I should have gone with the Steam version? If I can't easily get an update, I will have reg
  11. How much future though? We are getting close to the end of the year. The game is *supposed* to be out by the end of the year. (unless I missed an announcement that has said otherwise).
  12. So there were some posts about this in the past, and I can't seem to find any of them. I remember it being said that it would be looked into if additional add-ons could be added to a pledge. However, this still is not possible. I could not afford everything I wanted up front, but now have no way of buying new stuff because I am locked out. Just because I couldn't afford them right away, shouldn't mean I shouldn't get access to them. I'm still a KickStarter Backer, just like the people who did happen to have all the money up front to buy what they wanted when they secured their pledg
  13. So I confirmed my backer tier, and actually bumped it up from the 25$ to the 35$ tier. I go back to look to see if I can add an add-on later, and it requires me to purchase another digital copy before I can move on to the add-on page. I just wanted to confirm my tier, and then next month add the expansion and almanac options. That doesn't seem quite fair. Is this the way it will stay? I still want to get these add-ons next month, but you are barring the entrance with another purchase of the digital copy (which, incidentally, went up to 35$ after I confirmed my tier, though I am pretty sur
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